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October 29th, 2019. 


A preview of the Masters’ Tuesdays Teachings:

A correspondent from Brazil asks for clarification on the nature of judgment. The Masters oblige.
A Canadian woman asks about her possible astral travel at night. The Masters explain what happens while we sleep and how we may strive to remember the adventures.
A UK woman is distressed by her husband’s attitudes and behavior and is seeking a medical explanation. The Masters have some enlightening insight.
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The Questions:


What does judgment mean?

QUESTION: Masters what could be characterized as judgment? For example? Does the child come home with attitudes the mother doesn’t like, if she complains, isn’t she judging his behavior? Wouldn’t you have to let it do what they want? An example of judgment? Does a person begin to comment on other people’s attitudes towards you? What to do? How to answer? ~Beto, BRAZIL.

ANSWER: Judgment is the tool the human ego uses to decide where it rates in the scheme of the societal hierarchy. Is the person better than, richer than, smarter than, or more important than someone else? When looking at the activity of another, does their behavior match what your opinion of the right type of action should be, or do you believe they should do things only the way you decide is correct?

Judgment is a type of control over another, and since you are not within their body, not living their life lessons, it is really not for you to say what they should do. There are circumstances – for instance, needing to show an uninformed person what is acceptable in society – in which judging someone’s current behavior in order to teach them is a necessity. Judgment is taking place; however, it is not to control but rather to inform, and the one being corrected has the freedom of choice to accept the criticism or ignore it.

In the dual negative/positive environment of Earth, judgment rules. Only if you are concerned with developing your spiritual values does judgment become the enemy. You then recognize that each and every other soul is having their own journey of learning, and trying to tell them what to do interferes with that process.

Many people dealing with lessons about control are the worst criticizers on the planet. They continually tell everyone what to do and use judgment to show that the criticized person is doing something wrong. Judgment also has a negative energy impact on others. But this is neither right nor wrong in a spiritual perspective because learning is accomplished through using your freedom of choice to direct your own path.

Don’t worry about others judging you. Take a look at what they are saying and see if it has any instructional value; if it does, then pay attention to it. If what is being said makes no sense to you, then choose to ignore it and move on.

When it comes to your own actions, judging doesn’t help you learn a thing because you are restricting the possibilities. Instead of judging something, just ask yourself what you can learn from the situation. Evaluate the teaching involved and make future choices based on the knowledge you gain from the material that resonates with you.

Night adventures

QUESTION: Masters do I Astral travel in the night? I want to know if I go anywhere in the night. And how I can remember it. I have a feeling that I go because sometimes I wake up in the night and few things happen that point to my astral travel. For instance, he gave me water to drink while I was sleeping but I don’t remember when I wake up. Was my soul not there. I am desperately looking for some answers. ~Tani, Canada.

ANSWER: Your body is never completely without some portion of your soul being in residence. The physical would cease to be viable and die if the entire soul left. What does change is where your consciousness is and the degree of awareness it has of your location. It is similar to daydreaming, where you are located in one place but your mind and consciousness wander off to image or relive some exciting adventure taking place elsewhere.

The physical body needs to rest and regenerate energy through sleep, during which your bodily consciousness shuts down. The soul needs no such time off so it travels around while the body rests, and usually the aware consciousness goes with it. The soul can only totally be aware of, and live in, one place at a time.

Your physicalness “remembers” easily only the things your current mind has been a party to doing. When your soul goes off wandering, if you haven’t advised yourself that you wish to recall the travels, they are lost. The same is true of the nightly dreams you experience if you don’t awaken during them or take notice of them immediately upon waking. Asking your consciousness to include these trips in your memory when you are awake will assist.

If the soul remembers doing something in a past life and wants to renew its lessons concerning it, the soul may go to “night school” for refresher courses to bring back the learning, if not the exact lesson. This also occurs if the soul wishes to see a different perspective on a situation with which you are dealing.

There is nothing to fear in not having complete awareness of your nighttime travels. Curiosity is what is plaguing you more than anything else. Start going to sleep with the conscious thought that you desire to remember everything you do while the body rests. It may take a while to make the connection, but keep trying.

