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By The Celestial Voices.

Through Toni and Sonia.

July 9th, 2019.


A preview of the Masters’ Tuesdays Teachings:

From the USA comes a question about whether the third eye can affect the ability to visualize and connect with the nonphysical. The Masters explain in detail.

A Brazilian wife and her husband have grown apart over the years, and now the Masters must be frank about her options.

An Indian woman is torn about her decision to move away from her family and seeks the Masters’ counsel on clarifying things to her children.
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The Questions:


Seeing past the physical realm.

QUESTION: Masters for those of us who are unable to visualize (Aphantasia), will opening the third eye change our inability to see past the physical realm? ~Randi, USA.


ANSWER: Aphantasia, the inability to visualize at will, is an affliction of the physical realm only. The belief of the person with this condition that it prevents them from connecting to the nonphysical realm is all in their third-dimensional mind. If you only allow yourself to “think” in terms of your experiences within the physical world, you cannot reach outside of flesh-and-blood events and what has been “seen” by your eyes to what can become a “knowing” of the existence and presence of that which you desire to “see.”


Those who live with this limitation have chosen it as a life lesson to require them to work in other ways to develop something with which they feel comfortable. This occurs by employing a more extensive use of the remaining physical senses. Just as a blind person who has never seen their own children knows, without a doubt, who they are and when they are present, a knowing can build between a person and their nonphysical surrounding.


There is a fairly new study being conducted within the psychological community concerning those who cannot produce pictures in their heads. There have been exercises developed to help a person enhance their “memory” powers. This has not worked for all subjects but depends on the extent of the lesson that was programmed into the lifetime.


Within spirituality, the seeing or knowing that other souls are present must be elevated above the physical restraints of everyday human living. Developing dialogues with your guides will open an exchange of energy that may spread to something akin to visualizing their presence. Using affirmations can become a foundation for a “knowing” of what you seek.


Opening one’s third eye helps with the transference of energy from one dimension to another, but it cannot add a layer of visualizing to the physical dimension unless it is intended to do so.


You can also experiment using your sense of smell to detect something that you cannot see but can grow to know is there. What does it smell like to cut an onion or a lemon? What effects can each have upon your tear ducts and your hands? Be inventive to enjoy and enrich your physical experience.


For further information regarding a lack of willful visualization, see two of our prior channelings where we discussed this condition. They appeared on May 29, 2018 and July 11, 2017. You will find them in the archives on our web site:


Growing apart

QUESTION: Masters I’ve been married for 40 years. Though we’ve been through lots of critical moments, I considered we’ve helped each other to grow individually, and as parents. Nowadays we seem to have no affective connection, no affinity, no mutual interest except when it refers to our daughters or to material issues. My current objective in life is my spiritual growth, while he despises this matter. On the other hand, he has a good heart. Help me to understand what I can learn from this and how I deal with the needs of both, without disrespecting one another as usually happens? ~Sue, Brazil.


ANSWER: When you were a child you shared interests with school chums. As you grew older some of them turned to science, some music, some business, and some raising a family. Were you to meet up with them at this time, you would find very few shared interests and little to talk about.


You and your husband have each had different contacts and experiences during the last 40 years. Each experience has changed your initial common connection and driven you in separate directions away from a shared interest. As you have stated, your current primary considerations couldn’t be further apart from each other. This is the way of souls having human experiences.


No two souls follow the same path. The journey is a solo affair for every soul who exercises freedom of choice to learn the lessons chosen before incarnating. Even though you joined together for part of the journey, self-interests have steered you away from each other.


No one can force another individual to come to their way of thinking unless that person is willing. Your choice now is to try to maintain a partnership where you both have the same destination or to honor yourself and go your own way. This is not being disrespectful unless you try to force-feed each other the principles you have adopted.


He is not going to come into spirituality, so you have to decide to remain and move forward or go back and join his beliefs. You can live harmoniously as long as you only talk about your daughters and household affairs.


Getting another to understand you

QUESTION: Masters, I have recently moved away to another country after years of trying to settle in an extremely unhappy relationship. However, I have also made the choice to leave my children with their father while I set myself up. I have consciously tried to be in contact with my children’s essence during this process and I have always received love and positive motivation from them on that level regarding my decision. But as children they obviously feel strong emotions. My elder daughter has said that mum does not love her enough to stay and my younger one wishes to live with me. Could you help me get some insight on a human emotional level about how are they dealing with this? And guide me on how to communicate with them at this point to help them navigate this situation. ~Dolly, India.


