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A preview of the Masters’ Tuesdays Teachings:

A Brazilian health professional seeks the Masters’ teachings on suicide. Their explanation is clear and helpful.

Is this Australian woman handling her selfish, adult kids in the way that benefits her? The Masters applaud her efforts.

A spiritual therapist in Portugal balks at the seemingly extreme protective measures recommended by her teacher. The Masters offer their take on the issue.
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The Questions:

Suicide and society

QUESTION: Masters I want to know your teachings about suicide. I am a health professional and our background support the life defense paradigm. So, we work to prevent and intervene in situations of ideation, attempted suicide and consummate suicide, being considered a public health problem. What teachings can clarify about free will and the health intervention? ~Duda, Brazil.

ANSWER: Every soul has the freedom of choice to determine what they wish to learn when they have incarnated on Earth. One valid lesson is suicide. They may have agreed with some other souls to be the subject so that all can experience the trauma. Or they may be overwhelmed from trying to do more than they are capable of completing in one lifetime, and they want to exit this existence and come back later with fewer challenges.

Some souls even choose it as a lesson to deal with the societal feelings about suicide – the very things with which you deal in your work. Society doesn’t want to lose any of its potential citizens, so it seeks, through therapists, to discourage suicide by counseling those who are considering it as an alternative to remaining.

In the case of those souls who have chosen to work with suicide as a life lesson, you are assisting them with their understanding about it. Regardless of your therapies, they still have the freedom to listen and comprehend your position or to deny that they wish to change their opinions and future actions.

To truly learn a lesson, a soul has to explore all aspects of it and the implications of the various choices connected to it. You are providing them a list of choices in dealing with their lesson – options they may never have considered. You really don’t have a choice to exercise if you are unaware of what the options are.

Of course, these are not issues dealt with in a professional school, unless it has a spiritual basis. Continue doing your job as it has been taught to you, understanding that it is still up to each soul to make their own choices once they know what they are, and what you do cannot influence them unless they allow it to do so.

When is enough, enough?

QUESTION: Masters over ten years ago when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, my two children announced, “Dad told us we didn’t have to take care of a parent.” I got over my shock, hurt, respected their right of choice and moved on. I embraced your teachings to be true to my soul’s lesson plan first, doing whatever makes me happy. After a full recovery, I remarried a lovely man, and we are now traveling the world. I have focused on being kind, compassionate, loving wherever I go. My kids,
now age 27 and 30, recently issued an email ultimatum that I return “home” and behave like a “normal mother” or I am not welcome as their mother anymore. I am flourishing, healthy and living my life to the fullest without them. Is cutting off ALL further contact with my kids now in the Highest and Greatest Good for all concerned? ~Mary Anne, Australia.

ANSWER: Your children are very selfish and manipulative and want to have you available to assist them with their lives when they deem it necessary. Ignore them as they ignored your needs so many years ago. Just as then, the only thing that is important to you should be your own journey and what you have learned along the way. You have done a marvelous job learning that lesson – each soul has responsibility only for learning about themselves.

Your response to them should be that you don’t have to take care of adult children. To them, a normal mother is one who is at the beck and call of the children to run errands, babysit, and help get things ready for their entertaining. You do not need to have their title and definition of mother in your vocabulary.

They are also a little jealous of the life you and your husband have made after all you went through. Your ex, as well, has conveyed to them his disquiet that your life is so much better than his. They harbor a good deal of guilt for the way they treated you and think it will all be excused if you “join” into their lives now. You still have freedom of choice.

If they wish to make demands of you “as their mother,” they have to understand that it is a two-way street: you have no need for them now, and they chose to stay away when there was a need. If they wish to create a gulf between you if you fail to meet their demands, then so be it.

Cutting the apron strings was done a long time ago, but disconnecting the communication line is up to you. What is for your highest and greatest good is what feels right to you. Your desire to be kind, compassionate, and loving can come with a huge price tag – losing yourself for the benefit of another. Remember your lessons.

Preparation for dealing with energy

QUESTION: Masters I am an aura reading therapist, and there is an issue that prevents me from reading more often. what was transmitted to me is that to do the readings I would have to do a meditation and self-cleaning for 45 minutes., to be protected and clean. And I’m fighting with this issue for a long time, because that’s not what I feel.  What is your opinion is that true I should do that specific meditation Or a simple one? What should I do? What is the best solution? ~Tania, Portugal.

