The Celestial Voices.

Through Toni and Sonia.

Posted January 14th, 2020.




Dear Beloved Fellow Souls:

Though we’ve grown accustomed to and comfortable with

a pattern in sharing these messages from the Masters
(also affectionately known to us as “the Guys”), it was
probably inevitable that our third-dimensional Earth duality
would eventually throw up a few roadblocks. (Technology is
a mixed blessing, though on balance, we are grateful for it!)
We know that you are currently unable to submit questions,
and we hope to have a solution before too long. Meanwhile,
we will work with the supply on hand and experiment as
possible. To reference archived messages, you should still be
able to access and study
wisdom from the past 12 years on all types of spiritual and
personal issues. Perhaps the Guys are chuckling as we deal
with this object lesson in flexibility and going with the flow.
As they point out, we are always where we need to be to
experience what we have chosen.

Thank you for your love and patience!
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Love, Light and Laughter,
Toni and Sonia.
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G.S. from Brazil asks the Masters: I feel so lost in my walk, I have not been successful in any field of my life and I cannot make big changes because I have a son and a mother who depend on me. I feel that the country I live in doesn't resonate with me, the experiences and people here add nothing to me. I want and feel in my heart that I need to change country and start all over but I don't know how to start because I need money and I don't have it. Could you tell me if I have a mission abroad? Am I doing the things I should do when I decided to incarnate? I feel like I don't belong to the nation where I was born and not even at the time I was born because I love everything from the 40's and 50's.
Answer: You are always exactly where you need to be when you are there to learn the lessons you chose. Sometimes lessons involve learning to balance desires against the practicalities of living. You have convinced yourself that you are in the wrong place and time because that excuses the situation you find yourself in. Examine why you spend so much time daydreaming instead of working to find solutions. Explore areas you feel drawn to and ways to create a life, with the obligations you have assumed, in that different place.
Astha from India asks the Masters: I met the man I loved and accepted as my life partner, during the time my mother was dying with cancer. He wanted to know everything about my past in detail before committing. Due to extreme complexities, I couldn't tell him everything. But he got to know about someone from my past, and cut off from me. I am truly devastated. But even his rejection does not diminish my love for him. This time my spine is broken.
Answer: Communication is the basis for a sharing relationship. Because you were not completely honest with him, he felt disrespected and now has no confidence in anything you have said. The issue is closed for him. Move on to someone else – but be sure to be open and complete with them.
P. from Australia asks the Masters: I was introduced to a beautiful girl whom I had so many common interests with. She was perfect and I recently traveled to meet her, but she sent me a message saying that we should leave things as they are and there is no future. I am very sad. What happened and is there any way to get back with her?
Answer: Each of you has freedom of choice, and the wishes of one will not change the desires of the other. She did not feel a compatibility with you and is not inclined to change that evaluation. She would have to make the decision to contact you, and she is very unlikely to do so.
S. from the US asks the Masters: How does one discern when a particular contract or lesson is finished and how does our free will affect that?
Answer: Souls don’t make a lot of contracts because the spiritual journey of remembering who you are and why you came to Earth is a singular trip. You cannot affect anyone else without their cooperation, and they cannot impact you unless you allow them to do so. If you do have a contract to learn a lesson, when you are confronted with the facts you wish to learn about, the contract has been completed. Free will allows you the choice to continue with a particular lesson or move on to something else.
Maria from Brazil asks the Masters: I wonder what I need to do to get rid of depression?
[In compliance with US law, the Spirit Masters do not diagnose or prescribe for medical conditions. Their observations are spirit-based and concern life lessons. Readers may like to review details of the Masters’ booklet/ebook on healing.]
Answer: This is a life lesson like everything else affecting your life. You have to examine why it is in your life and what it is providing for you. Depression is a lack of any impression of who you are and what you should be doing. Answer those questions and your life will change as you create an impression, or sense, of why you are here.
Lilly from the US asks the Masters: I wonder why my biological parents gave me away as a baby?
Answer: They were not in a position to provide for you and decided that someone else could do the job they couldn’t. They loved you but not enough to give up the lives they had planned before you came along. While your mother regretted the decision years later, your father never gave it that much thought – but then, he didn’t carry you for nine months like she did.
JP from Brazil asks the Masters: My sister-in-law lost a 15-year-old son in a motorcycle accident. She never understood him, and it was always hard for her to be his mother. Do you have anything to say about the outcome of this difficult experience between them so that you can comfort the mother's heart?
Answer: Each soul chooses their own experiences. Your sister-in-law wanted to face impossible, uncontrollable dealings with others, and her son wished to return Home early because he was overwhelmed with the situation he chose. Nothing she could have done or said would have changed him.


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