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Posted November 5th, 2019. 


A preview of the Masters’ Tuesdays Teachings:

A Brazilian correspondent asks about a “three days of darkness” phenomenon. The Masters explain.

The negative energy carried by her husband from his job troubles a Swedish woman. The Masters offer clarity and suggest tactics for dealing with it.

A woman in the USA is stumped about her career path. The Masters encourage her to make moves in search of her passion.
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The Questions:


Three days of darkness

QUESTION: Masters what about the 3 days of darkness “event” that so many comment upon? Will these three days of darkness really happen? If I know your teachings will they happen if I believe more if I don’t believe any of it will come like this? ~Beto, BRAZIL.

ANSWER: This is primarily a teaching of parts of the Catholic church compiled from the prophecies of 17th- and 18th-century channelers and various interpretations of biblical passages. As with all channeled material, it is a reading of the energy patterns at the time of the reading and can be modified by actions subsequent to that moment in time.

The concept first took root from the telling of the plagues Moses helped bring down on Egypt when he wanted the pharaoh to release the Israelites, as found in the book of Exodus. Since there is no Earth time outside of planet Earth, prophecies delivered to humans may be backward facing as well as forward facing in time.

As you are aware, souls having a human experience create the reality within which they live in order to complete the life lessons they chose before coming. If you wish, you could help manufacture three days of darkness if you feel you need to experience that phenomenon. It is always possible to place yourself in any situation you desire to experience.

Another incidence of darkness could occur on the planet if a polar shift happens. This has taken place in the past (but not during the lifetimes of any current residents) on several occasions when all electrical, mechanical, and energetic motion ceased while the Earth re-oriented itself. This occurrence was approaching a number of years ago, but the energetic efforts of Lightworkers reversed the tilt and brought magnetic North closer to due North.

Caught up in negativity

QUESTION: Masters my husband works with mentally ill patients on a daily basis. I really appreciate his devotion to the society, but I feel like he doesn’t know how to release the negative energy he gets from those people. I can sense it clearly every time he comes home, and how quickly he loses temper, becomes panic when something isn’t going right. I want to help him but don’t know how. He doesn’t believe in spirituality nor any religion. And he hardly shares with me his feelings. He also doesn’t like it if I ask/care too much. I love him dearly and want to heal him somehow. ~Zinny, Sweden.

ANSWER: Everyone makes their own decisions and choices, and nothing you say is going to cause them to change unless they wish it. Your husband spends so much time in negativity that it feels “normal” to him. Being in a negative arena makes it easier to deal with the troubled patients than fighting to maintain a positive attitude around them.

He is unaware of carrying so much negativity once when he leaves until he is once again faced with your positive energy. His outbursts are the negative energy attempting to include some of your positive energy to allow it to swell in size. The sensation he is getting is that the world is different from him and he needs to fight against it to continue to exist.

Negativity cannot maintain itself when confronted with unconditionally loving, positive energy, so sending that toward your husband will defuse some of his spreading negative energy. Since he does not understand what is happening to him, he is unable to correct the influx on his own. Any time you think about it, just send some his way even when he is at work.

Try engaging him in a discussion about his patients. See what he senses when he is near them. Ask if they react to his presence differently depending on how he is feeling. This is a back-door approach to opening him up to what the energy is doing to all of them.

The panic he is feeling is a sense he is catching from the paranoia amongst the patients. Ask him what it is that the majority fear and if he gets the same sensations. You are going to have to approach this very slowly because he is extremely intelligent and may see that you are trying to get him to look at things the way you do.

Keep sending that love energy all the time. Ask your and his guides to assist and send some of their own as well.

Gentle guidance

QUESTION: Masters, in a recent dream I was visited by a man I believe was a guide, his message was clear. That if I don’t take advantage during this window of time (job change), that I will miss out and be headed where I am going. I asked what I should be looking for as I am lost on my career path and I woke up. I haven’t yet discovered what I truly love to do or am passionate about. I understand we have free will, what messages do the masters have that would help steer me in the right direction. ~Randi, USA.