ANSWER: Each one of you involved in this situation had chosen to be presented with these facts. Of course, with amnesia, no one is consciously aware of that. Your daughters wanted to work on lessons of abandonment, guilt (feeling it’s partially their fault you have left), sadness, and helplessness.


Your lessons include self-love, self-confidence, and honoring your own journey. Even though you bore the children, your lessons are still yours and can only be dealt with by you. You do not have a spiritual obligation toward them. Most feel there is a society responsibility.


Right now, they are very confused and believe you do not love them or you wouldn’t have left them. You did not spend enough time explaining to them what you were going to do and why you felt you had to leave.


Talking to your daughters’ essences, or higher selves, will give you an idea only of what the soul understands – it does not give you the emotions of the human. Only direct conversations with each girl will give them an idea of what you are doing. You need to treat each one individually, not both as a set.


You will not be able to get a good read on how they are reacting to this change in their life until you speak face to face with them. It could be done over Skype or FaceTime.




Reincarnation Guide


Vanessa from Brazil asks the Masters: My husband was very dedicated to spiritual issues some years ago. Now he is an alcoholic and he hides some drinks so we can’t see he is drinking. I asked him to stop it for a while, as I am concerned with our children education and example. In addition, he says very negative things about me when he is drunk. He said he is not drinking anymore but I know he didn’t stop. Is he being influenced by negative energies? I am trying my best but seems he doesn’t want help. Why am I not able to leave this situation and move on?

Answer: You remember him as the loving individual you married: happy, spiritual, involved in the family. Alcoholism is a sickness that lowers a person’s will to abstain. He needs to address his addiction before he will return to who he was. You have to make the decision whether to continue to be manipulated by his lying or to remove yourself from his energy. He doesn’t think you care that much since you are remaining in the household. Give him an ultimatum, and if he doesn’t accept, then leave.

Marshall from the US asks the Masters: I read about free will. How extensive is it? Is there a limit? For instance, can a re-incarnating soul choose its parents and grandparents, birthplace, gender and appearance, its talents or future profession?

Answer: All the things that you inquire about are within the purview of the soul, but they do not have to do with freedom of choice. A soul sets the stage for their incarnation with gender, sex, family, etc., but there is no free will involved because they are creating an environment within which to learn their lessons. It is only when entering into the duality of Earth that free will allows them to decide which of the possible choices, positivity or negativity (only available on Earth), they will follow.
S. from the US asks the Masters: A few years back, my life was in a state of upheaval and change. Without prior planning or forethought, I began to learn to paint. I've struggled with it and yet learned so much about self-expectations, patience, confidence and perseverance. Sometimes I feel like I am painting automatically, without effort or thought just pure flow of energy. I have always been drawn to and felt a strong connection to the impressionists of Europe. Have I ever painted in prior lives? If so, can I access past knowledge or talents? I feel discouraged at times and think to quit but something compels me forward.

Answer: You have been a painter in past lives and it is that energy which has been driving you forward. The only thing slowing you down right now is expectations of what should be – and there are no “should-bes,” just potentials. When you paint, if you clear your mind of your own thoughts about what you are doing and just allow it to flow, you are connecting with the wisdom you gained in the past. Within the art you are dealing with almost all of the lessons you chose to learn in this life.
G. from India asks the Masters: In life I believe a lot of my hardships are based on my own choices and if positive change is required I must act relentlessly to achieve the same! However, I am facing certain tests / proceedings which are slowing me down and discouraging my ability to be positive. How do I keep myself acting in a positive way when I am feeling overwhelmed with the negativity? I am worried I am going to change myself and accept more negative situations and make that my life!!
Answer: A soul is always exactly where they chose to be when they are there. You did choose the situations in which you are involved, and you did that so you could learn from facing them. They are not more than you can handle; you are just lacking a little faith in your own abilities right now. Step back, bring unconditionally loving energy into your body, and go forth again as you have done in the past.
David from the UK asks the Masters: I have always felt an affiliation to the great war of 1914-18 and an understanding of the sufferings involved. The poems of Siegfried Sassoon and Wilfred Owen have always brought me near to tears. I also feel that I was injured in the war and my current life partner was with me during convalescence. Is this just my imagination or is there any truth to it?

