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Posted November 12th, 2019. 


A preview of the Masters’ Tuesdays Teachings:

A “cancer cluster” in a small, Finnish village raises questions in the mind of a local woman. The Masters point out the spiritual significance.

A French woman newly able to feel energy seeks help in developing her abilities. The Masters offer advice and assure her that she can succeed.

From the USA, a correspondent asks if global warming is a conspiracy theory. No, say the Masters, as they give a brief summary of the issues.
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The Questions:



Cancer cluster

QUESTION: Masters I am from a small village. It seems there is a lot of cancer cases. Is it something that people wanted to experience? Some emotional blocks and fears developed to illness? Many of these people are born after WW2 or children of these people who were in the war. Or is it some bad chemical or other things they were exposed during their best “working” times. ~Tea, FINLAND.
ANSWER: Every soul brings to them the lessons they wished to experience. One of the ways to do this is to be in a situation where you will be exposed to something that will create the lesson you desire. The people who have gotten ill wanted to have some impediment that would present a challenge to them physically, mentally, and emotionally. The family and friends wished to observe their loved ones going through this event and learn from the same energies.
Your area is what is called a cancer cluster resulting from environmental issues. It has more than one cause and is plaguing only those wanting a challenge. It is possible to chase down the causes but that would not change the life lessons chosen. The same type of challenges can be experienced with other forms of disability.
Mother Earth, with the polluting abilities of humanity, is a test tube breeding ground allowing for souls to set up any type of situation needed by them for learning. From one event, hundreds of lessons can spring. Our learning is not limited to individual experiences but also those observed occurring to others.
See what is happening; see how various people handle the same situation differently. This will give you an idea how you could learn from the same type of event if it were presented to you. As a spiritual person, you can help those going through things. Send them unconditional love that they will understand why they chose this test and how to accomplish the desired education.

Is it all in my mind?

QUESTION: Masters, lately for some reason, I can feel people’s energy. Especially when it comes to my partner, my family and friends. I’m trying to work on my intuition by reading tarot cards on Internet. But at the same time, I wonder if it’s all in my mind. Today during a tarot card reading, I asked my guardian angel for some guidance and she told me to work on my energy and my mediumship. Now, I don’t know if it’s all in my mind. The first time I connected with my guardian angel, I asked her how I could become closer to her. And right after I have this message in my head “lapis lazuli” How could I possibly work on this? ~Mia, France.
ANSWER: You are a piece of Source energy and have all the powers and abilities of Source. That means your essence has experience with total connection with the energies of all other souls, whether in physical or nonphysical status. You have begun to allow yourself to sense the presence and essence of the other souls sharing this lifetime with you.
It is easier to start with those with whom you spend the most time. You are sensing the essential soul within them, which provides a whole new manner of communication. You feel their moods, hopes, wishes, and desires.
Working with intuition, you open your “knowingness” to the energetic around you instead of just what is perceived by your human body’s natural senses. You are also tapping into your higher self, the usually unconscious aspect of yourself, which contains recordings of what you have learned in prior lives.
As you are sensing soul energies, you can also open yourself to the energies contained within physical substances such as crystals. Uniting with and taking in these energies can enhance your abilities. For most humans, lapis lazuli crystalline energy allows for a higher connection with nonphysical vibrations, aiding in spiritual growth through one’s intuition. You can delve deeper into your essence and have a larger understanding of your own energy. Your guide was trying to suggest a tool to assist you.
This is not all in your mind. The first step is to accept the possibility. Then believe you can connect; then move to a knowing it is within reach. Once there, start using the connections and you will find your intuition picks up on all the information you desire.
Mediumship has many definitions. It may be the action of channeling another soul through your physical body, or it may simply be allowing the energy within, from your essence, to come out. Stop analyzing and go with the flow of what you are doing. This is something you have done in many prior lives.

Global warming

QUESTION: Masters is global warming a conspiracy theory or not? ~Anonymous, USA
ANSWER: Global warming, as a scientific action on planet Earth, is not a conspiracy theory. The twentieth century had the highest recorded temperatures in history. The glaciers are melting, causing the sea levels to rise and the waters to warm, thereby producing more cyclonic activity and forcing inclement weather further inland. Crops are being affected, forestation is burning at record percentages, and seasons as you know them are changing.
The problem children are gases being produced that change the atmosphere. The protective ozone layer around the planet, which shields you from the rays of the sun, is breaking apart. This allows in more radiation, which produces heat.
Global warming, unfortunately, is caused by the human race polluting the air and water with the byproducts of daily life and industry. It is fixable right now but in twenty years may pass the no-return state if nothing is done. The hang up is people not wanting to give up luxuries and industry not wanting to spend the money to reduce pollution from factories.
Those whose money is needed to make changes are the ones who are staunch supporters of global warming as a conspiracy theory. If they can convince the public that there is no such phenomenon, there will not be a clamoring for them to spend their profits to reduce the effects of their cash cows.




Reincarnation Guide



Elisangela from Brazil asks the Masters: I feel that my life is stopped and walking in a repetitious cycle for several years. What can I do to leave this state and understand the lesson to learn?

Answer: You have been waiting for someone to tell you what to do instead of going out and finding your next big experience. You have blinders on and see only what is presented immediately in front of you. Open your eyes and observe everything visible to you – the next adventures have been passing you by while you kept your head down.