ANSWER: This was one of your regular guides. You have been stuck at a crossroads and are not proceeding in any direction. Your guides are trying to get your attention to remind you that if you don’t move, if you don’t take a chance on a change, nothing at all is going to happen. They are not trying to tell you what to do. They are just giving you a gentle little nudge to get you off the starting line.

It doesn’t really matter which way you go, just that you move. Right now, you are hesitating to make any changes because you want to know the answer to what will happen before you take the plunge and begin something new. That is not the way it works, because your future is determined by the choices you make as you proceed.

You can’t connect with your passion until you meet it on the road of activity. You unconsciously direct yourself toward what you desire to achieve; you just have to be totally open to seeing and feeling it when you are there. A passion is something that draws you through life and something you want to do all the time.

A passion will creep up on you one day and just be there. But you can miss it at first if you have expectations about how you think you should feel. Just relax and live in the moment, allowing your senses to integrate everything around you.

Your free will comes into play because you make the choices of what you want to be exposed to so you can see if it triggers that passionate feeling within. It may be a way of connecting with people, a job producing a certain reaction, or a renewed sense of purpose in life after a period of nothingness. Just enter the flow of the universe and be aware of what is passing you by.

Never be afraid to change direction if the opportunity arises, and you will have exposure to new and interesting options never before experienced. Remember, spiritually you are a soul having a human experience, and everything occurs for learning what resonates, delivering knowledge and wisdom. Nothing is right or wrong.



Reincarnation Guide



JSC from Brazil asks the Masters: I have an excellent husband and wonderful children. I fell in love with a man who completely ignores me. Nevertheless, I feel a very strong connection. If we were really destined, would it match my feelings? Does the fact that he ignores me mean that it is not yet love that I long for?

Answer: You are letting yourself get caught up in a fantasy of what you think true love feels like. He does not love you; all is coming from you alone. A relationship, to be true love, must be a sharing of everyday life and dreams. When there is no communication this is impossible. Work to create unconditional love within your marriage.

David from the US asks the Masters: What am I to do about the things that my wife and son is doing?

Answer: See if you can sense the strategy behind their actions. They are attempting to get you involved in their lives. Don’t judge and condemn but evaluate and join.
S. from Brazil asks the Masters: Why do I feel such sadness and anger inside my chest? It always seems like I have to work hard not to feel it.

Answer: You are living in a negative environment, and it is easier to give in to the negative characteristics of sadness, anger, and despair than to take the time to understand that you can choose to be happy and fulfilled. Every soul creates their own reality through the choices they make. Step away from the negative and go toward the unconditionally loving, positive energy that is also out there.
Andressa from Brazil asks the Masters: I would like to know about a soul meeting I had here on earth, I feel that I know this soul from other lives, but I am not able to distinguish what learning to take from this meeting. We get along sometimes, but he always does things to hurt me, it's like he has no empathy for what I feel. How can I free myself from this feeling that is adding nothing to my life? On the contrary it is only making my soul fainter.

Answer: It is time to stop fixating on what you think the two of you might have shared in the past. He is a member of your soul group who agreed to meet in this life and to cause you to have to think instead of merely react to his presence. You wanted to be challenged and tested by interactions and to have to analyze why you have the feelings that occur. All you have to do is walk away understanding that you have learned everything that was agreed upon.
Caitlin from the US asks the Masters: My father committed suicide on father’s day 2012. My son was born last year. Sometimes when I look into my son’s eyes, I see my dad. Did my dad come back to life as my son?

Answer: No, this is not the same soul as occupied your father’s body. Your son does share the same physical genes that your father had, so he has the same potential for appearance and characteristics apparent in your father. Your father is watching over both of you.
Amanda from Brazil asks the Masters: I would like to know what kind of connection I have with Claudiely. Is she my life partner, or are we just experiencing some lessons together?