Answer: Your remembrances are just that – memories of the past. All is as you know. You were a very young lad who lied about your age so you could go to war. The energies in the poems have the ability to help transport you back into the field and all the actions during and after your injuries. You didn’t live too much longer after convalescence because you wished to come back for your current life.

Ana from Brazil asks the Masters: I have had panic attacks since I was 17 years old and today with 32 I was able to have almost total control of them and even stopped the remedies a year ago. But in difficult phases I end up feeling a little bit of symptoms again and it's like I feel all the negative energy of people and places. Why do I feel this and how do I heal myself?

[In compliance with US law, the Spirit Masters do not diagnose or prescribe for medical conditions. Their observations are spirit-based and concern life lessons. Readers may like to review details of the Masters’ booklet/ebook on healing.]

Answer: Your panic attacks were associated with your life lessons, and as you conquered them the anxiety blended into the background. When stressed you allow any negativity around to affect you. When this happens, take a deep breath and recall how you have resolved the feeling of panic and are in total control of your body. Picture a safe, positive place where you are protected and no one can enter unless you invite them. You will still be able to see them out the window, but they will be unable to touch you.
Julie from the UK asks the Masters: I had a past life regression some years ago but felt this was a totally conscious effort that I made up, such little as it was. What can you tell me about other lives I've had please?

Answer: You had a number of lives concerning music and performing both as a male and a female. Sometimes you were on the legitimate stage and sometimes you traveled with a troupe or circus, or were a gypsy. Your current life hinders getting in contact with your past lives because you are controlling and want to have things go as you think they should instead of as they actually happened. Relax and enter a deep meditation with the desire to “see” into your past. Have no expectations, and watch it as you would a movie.
Pam from the US asks the Masters: I have always lived in the suburbs of Detroit, however I've never felt at "home" here. My mom was born and raised on a farm in rural Tennessee. I have always felt more at home there than here in Michigan. Did I have past lives there?

Answer: The majority of your lives have been associated with the earth, mostly farming, animal husbandry, or exploration. In the few where you have been in larger cities, you have never been able to settle down and feel comfortable.
Monica from Brazil asks the Masters: I got close enough to a co-worker and we became friends, but that relationship evolved into something more intimate. He's a lot younger than me and I'm scared to get hurt.

Answer: Age is a telling of the amount of time one has spent in this incarnation this time. It has nothing to do with the experience one has gained in this and other times through the life cycle. How can age have anything to do with getting hurt? You are afraid of what other people will say because you depend so much on their approval. Until you believe in yourself and make your own decisions, your life will not be your own.
Richard from the US asks the Masters: Sometimes when falling asleep I enter a condition apparently known as sleep paralysis. It is very disturbing to me and I have difficulty exiting from this state. I am semi-conscious and unable to move. Can you suggest a way to avoid this or exit easily from it?

Answer: The length of time you remain in this state has to do with the emotional, panicky feeling you hold on to. Tell yourself to relax and let go. This is like a situation where you are frightened and hold your muscles or hands so tightly that you have trouble releasing them. Know that you are in control and then tell yourself to release the tension.
Abrahão from Brazil asks the Masters: About the work of a therapist called Poli Cardoso who presents himself as a Nefertiti channel and performs a work called "The Keys of Nefertiti", where we perform some specific meditations and exercises to tune into the most diverse divine energies. I wonder if she really is a Nefertiti channel and if her work is true?

Answer: The soul that inhabited the human known as Nefertiti does channel through the person known as Poli Cardoso. This is not the only soul who does so. Cardoso has learned of the use of energy to connect to the nonphysical, unconditionally loving energy of Source, and her practices help a number of people to accomplish this as well. Each soul having a human experience creates its own reality, so if these practices assist you, then continue until they do not.
Mila from Brazil asks the Masters: My son of 7 years is having a lot of behavioral problems and I am unable to help him. He is a very bright boy, but at the same time he has difficulties to accept the rules and respect his teachers. These situations have undermined my energies and caused me bodily disorders. I need an advice on how to help.
Answer: Your son is looking for direction. You have not set firm restrictions on his behavior and he is testing the limits you and others will allow him to approach. He has been allowed to determine what he wants to do without understanding, or acknowledging, the effect his actions have on others. If you do not start enforcing discipline, he will become even more uncontrollable.



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