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A preview of the Masters’ Tuesdays Teachings:

The following question and answer were received, answered, and printed on Dec 31, 2008 shortly after we began this journey. It seemed like a little reminder from the beginning of our messages was in order – it is so very relevant to every year, decade, and century.
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The Question:

New Year’s resolution

QUESTION: Masters, I know that human celebrations may seem a little artificial to you, being outside of planet Earth’s time zone. But the dawn of the calendar year, for us, is a time when we human beings like to make lists of “good resolutions.” We usually aim at things like losing weight, stopping smoking, and speaking nicely to our mother-in-law. If you were to make a list of good resolutions for humankind, what would it contain?

ANSWER: This question really started an interesting discussion among us. Our first point of interest was what we would consider a “good” resolution – you do know that we do not judge good, bad, or best. But then we laid semantics aside and dived into the issue. Our point of view was from a rather different perspective than yours might be: we looked from the angle of souls wishing to reach enlightenment and complete their mission to Earth. With that in mind, our list would read:

To become aware of our true nature – that we are a piece of Source energy.
To love all souls sharing this journey with us even when we do not like the nature of their chosen lessons.
To accept ourselves fully as we are because it is necessary for the path we walk – self-love.
To learn to banish all fear so we might see the lesson within.
To understand the lessons we came to Earth to learn.
To trust in the universe, knowing it will not give us more than we can endure.
To have faith in our self because we are divine.
To know we create our own reality, so we have the power to create what we need to complete our journey.
To be able to release the human ego to enjoy fully the unconditional love of the soul.
To live each day in communion with our fellow souls in unconditional love.

Happy Earth New Year to all!




Reincarnation Guide




AJ from the US asks the Masters: I am blessed with being able to see beautiful colors and patterns, especially in the evening before and after sleeping. It’s like viewing the most beautiful kaleidoscope or rose window that is kinetic. At the center, I sometimes see a wormhole (for lack of a better term). Can you help explain what I’m experiencing? I have never felt afraid of what I see until recently. Several times I have woken up and felt/see something right next to my face, close to where I imagine my third eye is. I always do a clearing when I feel afraid and the image recedes. I do want to remain safe, but I really don’t want to give up seeing these colors/patterns, it feels like a wonderful gift. Do you have any advice how I can safely proceed and progress with this gift?

Answer: You are seeing the vibrations of the universe around you when you leave Earth and travel. You are a bright star to those from other locations and they are curious about you, and that is why they follow and approach you. All you have to do is tell the universe you do not wish to be interfered with – before you rest. If they are still on the fringes, ask your guides to act as bouncers for these unwanted guests.


Tena from Canada asks the Masters: My daughter tried to commit suicide. I am not able to accept that fact. I thought she was very strong. She said it's a stress from studies. I think there is more to it. She says she won't do it again, but I am very scared. Could you please tell why this happened to our family and what is the learning here?

Answer: The first lesson is that every soul has freedom of choice to make any decisions they so choose. Your daughter felt overwhelmed and leaving seemed like an easy way out. Several of her acquaintances were talking about suicide and how it would end all the obligations and stress. She felt everyone was being judgmental of her and non-supportive. For you, this was a wakeup call to be more available, without judgment, to talk things through with your daughter. She has a totally different view of suicide now and wishes to remain on Earth.


Delfina from Portugal asks the Masters: I've been exhausted very easily in the last years of my life, why?

Answer: The aging process is contributing, but you are also not taking very good care of yourself nutrition- and exercise-wise. Examine your daily life and see where you have gotten lazy. Start making minor changes as you begin to improve in stamina and health.


Amanda from Brazil asks the Masters: I have been married for 12 years to a very difficult person. She has marijuana addiction and when she is out of depression she often fights me, saying horrible things, about all aspects of me. Which hurts me a lot. We have 1 child and another is about to be born. I do not know what to do, because this situation makes me very shaken and I do not understand if there is any greater purpose in all this. My heart is growing sadder and hopeless. I always forgive but feel wrong, that I'm too good without it to deserve. I don't feel loved or respected. I don't know what to do or who to count on.

Answer: You are loved or respected because you are not showing that you think you deserve to be. You have allowed yourself to be used and abused without speaking up. You are just as good and as powerful as your spouse, but you have to show it. The children will not grow up to love and respect you if you continue to act inferior and controllable. Each soul creates their own realities by the things they accept and bring into their lives. Decide what you want your life to look like.