Answer: There are no set life partners decided before coming. You both have freedom of choice, and how long you decide to interact is completely up to you. Remain truthful in the relationship and know that communication is the key to sharing and getting the most out of a partnership.

Monica from Brazil asks the Masters: I divorced eight years ago and have since focused my energy on my young daughter's education, studies, work and homework. Will I remarry since I'm almost 50 years old?

Answer: That is completely up to you. If you put out the energy that you want another companion, they will get the message and appear.
Isabel from Brazil asks the Masters: After trying once, I have now managed to break up my 45-year marriage. No sense of loss I felt and when it was over, I saw that this union no longer made sense to me. I am 66 years old and today I find myself being reborn, learning to walk alone. Choose to follow the flow with faith and confidence and explore all the items in me. Masters, have I done all the work I planned in this life? Did I fulfill all my lessons? What should I do now?

Answer: The last little bit of work has to do with listening to yourself and finding the happiness that has evaded you. Love yourself for all the decisions you have been able to make and the work you have done to learn who you are as a soul. Do only what appeals to you and create a world of pleasure.

Lydia from Brazil asks the Masters: Why does the mother of my husband believe I am not good enough for him and that I have nothing to contribute to the family? Is it because I am not from a wealthy family or are there other reasons? I am looking for a higher perspective and then I am going to accept the situation as it is and let it go.

Answer: Prior to your marriage your husband was somewhat of a Mama’s boy and ran to her side at a moment’s notice. She sees you as taking her place in her son’s life and is jealous. There is no other reason that she despises you. Just ignore her and she will stop being so desperate.

Susan from the US asks the Masters: My 24-year old son tried to commit suicide almost 2 years ago, was briefly hospitalized but was able to convince doctors that his problems were caused by too much caffeine and a lack of sleep. I believe he is schizophrenic as he was and may still be hearing voices. Since that time, he has somehow managed to adapt and has a part time job but has not been able to complete college. I continue to support him financially. I send my thoughts of love in hopes that he can overcome what appears to be one of his life’s challenges. Is this one of his life’s challenges? Is this part of my life’s challenge? Are there other ways I can help him? Are there any words of wisdom from his guides and/or my guides?

Answer: It is his guides that he hears more than anything else. He is not motivated to take total responsibility for his life because you keep bailing him out financially. His challenge is self-worth and self-reliance; yours is letting go of the thought of control. The best way to help him is to set limits on what you will do and what he must do. He hears his guides, but when they suggest he do things for himself, he decides not to pay attention. Right now, he doesn’t want to work any harder than he absolutely must to keep you off his back. He has not thought about the future and just exists in the present. Try to get him communicating with you about his plans for the next year.
Nbah from Brazil asks the Masters: I have a friend from another country, and we communicate only over the internet. we like each other very much, and so I worry. I didn't get to ask, but I was connecting several facts and I'm almost sure that my friend uses drugs. I had the unfortunate idea of talking about it using it in third person. but my friend caught and dodged the questions. I was deleted and blocked. she probably doesn't want to be helped. I miss her and I don't know what to do.

Answer: Your friend is not really a friend at all. She was using your contact as a way to appear normal and to run away from her addiction. She does not want to make any physical changes and that is why she will only communicate via internet. She felt that as long as you didn’t really know her situation, you were safe because you would not try to change her, like all her surrounding friends are attempting to do. Move on; if she ever changes she will reach out to you, but don’t hold your breath.
Ria from the Philippines asks the Masters: I want to know about my past life. I always dreamed that I am caught during the 2nd world war. I hope you could give me some explanations.

Answer: There are two things happening here. First, you were in the Second World War as a historian documenting the movement of troops, including those who were captured. Second, you have spent time in areas where prisoners were held, abused, and died. That energy has called out to you to help them find peace. When you meditate or go to sleep, put out the intention that any souls who are trapped will find their way into the light and return to unconditional love.


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