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Posted January 7th, 2020.



A preview of the Masters’ Tuesdays Teachings:

Dear Beloved Fellow Souls:

Though we’ve grown accustomed to and comfortable with 
a pattern in sharing these messages from the Masters 
(also affectionately known to us as “the Guys”), it was 
probably inevitable that our third-dimensional Earth duality 
would eventually throw up a few roadblocks. (Technology is 
a mixed blessing, though on balance, we are grateful for it!) 
We know that you are currently unable to submit questions, 
and we hope to have a solution before too long. Meanwhile, 
we will work with the supply on hand and experiment as 
possible. To reference archived messages, you should still be 
able to access and study 
wisdom from the past 12 years on all types of spiritual and 
personal issues. Perhaps the Guys are chuckling as we deal 
with this object lesson in flexibility and going with the flow. 
As they point out, we are always where we need to be to 
experience what we have chosen. 

Thank you for your love and patience!
You may read these questions and answers on the Messages page of the Masters' website:
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Love, Light and Laughter,
Toni and Sonia.
Celestial Voices, Inc 




The Question:


New Year’s Resolution

The following question and answer were received, answered, and printed on Dec 31, 2008 shortly after we began this journey. It seemed like a little reminder from the beginning of our messages was in order – it is so very relevant to every year, decade, and century.

QUESTION: Masters, I know that human celebrations may seem a little artificial to you, being outside of planet Earth’s time zone. But the dawn of the calendar year, for us, is a time when we human beings like to make lists of “good resolutions.” We usually aim at things like losing weight, stopping smoking, and speaking nicely to our mother-in-law. If you were to make a list of good resolutions for humankind, what would it contain?
ANSWER: This question really started an interesting discussion among us. Our first point of interest was what we would consider a “good” resolution – you do know that we do not judge good, bad, or best. But then we laid semantics aside and dived into the issue. Our point of view was from a rather different perspective than yours might be: we looked from the angle of souls wishing to reach enlightenment and complete their mission to Earth. With that in mind, our list would read:

1. To become aware of our true nature – that we are a piece of Source energy.

2. To love all souls sharing this journey with us even when we do not like the nature of their chosen lessons.

3. To accept ourselves fully as we are because it is necessary for the path we walk – self-love.

4. To learn to banish all fear so we might see the lesson within.
5. To understand the lessons we came to Earth to learn.
6. To trust in the universe, knowing it will not give us more than we can endure.
7. To have faith in our self because we are divine.
8. To know we create our own reality, so we have the power to create what we need to complete our journey.
9. To be able to release the human ego to enjoy fully the unconditional love of the soul.
10. To live each day in communion with our fellow souls in unconditional love.
Happy Earth New Year to all!




Reincarnation Guide




H. from Brazil asks the Masters: When you say that we choose the life and lessons before reincarnate; is it made consciously? Or just impulsive or by attachment, like we do sometimes on earth?

Answer: We have total use of all our wisdom and faculties when we are at Home in spirit form planning the lessons for Earth. We don’t say we are going to be this or that. We rather say we would like to experience something – say, control. Once incarnate, our personalities may lead to impulsiveness to accomplish that desire.inges, ask your guides to act as bouncers for these unwanted guests.


TX from Portugal asks the Masters: My direction right now is the kids? Is my love relationship worth it?

Answer: You determine what is important to your existence through the choices you select. The most important way to analyze your life in relationship to another is through communication. Always be yourself, not what you think the other person wants you to be. On a spiritual level, you are only responsible for your own journey and all the choices in it are yours.


Ana Carolina from Brazil asks the Masters: I would like to know what my life mission is and what I must do to allow abundance to exist in my life.
Answer: Your mission, as is true of all souls, is to find out who you truly are and what powers and abilities are available to you to create the reality you desire. Once you accept that you were broken off from Source energy, you may create whatever is necessary to complete the lessons you chose for this lifetime. It may be abundance or something else entirely.


Samantha from Brazil asks the Masters: My dog has cancer and she’s been suffering for nearly 2 years. I can’t understand my lesson here, and why she needs to suffer so I can learn things. Animals are enlightened souls, why exactly do they suffer for us (if they do)?

Answer: Not all animals have souls. Most are animated by a spark of Source energy and accompany humans to allow them to learn their chosen lessons. Your dog is teaching you all about control and the lack of it. She does not have a soul and may be assisted in transitioning when you feel she wants to let go.



Yola from Brazil asks the Masters: Do ascended masters, when incarnate, have defects/imperfections?

Answer: When a soul who has become an ascended master in a particular subject decides to return to Earth to learn something else, they enter with amnesia so they can learn without interference. That means that they can be working on any type of characteristic such as addiction, dependency, or abuse issues. Most people would consider the necessary environment to include defects and imperfections.


Sia from India asks the Masters: What is my lesson from this relationship? Is he really what he is or is he just pretending? We both have spiritual lessons to be learnt. How can we proceed? Is this relationship meant to be? I need particular advice from two souls that have already departed.

Answer: What you need is a sense of what is occurring in this relationship gleaned from your own feelings and not the opinions of other people. That is the spiritual lesson that you speak of. Communication between the two of you will answer most of your questions if you listen and observe carefully without interrupting when he is speaking.


Beto from Brazil asks the Masters: Why so many skin blemishes have appeared to me at my age, karma, normal illness, what sense?

Answer: This has nothing to do with karma or past lives and everything to do with the normal maturation process of the human body as affected by nutrition, chemical exposure, and lack of concentrated good care.


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