Ask The Masters.

By The Celestial Voices.

Through Toni and Sonia.

June 25th, 2019.


A preview of the Masters’ Tuesdays Teachings:

A Brazilian man wonders if there’s truth in fantasy stories about alien control of Earth. The Masters enlighten him.

The surfacing of old beliefs is confusing a woman in the USA. The Masters clarify.

Why aren’t most friendships permanent? The Masters reassure a Canadian woman experiencing nostalgia.
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The Questions:


Conspiracy theories

QUESTION: Masters. I realize that Superhero movies are making a lot of success these days. Bringing this idea of ​​“saviors”. There is also a lot of extraterrestrial invasion in these films. Can this be related to the Blue Beam project? Could this occult government actually be preparing a possible “war or invasion” through holography to cause fear and panic so they would offer a “solution” controlling us even more? Is this a conspiracy theory, or is it grounded? For I have studied and perceived that our history, principally as told by Christianity in the bible, may have been a great holography, a copy of ancient mythological stories of ancient gods. Could you talk about it? ~Sergio, BRASIL.

ANSWER: Movies are created as a form of entertainment, to make people feel good about something and to be able to visualize themselves as the hero of the film. With the instantaneous and constant communication abilities on the planet it is dangerous to vilify an actual nation or people, so the media has intensified its usage of aliens as the enemy.

Project Blue Beam was an invention from the fertile minds of two individuals who employed conspiracy theories to placate their own paranoia and to make them money through book and other sales based on the fears of a portion of the populace. It does not exist as a solid thing but remains active in the realities of those who want to believe it.

Souls are composed of energy and energy is everything. Nothing becomes solidified unless it is accepted in that state by someone within the duality of an Earthly existence. There is no negativity – therefore no evil, conspiring creatures – outside the workings of those on planet Earth.

It is possible to create anything one wishes if their belief is that powerful. Some people believe in the “wizarding world of Harry Potter” with all its magic and non- human creatures – whether they have seen it with their own eyes or not. They will contend that the muggles just don’t get it because they have not experienced anything magical.

Organized religious doctrines and beliefs can be based on imagination as well as documented facts. Novels are written daily about non-existent facts, abilities, and worlds whether based on actual or on fabricated instances – just because they can be.

There is no group of individuals on Earth who have banded together, through the use of holography, or any other means, to control the entire world. There are no conspiracies existent on a global scale.

But if you wish to follow and accept these conspiracy theories, for some reason, you have the freedom of choice to do just that and hold on to all those fears they engender.

Life lessons and belief systems

QUESTION: Masters I was raised in a cult that taught that Armageddon would come in my lifetime and be followed by a paradise. I left the cult but have been drawn to the subject of ‘the shift’ and ‘the event’ My question is- Did I choose the cult to prepare me for ‘the event’ or am I repackaging a concept I am familiar with? ~Dawn, US.

ANSWER: Each soul who is having a physical, human experience finds their way through life, and their chosen lessons, utilizing the belief systems they accept as the basis for their daily illusion. Once someone has accepted the belief system of another, it remains with them unless or until they choose to replace it with something else.

Most of the time you are not even aware you still adhere to the beliefs of another until it comes crashing into you one day when you have a reaction to a situation to which you have no reason to respond. In your case, similar-appearing beliefs Armageddon and the event, paradise and the shift, have brought back your earlier life and what you were taught to believe. You are repackaging concepts.

“The event” has many different definitions in the modern world and isn’t something that has anything to do with the soul’s spiritual journey. “The shift” is generally used to refer to removing oneself from the negativity of the third dimension and entering into the blissful unconditionally loving energy of Source in the arena of Home – a nonphysical state.

The shift is a solo condition brought on when a soul gets rid of their need for ego judgment and becomes a being who never judges but merely evaluates what they are observing. It is a spiritual process along the road to completing your chosen life lessons. Its tool is using one’s freedom of choice to reject negativity.

Everything you have experienced is all a part of this journey you are on. Without having a multitude of experiences, one cannot make informed decisions to progress along their path.

Growing up and apart

QUESTION: Masters, I have a friend who was very close to me for many years and considered her like a sister. Something changed and we no longer talk or see each other. We have never fought or had bad feelings towards one another so I can’t understand what happened? Am I missing something? Now I feel a great distance from her and a sadness at the loss of the friendship, but something inside me tells me to let it go. Maybe something is not right with her? Am I overthinking this or are some relationships meant to play out like this? ~Angie, Canada.