ANSWER: There are no absolutes in the spiritual realm. What works for one practitioner will not work, or is not even necessary, for another to consider. Your teacher finds that what they told you is what is necessary for them to be cleansed and protected when they work. They have a larger amount of negative energy clinging to them than you have ever had.

It is important to protect oneself from the negative energies that abound. They are always drawn to lightworkers to try and absorb the positive energy that is used in assisting people with the help of spiritual energy. Reading the aura of another opens up all their negativity as well as the unconditional loving energy. It is vital to deflect this negativity from being transferred to yourself.

Grounding your own energy prior to working with another will make it easier to prevent contamination from your client. This does not take 45 minutes if you do it regularly. Also, if you ask your guides and the universal healing guides to be present and assist in keeping away discarnates, you will not have to worry as much about attack.

You are very sensitive to energy. Just be open to your sensations whenever working and you will be fantastic. You should not refrain from doing your work because of the fears and erroneous conceptions of another. Do what feels right for you; only you know how strong your protections are.




Reincarnation Guide




Adriana from Brazil asks the Masters: I really need your guidance. My professional and financial life practically does not exist today, I say this because despite my age I still depend financially on my parents. I have no money for anything, I cannot job because I have no experience. I went to college and I still can't find a job in the area and I don't even have the money to put my own office. I get very sad, discouraged and sometimes I had suicidal ideations because of it. Sometimes I wonder if I didn't choose the wrong profession, if I wasn't born to do it and be something else, but I don't come to any conclusion. Please give me guidance on what is happening to me, what I should do to start things changing for the better in my life.

Answer: You need to find a degree of self-love for the challenges you chose for this life. You set specific expectations of what you think should be possible without having the correct information to back it up. There is employment out there but you have convinced yourself it does not exist. You have never had to work that hard for what you have accomplished in the past, and now you are going to have to if you want to succeed. Your parents are perfectly willing to have you remain beholden to them and under their control. The choice is up to you.


Amanda from Brazil asks the Masters: Why have I been feeling a deep sadness? Why can't I focus on my work tasks? I've been thinking a lot about opening a vegan food delivery, because I think I'll be happier than I am today. Is this new business connected with my soul mission?

Answer: Souls do not plan on specific missions before coming. They have the ability to bring to themselves what they wish to experience – if they have the faith that they can. Explore all possibilities, make sure you know all the things that will affect your decisions, and then proceed with what feels right to you.


Maria from Argentina asks the Masters: I am trapped in an awful relationship with my mother. Daily, she belittles me, abuses me emotionally, treats me as if I was five years old, intrudes in everything and makes me feel as if I’m worth nothing. Even studying a career which I dislike to get more money so I can leave home, I’ve tried everything to break free, but it seems I’m unable to no matter what. It’s like a curse. I’ve taken the path of Ascension a while ago, and this relationship is like a distillate of everything I’m trying to leave behind. What am I supposed to learn from this? Am I supposed to break free or heal this relationship, and if so, how?

Answer: All souls create their own reality and bring to themselves that which they wanted to experience so they could learn from it. You see all this as a negative instead of examining your feelings about each event and seeing why it affects you the way it does. You have sabotaged yourself by giving her the power to control you and your education. Explore ways to use your training. Get a job and get out from under her.


CD from Romania asks the Masters: What should I do to return to a peaceful life? There is one person (boss) who seek to destroy me. Don't understand why so much hatred against me. Is this situation without an exit? Should I change the job? I simply don't get it...what is to be learn from it?

Answer: Your boss does not like your attitude and the fact that you strive to be happy instead of miserable as the boss is constantly. This is a lesson about honoring yourself and making decisions that will allow you to be who you wish in an environment you desire. Do what feels right to you.



Luciana from Brazil asks the Masters: I had a friend whom I was very attached to. I am a lonely person that's why I think we were close friends however with years I noticed that this attachment was bad to me. I was leaving behind who I wanted to be - a happy person, free from problems and dramas because we argued so much. Four months ago, I got to stop talking to her and we aren't friends anymore but it has been hard for me because I am not getting to forget her even knowing she is not good for me and my life. Is there something related to past lives between us? How can I live my own life without this feeling that hurts so much?

