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A preview of the Masters’ Tuesdays Teachings:

The first answer this week covers two questions from Brazilian folks about the Masters. We think you will find it very interesting.

A man from Singapore asks about mental illness. Their spiritual views are far gentler than Earth’s societal reactions.

A Finnish woman who feels like an old soul has managed to maintain equanimity in the face of trying circumstances and now questions the idea of old souls having difficult lives. The Masters provide the answer.


We offer best wishes and glad tidings to all at this season of holidays! Regardless of our personal beliefs and ethnic customs, we are all pieces of Source who, at our core and in our essence, are souls composed of unconditional love. Searching for and feeling this love within helps us to show it to others and bring light to the world. Blessings to all!

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Toni and Sonia.
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The Questions:

Who, what, where, when, why?

QUESTIONS: Masters who are you? ~Naiara, Brazil:  and Where did you learn to give the answers? ~Ivan, Brazil.

ANSWER: We are a group of souls, the same as you, who have also been broken off from Source energy, just like you. The difference is that we have become experts in one or more human characteristics, which allows us to offer information to those who ask. We are called ascended because we assume this position of Master to you only when we are at Home in our essential, energetic form.

Were we to come to Earth to learn something new, we would be under the type of amnesia that bars you from tapping into this information – which you all know but don’t remember. To be a “Master,” a soul has to learn every possible aspect of a particular issue such as abuse, betrayal, or love. This is accomplished by incarnating multiple times, concentrating on the single focus of desired mastery, each time from an angle different from that of previous attempts. When every aspect has been explored, one is a Master as to that issue.

The soul then has two choices: either to remain at Home and be available to assist subjects who are studying in their mastery, or to return to Earth to study another area. The number of subjects a single soul may master is dependent only on the amount of time they wish to spend working toward mastery.

How do we know the answers? We are able to see what is happening to you as you ask your questions. We can reflect on what you have done before you asked, but we cannot tell you what you will do next because you have the freedom of choice to make your selections immediately before acting on them.

The channel for this site is told which questions we wish to provide information on because the answers will serve the most good for the most people. She then clears her mind of her own thoughts and opinions and sits in front of the computer, where we dictate our responses.

Mental illness

QUESTION: Masters what do you think of mental illness, and how do we approach healing it in the spiritual standpoint? ~Ryan, Singapore.

[In compliance with US law, the Spirit Masters do not diagnose or prescribe for medical conditions. Their observations are spirit-based and concern life lessons. Readers may like to review details of the Masters’ booklet/ebook on healing.]

ANSWER: Mental illness, like any physical condition a soul experiences while undergoing a human life, is for the purpose of learning something about being a human, how to handle freedom of choice, and what powers and abilities are available. One of the common factors that may be observed from a person suffering a mental condition is that they are more open to the ability to connect with nonphysical beings when in a psychotic or fugue state. These are the “voices” in their heads.

To sum it all up, as far as we are concerned, all mental illnesses are just life lessons chosen by the individual. For some, the experience is to learn how to manage the condition; for others, it’s to find how to balance the psyche or be healed.

Mental illness has such a negative stigma on Earth because society is ego based. When a person’s thought process is not able to make the choices of what society thinks are correct, they don’t fit in and are feared for their unpredictability. It is all surrounded by the general fear of the unknown. People want to go about their daily life without having to think too much, so predictability is expected.

It is not possible, as you request, to be able to heal all those having mental problems because their chosen lesson may be living a life subjected to the difficulties of mental illness. What can be done to assist these souls is, during their lucid moments, to talk with them about their feelings. If you can see what triggers outbursts, you can help them settle into a routine devoid of this stimulus, creating an existence that is not disruptive to those around them.

As with any lesson, going to the cause allows you to work with it and remove – or at least diminish – its effect. Denying the existence of a cause prevents dealing with the condition in a positive fashion.

Elder souls

QUESTION: Masters, you have stated that elder souls choose more difficult lives. While I feel like an old soul, I cannot help but think that I am not affected enough by my life. When I have a low point in my life and deal with intense feelings, I get through it quickly. My life situations have not been glamorous, and I have been taken into a foster home because of a difficult family background. Four of my five siblings have been taken away by social workers as well. There are a lot of mental illnesses in my family, but I feel like I am just observing everything and guiding others. Though I must admit that observing life around me has taught me efficiently while giving me
many insights. I love life and treasure every moment. What exactly is “difficult”? ~J., Finland.

ANSWER: Don’t worry about choosing an unencumbered, less-difficult life for once. You are an elder soul who has incarnated hundreds of times, and sometimes you choose to work on very difficult issues that you were unable to understand in a prior life, or something you have not tried before. Rarely, after a series of hard lives, you choose to come to share your wisdom and have a little rest and relaxation on the only place where you can enjoy the physical sensitivities of a human body.

You are learning and expanding your understanding and wisdom – as you have noticed – when you reface a previous lesson, remember how you handled it before, and send it on its way without difficulty. Your environment would be devastating to many, but because of your use of essential powers and abilities, it seems almost tame to you.

Observation allows a soul to learn many things from varying viewpoints all at the same time. And guiding others from your knowledge is a sacred task you have chosen throughout many lifetimes.

When we advise others that older souls choose more difficult lessons, we mean that they often want to complete something they started and were unable to finish in another incarnation. You are taking the time to step back from individual tasks, observe other possibilities you may not have considered, and pass on what you have learned to those in need.

Life is so full of love because you allow it. Continue on with this blissful existence – you never know what you will choose if you decide to come back.




Reincarnation Guide




Thais from Brazil asks the Masters: I have 3 products to sell as a Coach. I would like to Know which one will help me get my independence faster?

