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Posted December 3rd, 2019. 


A preview of the Masters’ Tuesdays Teachings:

The Masters have advice and encouragement for a woman in the USA whose childhood experience of abuse motivates her to want to help others dealing with this trauma.

The dreams of a Brazilian woman seem out of reach. The Masters provide a reality check along with suggestions.

A UK woman wonders about manifestation, predestination, and ability to create. The Masters clarify.
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The Questions:


Will it help others to tell of my abuse?

QUESTION: Masters I was sexually abused by a trusted adult for many years as a child. I am healing and learning about how this ties into my lessons for this lifetime. I have felt the urge to help people who have suffered this type of abuse. I want to write and speak publicly about my experience, resilience, and healing. However, childhood sexual abuse is a very heavy topic. I have been reading teachings that encourage people to move away from thoughts that don’t feel good. Naturally, it doesn’t feel good to dwell on abuse, but I know how prevalent this type of abuse is, and I believe I have the power to help others. I also feel compelled to shine a light on this epidemic of abuse. I know only I can decide to do from here, but a nudge in the right direction would be helpful. Am I meant to help others through this work? ~Shauna, United States.

[In compliance with US law, the Spirit Masters do not diagnose or prescribe for medical conditions. Their observations are spirit-based and concern life lessons. Readers may like to review details of the Masters’ booklet/ebook on healing.]

ANSWER: Most of the readings where people are told to step away from their unpleasant sensations have to do with one of two things. The first is standard psychology where the therapist tells the person to assume coping mechanisms that cover up the sadness and don’t do anything to heal or understand the causes.

The second is the spiritual principle of manifestation where the soul chooses between negative and positive energies. These choices are most easily accomplished by going into the cause and removing the trigger that is coming out as discomfort. It is in this second category that the work you suggest would benefit so many people.

Sexual abuse is a hot button issue everywhere these days, and the “me too” movement has allowed some women to speak out for the first time because judgment is set aside and their experiences are being dealt with as a stumbling block to mental health.

You fully understand the spiritual growth to awareness as to why you have chosen to experience this abuse. You may not be able to talk to everyone in spiritual terms, such as freedom of choice, but you can allow them to see that the guilt, lack of self-worth, and hiding from their trauma can be reversed.

As you have said, the choice is yours. Be assured that the path will not be easy but the benefits can be substantial. Letting others know they have a voice and can change the way they see themselves is monumental. Know that your first target group will be women’s safe houses and clubs. Start slowly and the demand for your words will continue to rise.

Where is my money?

QUESTION: Masters I have worked all my life, (almost retiring) but I’ve never had enough money to make my dreams come true. Why I don’t have enough money to buy a house, travel abroad with my children? All doors are locked to my dreams. Why? I pray for understanding and to be happy when other people are happy and their dreams are coming true (when mine are not). What am I doing wrongly? How can I go on? Help me please. I want wisdom to live my life! This planet is so beautiful, I’d like to travel and learn other cultures. I also want wisdom to guide my children as good human beings. ~Simone, Brazil.

ANSWER: Where do you get the idea that you had planned to have a life anything different than you have experienced? Not everyone will be able to attain everything that they can possibly imagine within their lifetime. The important thing is that you have learned the lessons you came for and understand who you are as a soul.

Dreams can be totally unreasonable, and what happens for someone else may have been done merely for you to observe and learn from the observation. You chose the situation in which you find yourself. Making the best of what you have will bring you happiness if you allow it to.

Wisdom is the result of understanding what something is and why it has occurred. It is not just a knowing of the possibilities but the probabilities existing within your environment. It is an examination of the results of your choices and what you have learned from understanding them.

Your present situation does not have to continue unless you keep seeing it as the extent to which you can grow. When you consistently tell yourself you don’t have what you desire, the universe thinks that is the way you want to live, so it accommodates you.

When you retire, explore the possibility of volunteering in other lands. Study up on customs in places you would like to visit so you will fit right in. Express to your children that they do create their own realities but they have to have the building blocks before they can build it.


QUESTION: Masters, would you share with us your thoughts on manifesting, where thoughts create physical realities into 3D form? Are some events and things pre-destined already? And can we create whatever we desire to experience from a state of love and non-resistance? ~Kerry, UK.