Changing circumstances

QUESTION: Masters Please can you give me some guidance. Me and my husband are pretty sure he has Asperger’s. We are waiting a diagnosis. It makes sense to us now why he acts and thinks the way he does. It has caused me a lot of heartache and upset, and I now realize why I have depression and fibromyalgia. It’s a continuous battle with someone who has a different view on the world. I am always in some kind of stress mode dealing with it. Was this a pre-planned lesson? Was it a mutual plan to help each other or was it of my own making for my own benefit of learning? Is my husband being 100% honest and upfront with me about trying his best to get help and change? Can I deal with this in a better way? Or, is it time for me to move on? ~Jo, United Kingdom.

ANSWER: Your lessons do include self-confidence and self-love using stress and stressors to set up most of your learning experiences. You are very empathic and take in the energy given off by those around you. You are an innate caregiver and persist in taking care of others even to your detriment. You are still trying to maintain the same degree of love for your husband that you had when you first fell for him.

No soul ever remains the same during their lifetime. You have grown apart from your husband through the choices each of you have made. It is time to start taking care of yourself and doing what you want to do and not what you feel you have to do.

Your husband enjoys negativity and getting responses out of those around him. He does not really dislike his current thought processes and isn’t doing much to evaluate and change his behavior. He is definitely not being truthful to you about his feelings and any attempts he is making to change himself because he is not unhappy with his current state.

His cavalier attitude is a major stressor for you and triggers mental and physical reactions that are harming your health. You have the freedom of choice to decide to remove yourself from this situation and find an environment where you can heal.

You have done everything you can to get him to understand what his actions are doing to you, but he just doesn’t really care. It is time to start honoring yourself and deciding how you want to live. In the spiritual sense nothing is right or wrong. Staying or leaving will both allow you to learn, but choosing another setting will allow you to get control of your emotions.



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Lydia from the UK asks the Masters: After my 40 years of age I met a man and had the most intense relationship in my life. Unfortunately, my relationship ended unexpectedly, and I feel betrayed and confused trying to make sense out of it. I would like to know what my lesson was here, why did I choose this experience and whether this is completely finished between us.

Answer: This experience was for you to get an idea about physical love. You were also to study the factors that comprise a relationship. If you look back, you will see that you were so desperate that you did and said only the things you thought he wanted to hear. He played you like a violin, leading you in one direction and then another. You didn’t recognize he didn’t love you until he left. He will not return in good faith. Examine what you have learned. Put out energy to attract someone who is ready to have a sharing relationship. From the beginning, honor yourself by doing only what you want to do – don’t be led around again.
Rinku from India asks the Masters: A colleague teacher of mine, with whom I have to stay most of the time in one room, I find her not authentic to herself and her ways are not good for future of kids, I get annoyed by her please tell me how to deal in her presence.
Answer: How can you determine that someone is not authentic to themselves? Are you present inside of her? You are making judgments based upon pre-conceived notions of her life. She has more experience than you, so how can you also say her methods are not good for the children? Watch, observe without judging, gather facts, and then discuss with your supervisor.
V. from Finland asks the Masters: Why is so difficult to me to find a relationship?

Answer: You can love someone else only to the degree that you love yourself. Others can feel you do not love yourself so they think: “Why should we bother if even she thinks herself unworthy of love?” Find why you hate yourself so much.
Vj from India asks the Masters: I have again caught my wife cheating me. My son still not able to speak and has been diagnosed with autism. I could not get separated from my wife because of my son. Is there any chance that she will be on right track in future, although she is promising to change?

Answer: She does not really want to change. Her affairs are her way of running away from the reality of her life and the condition of your son. She is very immature, seeking to have others make all her decisions for her. When she is with someone else, she doesn’t tell them about her life; she pretends to be unencumbered. Getting her some professional help so she can see what she is doing may help. She can’t or won’t change until she accepts the reality of her life.
Johanna from Finland asks the Masters: My mom had a stroke so how can I help her recover? Our relationship was difficult before so is this part of our common life lessons?

[In compliance with US law, the Spirit Masters do not diagnose or prescribe for medical conditions. Their observations are spirit-based and concern life lessons. Readers may like to review details of the Masters’ booklet/ebook on healing.]