Answer: That all depends. You have to know what your potential audience is and what they will believe they need. Since you have a very large potential market, you have to make those decisions before proceeding. The choice is yours alone.


CBS from Portugal asks the Masters: I ended a relationship 2 years ago with whom I have past lives. He married the woman he cheated on me. Still, I feel a great connection and I think about daily. Is it possible to have any agreement unfulfilled? Is it just in my head?

Answer: He is gone. It is over. Give up your fantasy. You had no contract in this lifetime so nothing is unfulfilled.


Dee from South Africa asks the Masters: I’m recently going through a separation. From the beginning we agreed it was just sex however, his actions and his emotionally abusive words got us closer. He is a Scorpio & I’m Cancerian. We have same beliefs in energies/ manifestations. Was he lying about his feelings? We are perfect horoscope wise will we get back together?

Answer: He was only interested in sex. He thought that being nasty to you would stop your thoughts of more. You like being controlled and manipulated and that is why these unpleasant things made you seek to be closer. When you are born only shows tendencies that you might possess; it is not a guarantee. What you do is up to the decisions each of you make because you both have freedom of choice.


Letícia from Brazil asks the Masters: I feel like a leaf in the wind at this moment in my life. I feel a great expansion of consciousness, but I feel that I could connect more to my I am, what am I not doing? what I don't see?

Answer: You don’t see that what you are searching for is actually inside of you. Your essence comes from your identity as a piece of Source energy, which is all-powerful, knowing, creative, and loving. Just go inside.



Luciana from Brazil asks the Masters: I have met this man that lives distant from me and due to a medical condition we fell in love with each other. He wants to start a story together even with all the drama in our life says that feels a transcendental love for me. But I am scared that is just an illusion and the need to be saved that made us fall in love. I don't know if I should invest in this relationship. Any advice, Am I being over critical or over realistic and thinking too much? Am I too scared to open myself for a relationship?

Answer: You are neither scared nor thinking too much. You are being realistic and sensing that desperation is the only thing that has really brought you together. He wants to share his misery with someone who will understand and not tell him to stop embracing his condition. You wish to move on and heal from this state – he wishes to remain. Open yourself to a relationship, but not with someone who is injured mentally as well as physically.


Cris from Brazil asks the Masters: How can I disconnect from my ex-partner in an effective way? At least have a lighter view of that experience and live my life without feeling so tormented. It is very confusing to have so many intruders and obsessive thoughts about him and feel connected to a relationship and to a being that was actually so toxic. I was instructed to renounce the illusion and forgive myself, and that's what I've been doing.

Answer: Continue your renunciation. This will leave a hole in your life. Your problem is not filling that hole up with something else so that the old memories just slide back in. As you remove each section of the past, fill the void with the happiest, most fulfilling thoughts and feelings from other aspects of your life.


Diane from the US asks the Masters: Can you help me understand what happened in my last partner relationship. I trusted her words of commitment and a loving communicating relationship which it was for 1 yr. The 2 yr she turned 70 and refused to communicate any feelings or issues in our relationship. Until I was told she wanted to separate. I made major changes in my life trusting it was forever. It was an adventure, but I don’t get why I was then rejected after all the promises. Will I ever find a partner that loves me for who I am?

Answer: Don’t feel that what happened in this relationship is a pattern for others. A potential “forever” connection is still out there. What happened here was a mental change in your partner, partially due to aging, and partially to influence from other people, which could not be anticipated. You have the right idea in how to set up a relationship through communication; you just need a person who is not on the brink of emotional and mental change.
Eliane from Brazil asks the Masters: I had a boyfriend who died in an accident 30 years Ago. I've been thinking of him lately. What is the connection between us? How is he doing?

Answer: He is doing fine and is getting ready to reincarnate, so his energy has visited you on several occasions as he plans for the future through what it is he found so pleasant in his last life. Your relationship makes him remember.
Regina from Brazil asks the Masters: I have participated in several spiritist groups and never fit in any. I am a medium of incorporation, but I am always afraid of deceiving people through my mentors because I am conscious medium. I'm in the right way?

Answer: You are not in a position to deceive people if you only relay the information that is given to you without putting your own ideas into the mix. Whether the recipient likes what you have to say should not be of concern to you. A soul is always where they wanted to be when they are there. The important thing is to feel that you are where you want to be.
Maria from Finland asks the Masters: I like people and I'm quite social. But I also have occasionally strong fears and feelings of not belonging to a group. I'd like to belong some nice groups more firmly. What is the cause and what could help?

Answer: Your problem is having expectations of what being accepted into a group should feel like. You know who you are and want others to share all your ideals – that is very difficult to develop within a group. There will always be those in the group who have their own opinions, which will differ from yours. That does not mean that you cannot be a productive member of this group. Just enjoy with others the things that you share and don’t worry about the rest
Marianne from Brazil asks the Masters: I'm very anguished because I feel that I don't want to be married with my husband anymore, but we have a son with epilepsy and paresthesia, with 16 years old, and I feel guilty with the feeling that we have to take care of him living together. I don't want to see they upset, but I am unhappy with my marriage.
Answer: It is time to start honoring your journey. You and your husband have nothing in common any longer other than your son. You would be able to both still have contact and control of him if you were living in separate lodgings. Your son is aware of the tension between his parents and it is not helping his condition. Talk it over among all three of you and see what is best for all parties.
Pirjo from Finland asks the Masters: I’m confused about my place in this world. I’m artist of several things and kind of stuck by believing myself. Every time when do art I feel that my art has the touch of calm and healing energies?
Answer: You channel the energy of the universe through your art. It is soothing both to you and to those who observe it. Self-confidence is standing in the way of success because you are your own worst critic. Step back and see what you are creating – it is wonderful. Don’t let others dissuade you from continuing.


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