ANSWER: All souls are pieces of Source energy and therefore have the same powers and abilities that Source contains. That is your essence when in energetic form and carries over into an incarnation only to the extent that it does not interfere with the choices made for learning in that life.

For instance, you could theoretically heal or regrow an injured appendage if your lesson did not consist of learning to deal with the limitations imposed by that condition. But it could be done after the lessons of dependency and flexibility were achieved.

Manifestation is the method by which a soul creates their own reality in a human plane. The purpose of it is to promote the educational process by producing the ideal environment for the chosen lessons.

Since the purpose a soul incarnates is to learn about using the powers they have and the tests they chose, enlightenment comes only through unconditional love, faith, and trust in who you are. Every time you learn something and incorporate it into your human existence, you are manifesting your future for that lifetime.

Nothing is absolute in the learning process, so nothing is wholly predestined or predetermined. Loose goals are chosen for the direction of your existence, and your freedom of choice decides how they will progress.

The idea of manifestation has many envisioning successes and riches. That can be a part of your life, but it is not the ultimate destination. Use it to complete your chosen life lessons and then move on to the enjoyment phase that is left over before you return Home.




Reincarnation Guide



Italo from Brazil asks the Masters: I recently lost my uncle, I would like to know about his transition, why he suffered so much and if he has anything to tell us?

Answer: He fought his transition out of fear of where he was going – he didn’t need to worry. He took a while to acclimate to the unconditional love, but now he is laughing about all the trouble he caused himself. What happened to him was part of the lessons both for himself and for those who observed what was going on. Examine what you learned so you don’t have to duplicate anything.



M. from India asks the Masters: I am experiencing difficulty in expressing my thoughts in language other than native. Why it is so? All these years I still not comfortable. Did I choose this? Also I am not able to adjust in society and can't survive in glamour, fake, materialistic environment at work. If Coworkers are productive, humble and spiritual then I am comfortable. What should I do?

Answer: Not all humans have an ability to learn languages other than the one with which they are raised and are constantly using. You did not think it would be very important to you and you have spent more time on other talents. You need to stop judging others by the expectations you have for yourself. Everyone is learning different lessons and you don’t need to involve yourself in their studies. Just do your own work and ignore what others are doing.



Theus from Brazil asks the Masters: I usually have many new beginnings in my life, and I feel during these processes, as if something inside me is almost dead and then reborn, I don't know if they are signs of the awakening of consciousness, because in this process I feel deep but not physical internal pains. after one try passes, but I come to see life with other values, and feel more connected and connected to spiritual belief!

Answer: Not only are you going through the process of enlightenment, it is accompanied by the changing of belief systems that end one set of rules and open to another. This has no physical pain because it is all energetic. The deepness is the emotional change that also takes place. All is as you desired it to be, so keep going.



Lígia from Brazil asks the Masters: For some time now, I realized that my relationships no longer make sense, either my loving relationship, some family members and others of friendship. but I feel bad about it. Looks like I'm doing it wrong. I'm very sleepy when I'm with these people, I really wish I could be living more in nature. but I know I have some things to do yet. But I'm very tired

Answer: You are an energetic being who has been a source of nutrition for others who are constantly siphoning off your energy for their own use. Most of the contact you have with these people is because they want to take from you. You do not need to have any continued interaction with them. Step back and examine your feelings about everything around you, and then spend time until you understand why they are present. You are the only one who can understand yourself.


Meire from Brazil asks the Masters: I've met a wonderful person, I've actually known him for years, but we got involved in about two and a half months, we had a giant vibration, a lot of chemistry and a lot of love, but he's been separated for many years, but the ex is crazy and He has no courage to take on any relationship, afraid of the damage that may cause the daughter's head, he told me that with me, he thought he would have strength, but cannot. I told him that he can't spend his life, alone in an apartment, waiting for his daughter to call and looking at the ceiling, I've tried everything to make him open an option, but I don't want to be in this impasse, as if I had something with a committed man, What do I do? I wait, try again, or keep the good memories and follow my life? I need answers, this is troubling my heart too much.