Answer: Your mother is in extreme denial that she will ever be able to return to the same semblance of activity as before her stroke. Even though she is very frustrated, she does enjoy having everyone at her beck and call. All you can do is send her energy that she will understand her position and seek to heal as much as she can.
Vinicius from Brazil asks the Masters: Will I be succeeding in helping people soon? What should I do?

Answer: You should first inventory yourself and see if you have any unfinished business of your own that would interfere with being a teacher for others. Once you have moved away from negative ego judgment and into positive love evaluation, your daily life will be an inspiration for others, and that is the way things begin.
N. from Malaysia asks the Masters: I was in relationship with this man, at beginning everything was fine between but why all of sudden everything break apart after his ex came back. why she uses so much of black magic to win him over & refuse go by arrangement of universe. I know all 3 of us have strong past life link but how to overcome this. Do I need to help him and get back together or move on with my life? please help me.
Answer: He never completely forgot his ex and always wanted to make a life with her. When she returned, he found it easy to make the choice of her over you. It had nothing to do with black magic, even though you would like to think that it did. The universe doesn’t plan things; each soul uses their own freedom of choice to make decisions. It is time for you to move on.
Gwyneth from the US asks the Masters: My husband Kevin is supposed to be a soul exchange walk in coming back to me. When, where, how will I know?
Answer: Nothing is determined for sure at this time. The indication at present is that he will be at Home for quite some time until he understands what his life was all about. He wishes that you would go on with your life. If he does decide to “walk in” he may do so in a body that is quite a bit older, younger, of a different sex or nationality, or in a different place on the planet. Choosing that method of return is extremely rare and only with the agreement of the body’s current occupying soul.
Maarit from Finland asks the Masters: I have severe digestion problems due chronic illness. I know everything has a meaning and a lesson, but I have not been able to find out what's my lesson in this. Eating requires effort and lots of discipline, and everything revolves around my gut. What am I learning here? I wish I could heal completely at some point.

[In compliance with US law, the Spirit Masters do not diagnose or prescribe for medical conditions. Their observations are spirit-based and concern life lessons. Readers may like to review details of the Masters’ booklet/ebook on healing.]

Answer: You chose to explore a lack of control yet a need for discipline to overcome the situation. At this time, you are quite dependent upon others during periods of flareups, and this is something you have fought against because you wish to be independent. All of these factors come from lessons. Start examining your essence. You are a piece of Source energy and have all the powers and abilities that that implies. You have forgotten this and feel you have no say in your life. Begin accepting your powers and reshaping your system to its original condition.

Adriana from Brazil asks the Masters: Can you tell me, please, what is my life mission in this incarnation? I've been wondering for a long time and I haven't found out so far.

Answer: Your mission, as is the mission of every soul who enters into a human experience, is to recognize who you are and why you came to Earth. Work on the lessons that show up as fears and doubts in your life. Remove yourself from negative, ego judgmental energy and go into positive, unconditionally loving evaluation. Things will then become clearer.
Agape from Finland asks the Masters: My life has been battle after another. I know, it's for reason and I accept it. Still it's very hard to trust Universe again. I am tired. How can I trust again?

Answer: You don’t trust the universe because you don’t trust yourself. The universe only brings to you what you desire to experience. Working on the lessons each soul has chosen to address is a battle. The only way you can see your tests is in negativity. Progress is only accomplished by battling against the negative and seeing the positive opposite. If you understand that you are the one drawing these things to you and that you can view them any way you wish (in other words, create your own illusion of reality), then you will feel in control of your life again. 
Lilian from Brazil asks the Masters: Why I can't keep healthy relationship even though I always think I want to have a family and would love to have a "father" figure near my children! Why I had a daughter with this guy that seems not matters to us! Why I still wait for him?

Answer: You want what you think will be a strong male figure to take care of you, tell you what to do, and make all the decisions in your life. This is a type of running away from responsibility because you cannot love yourself, so you look outside to others. You too are seeking a father figure. Men do not want to take on another child, besides the ones they father, and that is why you have not found a healthy relationship.


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