Answer: This has nothing to do with any past lives. You are so desperate to have friends that you were doing everything you thought she wanted you to do without any concern for whether or not you wanted to do it. That was why it was so destructive to you because you were becoming a copy of her negative energy. She wanted only to manipulate and control you for her own benefit. This was a lesson in learning to love yourself and honor your own journey.

A.V. from Brazil asks the Masters: With time my intuition started to improve a lot. I utilize it to help some friends by giving them advice and sharing my insights. The thing is that some have said that I should study psychology because I have such a good talent for that, but I don't know if I want to make it a career. How can I pursue this in a way to help more people? Am I actually helping them or just saying what I think that they want to hear?

Answer: You are very sensitive to the feelings of others and have the ability to make suggestions that will help them through difficult situations. That is what most psychologists do. You are doing it from a spiritual awareness of the energy everyone carries instead of from book learning. This would fit you well for a career if you are so inclined. You could also open more to your intuition and do readings for people. You are providing insights for those you assist. How far you want to take this ability, and in what direction, is part of your freedom of choice.
Gabriele from Brazil asks the Masters: I would like to understand about the end up of the relationship I had with a man called Jonas, that occurred 10 years ago. I never have stopped loving him and, from time to time, I dream about him and all the feelings returns intensely as if it was yesterday. I never have known about the reason for the breakup and, in that epoch, I tried to commit suicide.

Answer: For you the relationship was a fantasy of your creation. He did not like the fact that you had your own sense of reality, which did not go well with his. You have always wanted to reconstruct what you thought you had, and that is why it can be so intense when you think about it. You have the choice to remain in this state of imagination or find someone with whom you will be truthful.
M.S.D. from Finland asks the Masters: I am wondering whether My husband’s soul is disbelieving of My love for him because our baby died two weeks before he was supposed to have been born? I know our son made this agreement with us before our birth, and it aligns very well with some past life of mine that I am not proud of. However, I think My husband is beginning to think this was a sign from God that I do not love him, or that marrying me is not his final destiny. I do not know if it is possible to fully communicate My love for him? Have we made an agreement with a soul to become our child in this life, whom we will bring up?

Answer: Your husband is superstitious and very religious because of organizations that tell him what to think and feel. His thoughts are all being programmed by others who have convinced him that you two are not to be, as witnessed by your tragedy. Mentioning that your baby was in on its return Home, has made him think you are crazy. He is not even considering the amount of love you have for him. It does not matter to him. What to do now must be influenced by your feelings in the matter – to stay or to go.

Allan from Brazil asks the Masters: Why can't I be happy at my job? What could I do to find something that could make me happy while not disturbing me financially?

Answer: Sadness, happiness, or satisfaction is determined by each person. If you do not think you should be happy, you will not be. If you have unreasonable expectations, you will never be satisfied. If you are judgmental, you will lean toward negativity and unfulfillment. The right connection is available to you if you make the effort to find it. Look for something for which you are qualified and then give it time to conform to your desires.

Leila from Brazil asks the Masters: It’s been 3 years since I’ve separated from my ex husband and I’m having a hard time to get involved with somebody else again. I’m ready and willing to have a new relationship. Why this is not happening?
Answer: You still are spending too much time thinking about your ex and that is blocking the energy of others to come to you. Don’t compare everyone you meet with him. Be very open in your communications. Tell only the truth of your own feelings, not what you think they want to hear – that is where things started to go wrong before.
Maru from Finland asks the Masters: Could you please tell me, why I have nightly visits by beings whose "treatments" hurt me so much. I wake up to that pain. Why I don't get any information about what's happening. Are they malevolent beings? How I could protect myself? Could I have conversation with them, how?

Answer: Your soul is traveling while your human body is resting. You have the ability to speak with these beings. All you have to do is open the conversation. You are attending a healing school where the students both learn and treat each other. The bodies are not that similar to human bodies so that is why you have such a reaction. After speaking with them you can decide not to return even though you have plenty to learn from them.
Raquel from Portugal asks the Masters: My husband suffers from chronic pelvic pain that no doctor can figure out the cause. What can we do to make him feel no more pain and cure him?
[In compliance with US law, the Spirit Masters do not diagnose or prescribe for medical conditions. Their observations are spirit-based and concern life lessons. Readers may like to review details of the Masters’ booklet/ebook on healing.]
Answer: He is re-experiencing an injury from a prior life, and he will continue feeling it until he resolves all the anxiety over his death in that life. A past-life regression or visiting it while in a deep meditation will allow him to explore and understand.



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