Answer: Your answers are inside of you. What are you willing to put up with? He is not going to change for two reasons. First, he is truly afraid of his ex, and second, he is too lazy. He would have to give up his way of being able to spend time with women such as yourself without repercussions and having no need to commit. If you think he will change, then stick around. If you want to have something permanent, it will not be with him.

Regina from Brazil asks the Masters: Why, even acting so lovingly in my professional work since always, I have not achieved financial prosperity to this day?

Answer: There is a limit to what degree of success you can reach in your current situation. You must make a leap of faith and go in a different direction that has prospects for more money.

Jrr from the US asks the Masters: What does my most recent ex think of himself now, as well as what does he think of me, now that so much has changed between us, how does he truly feel about where he is in life now?

Answer: Your ex is flustered that things never seem to work out the way he wants them to. He is a control freak and doesn’t like you standing up for yourself. He fears anything he cannot manipulate. He is confused that so much has changed and he has lost so much control over his world.
Laurel from the US asks the Masters: Why do I have such a need to be alone and away from people? Why does being around people cause me so much anxiety?

Answer: You have always had trust issues since you have been betrayed, abandoned, and abused in the past. You feel safer when you don’t have to deal with anyone else and their ideas of who and what you should be and do. Spending time alone removes all the stress of dealing with your issues and theirs. There is nothing wrong with this, and it makes your life a lot easier. You have freedom of choice to exist as you please. But when you want, don’t be afraid to venture forth

Matheus from Brazil asks the Masters: I have tried many energetic therapies like Reiki, Reconnective Healing, and many others, but I don’t feel anything. I tried learning dowsing(radiesthesia), but the pendulum does not move. I feel like my energetic channels are closed. How can I be more open to feel these energies?

Answer: You are sabotaging everything you are trying because you start out with a preconceived notion of what you will see happen. Clear your mind, get rid of expectations, relax, and open your senses to maximum. Try the things you have tried before, or see if you can sense the energy (life force) in an animal, the pulsations of a tree, or the stored energy in a crystal. You have to relax, be open, and practice.
L. from Brazil asks the Masters: A few years ago I met a boy we had a relationship in which I was very happy. We mismatched and now we meet again. I feel a deep connection with this boy, does he belong to my soul group?

Answer: He is not a part of your soul group. He likes you but is not in a mood to commit to anything permanent. Do only what you really want to do; don’t be lulled by the past.
Piia from Finland asks the Masters: My mother passed away nearly 10 months ago. Something happened between my siblings - what is this? I feel calm and almost happy for my mother but almost everything else in my life is messed up. I feel like being in the end of an era. Will this turn to good again?

Answer: You create how you feel. Want to be happy? Think happy thoughts. Remember the best times of your life. Your siblings are not handling your mother’s death very well because they are blaming themselves and each other for not being there more for her. It is all a mirroring of how they sense they would feel in the same circumstances. Send them unconditional love that they might understand it is all part of a life lesson.
Cheryl from the US asks the Masters: my 8 year old daughter seems sensitive with a much deeper spiritual connection or aura. What is it? Is it something related to a past life, or does she see or sense spirit?
Answer: Your daughter does not have total amnesia of her prior lives and remains connected to some nonphysical souls. She senses energy and can tell when someone is near. She can do what she wishes with this in the future as long as she learns the difference between the negative and positive energies. Her guides will assist her.
Maggie from the US asks the Masters: I recently have discovered that I’m part witch and have empath abilities. I was wondering how can I enhance both the witch and my empath abilities?
Answer: With your connections to the Earth and the energy of the planet, you need to always be conscious of what is around you. Empathic energy can become overwhelming if you just take it in and never ground it. Sample it, see what you can do to assist the person and then release it to the Earth. What some people call a witch, we call a person who is accepting of the fact that they are a piece of Source energy with all the attendant powers and abilities. Practicing the use of your latent abilities is the best way to strengthen them.
Lu from Brazil asks the Masters: Could you at this stage tell me something that could contribute to my evolution?
Answer: Stop trying to find easy answers or ways to escape taking responsibility for your decisions. Be aware of everything that comes near you, because you draw to yourself that which you wish to experience.


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