ANSWER: Each soul is on their own path throughout their human life. Sometimes it parallels that of another individual, but most often paths just come together for brief periods of shared experiences. When two people have the same intentions for their existence, they become very close since they share goals and possible ways of reaching them.

You and your friend had the same ideas about living at the time of your closeness. Once you began to have varying interests and destinations, the journeys diverged. Most of your old companionship cycled around commonly shared purposes and figuring them out. If you still had things you could talk about, you would. Nothing caused this separation but each of you living a different life. It is time to move on to someone who can share where you are today.

If you live next door to someone or attend a class with another, you are drawn together by the activities those things encompass. When one person moves, you no longer have the neighborhood activity to discuss. When you finish your class, you each go on to something else in which the other has no interest. This is life.

You are overthinking this situation. You would like the happy times to always be there. But just like your first bike with its training wheels: you have outgrown it and must find a more convenient mode of transportation.

Reincarnation Guide

Adriana from Brazil asks the Masters: I feel like every time I am leaving somewhere, the place and the people get better than ever, but always when I want to stay everything goes wrong. Why is always like this? Is there something I can do to change this?

Answer: You are bringing the adage “the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence” into existence. You do not believe that you deserve to be happy, so you create situations where you see others, after you have left, rejoicing in your absence. This is all in your mind. Things going wrong around you are the result of your negative thinking – again because that is what you feel you deserve. Start seeing things as positive and bright. Understand that you are a magnificent piece of Source energy and deserve happiness. Push away any negative or bad thoughts that arise, and replace them with positive love energy.
Eli from Brazil asks the Masters: I was in love with a man for a long time. Nothing happened between us, not even a kiss. But even after three years without seeing it, there are still certain times that I feel his presence very strong. As if there was a connection. I have many dreams with him, in different situations. What could this be?

Answer: This is all the fantasy world you have built around the idea of this man. He is unaware of your invented relationship. He is a safe dream to have because he will never deny your thoughts – because you will never talk to him about them. You have created an imaginary scenario and now have to decide if you want to continue to live in it or bring something permanent, and physical, into your life.
Marisa from Brazil asks the Masters: I've always had relationship problems with boyfriends and I always decided to break up even though I knew they liked me. In this way I always blamed myself for being very demanding until I met the man I've been with for 16 years and I thought it was a relationship sent by God. But I realize that he does not assume his responsibilities with the life in common and seems to always want to "get rid" of eventual daily problems. I once again think that I am very demanding, but I do not feel that he cares. What am I seeing wrong in this relationship?

Answer: In all relationships you see only your perspective. You do not communicate, or share, with your partner. In that respect you are completely demanding because you will tolerate only what you think is right. This man has ignored your demands and that has made it seem like a good relationship. It is not; it is totally one-sided. He is finally speaking up about the inequities of the pairing and giving you his thoughts of how things should go. You can listen and talk them out or move on to another who will let you control everything.
Bonny from the US asks the Masters: Will I finally find affordable housing, so I can move out, away from my negative minded husband? Also, will my husband survive from his injuries?

Answer: Inquire about housing through various groups in your area; the answer is out there. Your husband’s future is all in his control. Right now, he is enjoying being a victim and getting the attention of others. He must decide to work toward recovery and taking responsibility for his life. But all that is part of his life lessons and there is nothing you can do to assist.
Reynaldo from Brazil asks the Masters: I would like to ask for your help to understand my present situation. I was living in a big and good city that I liked, where I had my own apartment, my plants, my furniture’s, my liberty. I'm almost 30. Because of some reasons and choices of mine, I had to sell my things, give back my apartment and move to my mother's house again, in a small and not so good city. In my perception, it seems that I failed coming back to my mother's house and not being able to support myself, and sometimes I'm not having good feelings about It. What is the purpose behind all of It? What is my purpose? Has my new job been drawn to me out of fear or is it really aligned with my soul purpose?

Answer: A soul is always exactly where they need to be at any one time to learn the things they crave. This situation has made you examine all the aspects of your life that you didn’t feel were important before. This is a test to see if you can analyze the parts of your life over which you have control and those in which you have ceded power to others. Ask yourself: Why are you there? What have you learned and understood by this trip back in time? What do you see the future becoming? Are you ready to step back out again and assume responsibility for everything in your life? Until you can answer these questions, things will remain confusing to you.
LG from Portugal asks the Masters: I feel guilty for not helping my father, I also feel that he do not want my help and sometimes I want him to stay far away. Recently I dream that he committed suicide and feel bad. what did I come to learn in this relationship?

