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Rachel from Canada asks the Masters: I understand that we should live in the present, however, I would like to know if the deterioration of my husband's health (back problem) is related to a previous life lesson he did not finish and my role into it... The reason I am asking is because it has been very difficult to see him in such pain as well to live with him. Sometimes I find our relationship unbearable. He also does not believe in anything besides our physical world... which makes things more complicated. I would appreciate some guidance and if allowed, I would like to know what happened in our past, so I am able to understand a bit more such situation in our present.

[In compliance with US law, the Spirit Masters do not diagnose or prescribe for medical conditions. Their observations are spirit-based and concern life lessons. Readers may like to review details of the Masters’ booklet/ebook on healing.]

Answer: Your husband loves negativity and is partially using his physical difficulties to get sympathy and seize control. He has identified himself as being a person of deteriorating health, so that is what is happening as he brings that energy into his life. He is a third-dimensional, ego-judging, negative-loving person who is unaware of his status as a soul. You will not be able to assist him as he does not believe he can stop this action. This is his alone and does not come from any prior connection between the two of you.

Amanda from the US asks the Masters: The man I am with now took time to get into a committed relationship with me and I worry that I forced it. He is not as passionate or romantic with me as I am used to from other men. I also worry that he sees me as a friend who is more of a financial convenience to him by being in our relationship, yet I also can feel how much he cares about me even though he doesn’t admit that he loves me verbally. Does he care about me in all the ways I care for him? Is he happy with me?

Answer: How do you say “feed bag”? You are being used for this man’s benefit. He gives you only what he has to in order to get you to continue taking care of his desires. He has never said he loves you because his connection to you is not romantic. He is only happy with what you allow him to take from you.
Alessandra from Brazil asks the Masters: Has my emotional neediness created a potential that does not exist, or do I have any connection from other lives with this person for whom I have strong feelings? I have been married for over 20 years. My husband was not the great passion of my life, but we have always been good friends. I got involved with someone else, which I had a strong feeling for. He says he has the same feelings for me. However, some attitudes left doubts. I pulled away from him. I feel a strong connection with him, but since I met him, I am always anxious and distressed. My heart always hurts a lot when I think of him and it causes me doubts. Have I had any connection with this person in other lives? Do we still have something to accomplish together?
Answer: Your feelings have a lot to do with thinking you are betraying your husband. You and he have drifted away from compatibility, and your new connection is exciting and passionate. The only problem is that he is using you. He saw you as pliable to his wishes because of your continued feelings for your “friend.” Your heart also hurts from thinking about him because you surmise that he is not being honest with you, which is true. You have never spent time together in other lives. For you to meet again, each of you must decide to do so.
Subha from India asks the Masters: How can I get rid of the toxic people around me and betrayal, lies, cheating, disloyalty, abandonment, hatred. how can I be rich financially, happy, Secure, and peaceful?

Answer: To get rid of the negativity, you have to stop judging those who you believe demonstrate these traits. These characteristics only come out if you believe they are there and are directed against you – that is what empowers them. To turn things positive, you must create your own reality, one that includes positivity.
Maarit from Finland asks the Masters: You told me many years ago that my teeth problem stem from past lives and recommended past life regression. I did it the same year and while it basically erased my lifelong dentist phobia, teeth problems still stay. My teeth break and chip and get infected multiple times each year and I'm financially unable to fix them. Fix one and another breaks. I want this to stop, if possible. Can you tell me more about the past lives affecting this; what happened, who I was? Then I'm better equipped to study this in meditation more. Now I can't find answers by myself.

[In compliance with US law, the Spirit Masters do not diagnose or prescribe for medical conditions. Their observations are spirit-based and concern life lessons. Readers may like to review details of the Masters’ booklet/ebook on healing.]

Answer: Your connection to the past has to do with a time when you were being tortured for information by an enemy. One of the ways you could provide teeth that would mimic this is to choose a genetic pattern that causes soft and breakable teeth. To create stronger teeth, you have to believe it is possible to reprogram your DNA. You then have to slowly start the process and build up the enamel. This is not an easy journey, and your faith in yourself has never been incredibly strong. All you can do is start and see how it goes – it is up to you.
Bella from Portugal asks the Masters: I know one of my current soul goals is to find self-love to the point I don’t attach my purpose to anyone besides my own path. I’ve had a soul encounter with a man and ever since (we’ve met 6 times for holidays) I struggle to let go. Hurts and teaches me. What is the lesson for the times to come: should I delete him 100% or keep my distance and wait?

Answer: You want someone else to make all your decisions for you so you can blame them if things don’t work out as you want them to. This looking to others has created the problems you have experienced. It is time to start making your own choices and being responsible for the outcome.

JSC from Brazil asks the Masters: Four years ago I invested my energy in the dream of building a house, a sanctuary for me and my family. I want to know if this dream is in my destiny and I must insist on it with faith and confidence or if it is just an illusion that I must give up.

Answer: No one has a set destiny during their lives. Your job is to use your powers to create the reality you desire. Only you can determine what that is. Everyone is living in an illusion of their own creation – just ask yourself what you want yours to look like. That will provide your answer.




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