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Posted November 26th, 2019. 


A preview of the Masters’ Tuesdays Teachings:

A USA woman asks if one can be here on Earth too long. No, say the Masters, as they proceed to explain.

A woman in Ireland is conflicted about staying in her marriage and that country. The Masters point out what’s necessary for her to work on her self-doubt lesson.

An Australian woman seeks help to stop backsliding in her spiritual progress. The Masters have a brilliant answer.
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The Questions:


Can a soul stay too long on Earth?

QUESTION: Masters is it possible one can stay too long on the earth realm, living past their soul contract? ~Sue, USA.

ANSWER: The simple answer is no. In addition, not all souls have contracts when they incarnate. Many just decide what lessons they wish to study and set up environments that will allow them to have those experiences. A soul is always exactly where it needs to be to have the learning it desires.

Even if a soul has made contracts with other souls, they are not permanently unequivocal. One party or the other can choose to change the conditions and go in another direction. There are no predetermined absolutes in a human lifetime. And a soul may end their Earthly experience at any time they wish, whether or not they have learned all they set out to accomplish.

These factors are true because every soul has complete freedom of choice to decide each phase of their human incarnation. That said, if you had made a contract with someone, they could determine that they no longer wish to fulfill their promise. It doesn’t happen too frequently, but you can never make a soul do anything it does not choose to do.

A soul bothers with contracts only when they are determined to have a particular experience. They normally will only make one with another soul with whom they have had prior lifetimes so they are pretty sure the circumstances will be completed.

Unless a soul has decided they want a short life, or has agreed to leave at a special time or under certain circumstances, the exact time the soul returns Home is not determined before the life begins. The soul makes that decision when they sense it is no longer beneficial for them to remain or they wish to leave an unproductive existence and begin another.

What should I do?

QUESTION: Masters, I wonder why I’m feeling so lost. I don’t know if I give up my marriage or if I try one more time, there are times I want but there is another than not. I don’t know if I continue my life in a country that isn’t mine, or if I should go back to mine. I am always undecided. What would be my best options? ~Anita, Ireland.

ANSWER: You are feeling lost because you do not wish to make decisions for yourself. You don’t want to take the responsibility of deciding something that you might not like later. You always defer to what others say and tell you to do, and then you can blame them if you are not happy. It is time to put on your big girl panties and start taking charge of your life and choices.

You never stop and ask yourself how you “feel” about an action – it is always what do I “think” about this. That means taking all the opinions of others that are stored in your brain and reviewing them. Your own feelings are never engaged or even considered.

You do not think you have the ability to see what is needed. This life’s lessons do include working with self-confidence and self-doubt, but you ignore addressing them by relying upon others instead of considering alternatives for yourself. You are saying to those around you that they are more aware of what would be “good” for you than you are. They are not in your body so that is a ridiculous proposition. It is time to honor yourself and make those choices for yourself.

Nothing is intended to be permanent on Earth; it is just one large classroom for learning. There is nothing wrong with changing your mind or direction when you do not feel comfortable where you are. Does your marriage resonate with you? If not, it is time to try something else. Don’t feel comfortable in your current locale? Move on to something else.

Always know you have time to make these decisions. Nothing should be rushed. See how each alternative feels to you. Don’t feel you have an obligation to any particular path or person – because you don’t. You wouldn’t buy an expensive outfit without trying it on first, so remember that when making decisions.

Don’t attempt to do everything at once. Take each facet of your life and see how it fits. If it is still good for you, stay there. If it makes you uncomfortable, try on the other choices.

Healing self

QUESTION: Masters I would like to ask you about nurturing love of Self and self-worth- how? How can I do this? I work on myself and seek to uncover and heal entrenched belief patterns of shame and guilt. Often as soon as I clear an experience, I feel empty- missing something familiar – and I feel like I sabotage myself then by starting the old negative patterns all over again. Masters can you please give me some signposts out of the old patterns. ~Cath, Australia.

ANSWER: You have done good work on going through some of your lessons, but after you rid yourself of the unproductive ones, you have left the area they filled empty. That makes it feel like they should come back – and they often do. What you need to do is start filling those voids with unconditional love for all the work you had to do to accomplish banning the patterns from bothering you.