Lessandra from Brazil asks the Masters: What lessons have I chosen to live in my human experience and what is my highest purpose?

Answer: We will not tell you your lessons because you will go right to them and try to make them go away. They are all being made known to you through the fears and doubts that accompany them. A soul’s highest purpose is always to remember who they are as a piece of Source energy and what powers and abilities come with that status.


Sagratasi from Brazil asks the Masters: I’ve recently lost my father. He departed sooner than we expected. What lessons can I learn from this?

Answer: The main message is that each soul is on their own journey, and it is not connected to or dependent upon any other. You wanted to experience a sense of abandonment, survivor’s guilt, helplessness. All of these came with his departure.
Luciana from Brazil asks the Masters: I recently got back to talking to someone I had an involvement with, but we never got to be together much longer. I'm attracted to him, but at the same time I don't feel like having a loving involvement. Did we already know of other reincarnations? Is he part of my soul family?

Answer: He is not a member of your soul group, but you did have one prior incarnation with him where you were brother and sister. He was the older male who practically raised you and you have always felt beholden to him. That is the energy you are sensing. You did not plan on his being a part of this life. You do have the freedom of choice to pursue this if you wish.
Luísa from Portugal asks the Masters: For 9 years I have problems with money. I'm 61 year's old, and debts. I'm alone and tired. How can I solve my problems?

Answer: You are fixating so much on finances that you are sending a message to the universe that you do not have enough and therefore the universe responds by making sure that you do not have enough. Start sending out the intention that you have what you need and the hemorrhage will stop if you are invested in that energy.
Camila from Brazil asks the Masters: I have been in a relationship for fourteen years, we went through a lot of difficulties, decided to separate a year ago, but we came back 2 times, we are living separately, we come back again but I am afraid to assume that relationship again lives together again! I can't make up my mind, but there's something in me that no longer believes I should follow, even though he loves me! I do not know what to do! I began my journey in spiritual awakening, and he did not! I do not know what I do if I insist on this relationship, if it is the person of my life or if I should go my way alone!

Answer: While you say he loves you, he is not showing you that he really does. Everything that he says and does is always because he wants it that way, and you have been giving in to his desires. It is time to figure out what you want. A relationship needs to be based on sharing. Each person gets a say and their needs met before the other gets to monopolize the setting. You know from your spiritual training that you came to learn lessons, and that when you understand something you may have to move on to learn more. The choice is yours.

Naiara from Brazil asks the Masters: I would like to know why I can't get a job, because the jobs I do as a freelancer are weak.

Answer: You are sabotaging yourself because while you want work, you really don’t want to work that hard, so you look for the easy way out. Decide what you want to get serious about and then put an ample amount of time into securing it.
Vidya from India asks the Masters: I have been moving through my Ascension process for years. Now I feel exhausted and confused as to what my destiny holds. Am I moving in the right direction? I feel clouded with too much distractions... What should I do now? I am struggling to manifest a new beginning but not sure what my life path is? Can you give me clarity?

Answer: A soul is always exactly where they wished to be when they are there. Stop trying to make everything so difficult. Open widely to where you are and what is happening around you. You consciously and unconsciously bring to yourself all the opportunities necessary to complete everything you planned before coming. Feel where you are being drawn and follow, with your eyes observing all the possibilities around you.
Giovanna from Brazil asks the Masters: I would like to know what is my purpose here in Earth. I was listening every time "this is time you need start your job", what is it? I never think too much about my family or about have kids, is this something about my purpose?

Answer: Everyone’s purpose is to understand that they are pieces of Source energy and therefore have the same powers and abilities. Starting your work is becoming fully aware of the world around you and how to use it to learn as much as you can about being a soul in a human incarnation.

Pam from the US asks the Masters: I have evolved so much in this lifetime and understand our immortality now. Years ago, I was in a very dark spot and hurt and helped a dog die. I feel guilty every day. How COULD I???? I am usually kind, especially now.

Answer: Assisting an animal to transition when it is their time is a special type of kindness. Time, in the life of an animal, is when they would not be comfortable because of physical, mental, or emotional conditions. You did what was needed at the time and have absolutely nothing to criticize yourself for or to feel guilty about
MRR from the US asks the Masters: How many past lives did I have or share with my long term ex-boyfriend? What type of relationships did I have with this soul in those past lives?

Answer: There were three major times, and each involved volatile workings to honor your own journeys without being compromised by the other person. You have only chosen to be together when you wanted to experience understanding about control and working with another. You each stimulate the other to look deeply into your own life.
Sasha from Finland asks the Masters: I would like to have some insight of my boyfriend's mother. Their relationship seems very strange to me, they are close but in an imbalanced way and I feel his mom somehow fears another woman in her son’s life, like she would be jealous? Am I correct or is this my lesson? if, help me see it, what can I do? This is bothering me almost to thought of leaving him, he somehow suffers of her behavior but still puts his mom first when she asks something. will he ever cut the umbilical cord and start living adult life? Is there something else I should know about his ability to take responsibility?

Answer: They are both studying control as a life lesson, she as the controller and he as the controlled. He will not change unless, or until, he recognizes that this is just a lesson and that he has the freedom of choice to do what he wants without her permission. She is never going to let him be free unless he wrenches himself from the situation. Talk to him about this addiction he has toward his mother, and if he is not willing to admit and try to sever the control, he will never be yours.


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