V. from Finland asks the Masters: I've been out of contact with my birth family for several years. Today my younger brother had a baby and it pains me a lot to be an outsider. Especially since he was very dear to me earlier in life, but after finding out we had different fathers, he began distancing himself and our relationship never felt the same again. I feel he also considers me too weird and generally just "too much" so I'm afraid to approach him as I can't handle yet another rejection. I've had so many experiences with this I'm not accepted as myself -theme already. What do I need to learn here and do to get past this cycle for good? I've been working on myself a lot, but relationships just don't seem to improve much.

Answer: You have learned who you want to be in this lifetime, and it does not always fit with what society would dictate for you. You have to decide how you wish to handle other people who do not see life the way you do. Your brother has very strict rules and regulations by which he sees others, and you do not fit into his mold. It is impossible to force anyone to see things other than the way they choose. This does not mean that you cannot attempt to contact him to congratulate him on the birth of his child. Just don’t force the situation if you ever want him to change his mind about you. The only opinion that is important is your own.


BC from the US asks the Masters: I have been married for almost 20 years In January. My husband is very possessive of me and everything I do! always has been! We have 2 boys one raised and 24 other 19 almost all Raised! Is our marriage going to make it? I’m not sure if I do want this marriage to last. Can you please give me an insight to what is going to happen within our future? Thank you for anything you can help me with.

Answer: You have allowed your husband to control you, and now it is time to decide whether to allow it to continue or to remove yourself from the situation – either by speaking up and telling him how you feel or leaving. What will happen is whatever the two of you decide you want to occur. You both have freedom of choice.


Divya from India asks the Masters: I can’t get a friend’s thought out of my head and I simply don’t know why that is the case. It been a long time since we spoke and to think of the person even now that intensely baffles me. Could you tell me why I have such recurring thoughts about this person?

Answer: You are getting a sense of your life lessons of blame, guilt, and betrayal. You keep examining every aspect of your relationship and what each of you did wrong that affected the other. You can take this as a lesson as you go through each incident, or you can choose to stop working through it and move on to something else


Rafael from Brazil asks the Masters: I wonder what I need to learn from my current bride. We're living together for a few months and dating for a year and four months. We love each other so much. I believe we are in the same degree of evolution, we learn the same things, even though she is 6 years younger than me. She easily gets upset with me. This time, I believe we are hurt with each other, a lot has been said. I do not know what to do.

Answer: A relationship is strongest when both parties are completely honest with the other. Communication is the glue that will hold it together. Age means nothing, but truthfulness means everything. You are both in a perfect position to learn from and with each other. The future is up to you. There will be times when you don’t agree and unconsciously hurt the sensitivity of the other. Take the time to go back through the incident and understand both sides of the argument.

Lari from Brazil asks the Masters: There is a man who won't leave my head. Does he have any connection with me? I don't understand why he's always in my thoughts.

Answer: He’s there because you keep putting him there. What a person thinks comes from the choices they make. You are intrigued by him and wonder what a relationship would be like. From there you have created a strong fantasy that makes him appear to be an actual part of your existence. Erase your dreams.

Moses from the US asks the Masters: I am interested to know about some of my past lives. Who was I? How did I live? How did I die? What countries have I lived in the most?

Answer: You have had hundreds of prior lives lived all over the planet and other places. You have experimented with both sexes, many nationalities, and dozens of different vocations. You died naturally, in accidents, and twice being murdered. If you wish to recall specific lives, do a past-life regression or prime yourself before self-hypnosis or deep meditation to revisit things you want to remember.
Adriano from Brazil asks the Masters: I've been meditating daily for the past few years, but I still can't find the answer to why I don't feel fulfilled? I am always flirting with the possibility of relocating or living in another country. I can't accept my wife's decisions, and I often wonder why I'm still with her, and even my profession that I believe is my life purpose doesn't bring me financial fulfillment. what is missing?

Answer: You don’t know what you want, who you are, or why things are happening around you. It is time to take stock of your life. Is your marriage holding you back? If so, get out of it. Do you feel drawn to another country? If so, try exploring possibilities there. You want others to make decisions for you but that will never feel right to you. The choices are all yours.
RS from Brazil asks the Masters: Would like a tip on how I can do to find enlightenment. I have studied hard. Is there anything I can do to help me in this process? Am I doing well here?

Answer: You have not been able to love yourself for the choices you made that brought you to Earth. Understand the journey of the soul through life lessons. In pondering what your experiences are designed to teach you, you will gain wisdom and establish a connection to your essence in order to employ the talents bestowed by Source. You are on the edge of awareness, which most people call enlightenment. Keep going.


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