Pulling in the unconditional love of the universe is a way of loving yourself for all the work you have done. You are giving yourself a pat on the back for getting rid of unneeded lessons. It is easy to accomplish. Say you have just banished a sense of guilt over a decision previously made: you see it no longer serves you, and…poof!…it’s gone. But there is that spot it occupied. Quietly meditate on positive loving energy, congratulating yourself on the good work – the love flows in and takes up the space.

Examine each and every belief that controls your behavior. Anything that generates doubts or fears should be addressed and examined to find out why it is there. You can replace those negative beliefs with a love of self, and this will open you to connect with your higher self and thrive.

You choose what your reality looks like by the beliefs you allow to remain and control your actions. Change any that run counter to the things that resonate with you. Don’t be afraid to have a continual rotation of beliefs so that you learn all you came here for. Remember, you are in charge.




Reincarnation Guide



Toni from Croatia asks the Masters: I met a girl. I am 46 and she is 26. There is strong connection between us, nothing physical, but I love her with all my heart, and I think she loves me too. I am married but there was never such a connection in my marriage, don’t think love is there or ever was. I was looking for real love my whole life but never found it. Is there any chance I could ever be with this girl, maybe in a next life, I want it so much?

Answer: One of your lessons in this life was exploring romantic love and all its facets. With this introduction to what true love can feel like, you have a gauge for what your marriage has become. There are all kinds of aspects to a relationship – not just love. Some of it is a sharing companionship, the creation of the next generation, and a sense of safety and security. That has defined a good portion of your union. You have freedom of choice to decide the rest of this life and subsequent lives.



Lavínia from Brazil asks the Masters: Help me please, I'm desperate! I left a relationship 6 years ago, but I can't forget it! I think about him a lot, sometimes I dream! I got married and have a 5 year old son, but I can't forget him! I am stagnant! I've been freaking out several times and I'm messing up the life of my son and husband! I do not know what else to do! help me please! Did I fantasize about it or do we have the same connection? I need an answer!

Answer: You have created a fantasy about your former crush. All you remember are the good times and there are none of the stressors that occur during your marriage. You think he would be perfect and not argue, disagree, or give you the obligations you now face. That is all a dream. Your family loves you. Give them the love and respect they deserve and replace your memories with factual events from your current life.



GN from Brazil asks the Masters: An apometry session told me I have a spirit in the energy field of my womb. A tarot reading also detected this being and said it is a future son of mine. Is this true? Do I have a contract with him? If so, will it be from my current partner? Is he my twin or soul mate?

Answer: You do have a soul hanging around you with whom you had discussed its coming to you in this lifetime. You did not have a specific contract of when it would come or what it would do with you. It is not a soulmate or a twin soul – just an acquaintance who thought it would be fun to spend time with you. When, and even if, it comes into this life is up to you and whatever sperm donor you choose. There are no absolutes in the physical world.



S. from the US asks the Masters: When I was a child I would talk about an “imaginary friend,” a polar bear, that would watch over me. Was this one of my guides? Does she still protect me?

Answer: This was indeed a guide who knew you felt most comfortable with its having the appearance of a bear to be cuddly but also ensure protection. She has assumed many faces during your lifetime, depending on what you wanted. All you have to do is ask her to be there and she is. In meditation you can set up a safe meeting place where you may discuss things.
Ricardo from Brazil asks the Masters: Nightmares during sleep are somehow traumatic. how we should soberly and intelligently understand these nightmares during sleep.

Answer: Nightmares have many causes, such as food and drink before slumber, reliving traumatic games you play or movies you watch, and emotional needs to fulfill. They may also be places where your soul travels at night to learn things. There is no one answer. Start by telling yourself you wish to remember the events when you awaken. Write them down and observe patterns. Then you can start dividing them between teaching events, upset bodily functions, and putting yourself into movie scripts.
Anna from the US asks the Masters: Please help me with this….I recently reconnected with my great cousin, the only person in my family who would communicate with me. I learned from her that my brother has a brain tumor. My brother was one of my sexual abusers in younger years. About 10 years ago, he manipulated my dying mother into changing her will and left nothing for my son and myself. He also poisoned the rest of my family with the story that I stole money from my mother, and that she had financed my “elaborate” lifestyle. I never lived such lifestyle but dreamed and worked on it for many years. I now live in a self-created tiny house and have shed most of the anxieties and depression - it’s a constant work in progress. I have forgiven my mother and my brother but feel not compelled to contact him. Am I lacking empathy?