Answer: From a spiritual perspective, you have absolutely no responsibility for assisting your father or anyone else. He has made his own decisions and part of that is wanting to make those decisions without the interference of others, including you. He has contemplated suicide, but it is his choice if he carries through with it. Your relationship with him is one of being an observer, someone who stands on the sidelines and witnesses the choices he is making, and then evaluating if you would have made the same choices if you were in his situation.
S from Singapore asks the Masters: I have never been in a relationship and lately have been feeling desperate for physical intimacy. This desperate feeling comes to me all the time and it’s been clouding my judgement and keeping me up. What can I do to let all these feelings go? Where are all these feelings coming from?

Answer: All souls having a human experience crave acceptance and love. That can come from another human in a relationship, from a close friend who is always there to talk to, or from a pet who clings to you for the love they desire. You have these feelings because you sense that people around you in society, those that are couples, are having a happier, more contented life than you. This is true but also not completely. Open up to all the energy around you and seek to have a human companion come into your life. But be careful to continue to be yourself. Don’t do anything just because you think it will get the person to stay with you.
Isabel from Brazil asks the Masters: After all these years of marriage, it seems to me that my husband and I don't know each other anymore. I feel uncomfortable being at your side, no energy tune, no attraction at all. My story with him Is over?

Answer: You were at the same vibration and had the same yearnings for the future when you met and married. Both of you have grown, but in different ways and with differing desires. You are like strangers trying to make something out of lives that do not match. Talk it over and see how he feels and then decide what to do. Nothing is right or wrong.
Bella from Portugal asks the Masters: I’ve met a man in a bus station connection is completely different than anything I ever lived. I have trouble playing the dynamics of love courting. He’s younger and lives far away. Are we Twin Flames? Am I delusional? How to move forward?

Answer: You are not twin flames, or you would not have been able to leave each other. You are delusional if you think this was anything other than a chance meeting for the purpose of observing the potential of a relationship with someone you haven’t met yet. Be open to others you meet, wherever that may occur.
Pedro from Brazil asks the Masters: I've been living with my parents for over a year now and feeling that they attract many beings of lower vibrations with them. Besides that, my younger brother is dealing with a bipolar disorder and I have to deal with aggressive words on a daily basis. I feel I should move out, because every time I present a solution of higher vibrations, I am not welcome. However, I feel the urge to help them somehow. Please, share some light on that matter!

Answer: You are in this life for your own education, and part of that is deciding how to use your time. Do you donate efforts to healing others at the loss of time to understand yourself? Or do you realize that you can’t help any of the others unless they are willing to change? Right now none of your family is ready to change. You have spent a lot of time working on yourself, and remaining in this environment is jeopardizing that growth. The choice is yours.
Luna from Brazil asks the Masters: I feel that I was free of a person who I stayed linked to many years. But I feel in my heart that this person came back to my Life some moment. Is this real? Do we have anything to live in this Life? I feel can be, but my Life took other roads and it may be impossible. I still dream with this person when he seems want talk with me and it confuses myself. He had already made me cry in many moments and I want break free, but I feel a feeling for he and it is Strong. Sometimes I believe that is a karma in my Life. I don't know to do in this situation.

Answer: You have freedom of choice to do whatever feels right for you. You have created a place in your life for this person that is more fantasy than reality. When he is not there, you remember only the good things or the things you wished had occurred. It is your mind that is always bringing him up. He no longer has feelings for you. You are the only one clinging to these memories. It is all right to dream but that is all you are doing. If you want space for a new man, then you must clear out all the memories you have allotted to him.
Sandra from Brazil asks the Masters: I do not know what is my purpose in this life. My work no longer makes sense. I want to change but I don't know exactly what to do or where to start? My personal life is not as I imagined. I didn't get married and I don't have children. When I like a person, this person does not like me and vice versa. I feel frustrated in this regard. What is wrong with me? Where did I go wrong?

Answer: You are too intense in your relationships. You always decide how you want it to go without considering the other person’s feelings. You have learned everything you can from your current employment. You have two choices: remain there and use your time to explore other things such as relationships, or look outward and see what appeals to you. The universe always brings to you what you need to experience – but you have to have your eyes open to see it sitting there.



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