Answer: Empathy is an Earth concept. It has no spiritual teaching ability. It allows you to share the torment of others in addition to your own studies. You owe your brother, and the other family members, nothing. What is important is that you spend your time honoring yourself for the great job you have done channeling your life lessons into meaningful wisdom. He has been covering up what he did all those years out of guilt and fear that he would be condemned by all. He figured that cutting you out of the family and making you a bad guy would take all the attention away from him. Continue to let it go as you have been doing and send him loving energy that he might understand what he has done before he returns Home.

Amit from India asks the Masters: I would like to know about my father who left us in this life on 22nd June'19.Where he is & how is he doing? Is there any massage for me and my mom as she is very devastated? I took up his profession which he wanted for me but Is it good for me professionally? Pls guide us.

Answer: Your father’s body gave out on him, and he thought it was best to leave rather than to burden your mother with his care. He is at Home but is able to watch over you. He knows you took his profession because he asked, but he wishes for you to be happy with what you do, so if you want to change you have his permission. Only you know how it feels to you. Give it a chance while you observe what else is available.
Brig from the US asks the Masters: I very much hope to hear from you in regards of guidance. I am 70, Reiki Master, Meditation teacher, and multi creative individual who never learned to walk a middle ground. Always one extreme or another. I feel urged to offer advice to people and offer also spiritual guidance. After much sexual and verbal abuse during most of my life, I learned to assume responsibility for all of my emotional extremes. I no longer suffer from anything. So, what is holding me back to attract a nice companion who is interested in more than sex? Why am I attracting negative and needy people into my life? How do I develop my intuitive gifts?

Answer: You give off a strong vibe so that those who are needy feel you will be able to assist them. When you reach out and help people, whether or not they ask, they think you are there for the taking, and with men when it comes to sex, they feel you are there to satisfy their needs. You need to define for the universe the type of companion you desire. Be as specific as possible so that the energy will be understood by those responding. Divide your regular life of assistance from your personal life of companionship so there will be no misunderstanding. Intuitiveness comes from practicing sensing everything around you. What kind of energy is that? What does that person seek? Stop thinking and just feel.

Nai from Brazil asks the Masters: I totally blocked any feelings towards my mother. I have never had a healthy relationship with her since I was a kid. She has helped me several times in the beginning of my adult life. However, I realized she made a game of controlling me, besides her efforts to help me. Finally, last year she passed all limits and even almost put police in my family life for nothing, just to satisfy her illusions and desires. Then, I cut her from my life, now she is resentful and trying to reconnect, but I have no feelings and empathy towards her. Are my problems with her from past lives?

Answer: Nothing is from a past life – it is all from this life. You each had a series of lessons you were working on and they ended in conflict. She wants to be in control and used manipulation to attain that. Anything she seemed to do to help you was just to tie you to her. You have no obligation to have anything else to do with her. Just remember what has happened and don’t repeat it in your life going forward.
Daniela from Brazil asks the Masters: I would like to ask You about why I'm continuing getting more weigh? What should I do?

Answer: You have no control over your life, and eating is the only way you feel content. You must start observing where and when you eat. Keep a diary of the emotional upsets that get you started. Keep only healthy foods in the house, no snacks or chips. When you go to reach for something, ask yourself if you are hungry; if not, don’t eat.
Mônica from Brazil asks the Masters: What's between my mother and me?

Answer: You are both learning the lessons you chose, and you are not communicating your feelings to one another without getting emotional. Try listening before responding to what she has to say.
Ellas from Brazil asks the Masters: Is my block in love self-sabotage? When I am interested in someone the person is not interested in me. Does the universe really unite special people?

Answer: There is no one particular person for anyone. Every soul has freedom of choice, and that means who they wish to partner with and when they choose to do so. You cannot make someone have feelings for you when they don’t want to. Part of the problem is self-sabotage because you always start out by telling the other what you think they want to hear instead of what you really think – that torpedoes a relationship faster than anything else because they think you were lying to them from the start.


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