Ask The Masters.

By The Celestial Voices.

Through Toni and Sonia.

June 11th, 2019.



A preview of the Masters’ Tuesdays Teachings:

A very sick dog distresses his Portuguese mistress, who is torn between keeping him alive and prolonging his suffering. The Masters gently guide her in feeling her way to the answer.
It can be frustrating not to be able to communicate with a deceased loved one, and a UK woman is disappointed at not hearing from her late mother. The Masters explain the difficulties involved and suggest techniques to moderate expectations and feel a subtle contact.
Should an Australian woman return to her unsavory partner or is he simply being manipulative? The Masters give it to her straight, but she has to make the choice.
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The Questions:


QUESTION: Masters I would like to know about the euthanasia of sick animals. It’s something that worries me because my dog is very sick. Now I’m only treating him with aloe vera because the medications were making his condition worse. I did not want to have to “fall him asleep” but I do not want to see him suffer. ~Ana, Portugal. 

ANSWER: All types of physical bodies on planet Earth have an expiration date. They are affected by a normal progression of degeneration, chemical pollutants, and internal disorders. Those who have reasoning brains and communication skills can let their wishes be known to others. Those that are not so equipped must be tended by the ones responsible for their well-being.

With pet animals, a caring “parent” should be aware of their charge’s quality of life. Humans who ask for assistance can get their various distresses addressed through medication, stimuli machines, meditation, and surgical procedures. Animals cannot tell you what they are feeling, where they have pain, and the tolerability of same.

As you have done with the medications, you are aware of some of your pet’s concerns. But what of his quality of life? Put yourself in his position and imagine what you would want your human to do for you. Would you want to wither away with limited mobility, no enjoyment, and constant pain?

Euthanasia for humans is frowned upon by society, yet some nationalities find ways to end their suffering and move on so that they can get ready for the next incarnation. American Indians, and some Eastern Indians, stop eating, go out into the wilderness and assist their bodies in ceasing to function. Some humans in intense pain go to Source by their own hands, using over-medication, asphyxiation, or a bullet.

Animals in the wild, when reaching their expiration date, follow the path of the Indians. Human pets do not have that ability since they cannot live outside the home they were raised in. It is then up to their caregivers, much like hospice workers, to help end the suffering. In most countries, humans are kept in a drugged state until their bodies cease to function, and in some they consent to euthanasia where it is permitted. Evaluate what your pet would want: pain or bliss. 

Spirit contact at will

QUESTION: Masters, my Mum passed about 15 months ago. She had dementia and although I tried to be a good daughter, often I was intolerant and selfish. She was the most forgiving, loving person I’ve ever met, and I’ve been hoping for a sign or a message from her, to no avail. I don’t mean to be facetious, but would it hurt for me to see her or speak to her or feel her presence? My sister said she saw her dead cat so why can’t I see my mum? Would it be so awful for me to be reassured that she’s okay and forgives me? I can’t be the only person who feels like this. Can you say something about why contact is so difficult please? ~Karen, UK.

ANSWER: First off, your Mum is great, having a good time with old friends. During the last period of her life she was not always, as you were aware, totally conscious within her body. That was all part of a life lesson for those around her. You learned quite a bit about yourself during that time – what you could tolerate and where your patience ended.

On a spiritual level nothing is right or wrong; all things are learning experiences.  You understand that your behavior at that time was not something of which you are proud. But it was created by the frustration of not having your loving Mum there to communicate with. Her soul observed but the body was unable to interact. She took no offense at anything that occurred during that time.

Now when it comes to spirit contact, you have to examine your expectations. They are keeping you from hearing/feeling your Mum. She has spent a lot of time near you, but you are looking for specific signs and she is unable to fulfill your desires. When a soul first returns Home, they sever all contact with the Earth plane and therefore enter into an amorphous, energetic state where they do not have a human-like body, so they have no voice box with which to speak.

That does not mean that they do not communicate; it is just more mentally than spoken. Instead of words you will receive “feelings.” They will be reminiscent of your Mum’s presence but not her voice. Remember the times she held you when you were upset? That is the sensation you will first perceive.

It is easiest to establish this connection as you are just falling asleep or as you awaken in the morning. Start the flow by greeting your Mum as if she were in the room with you – because she is. “Hi Mum, having a nice day?” “I remember the strength to face the day that you always gave me.” Don’t anticipate a specific response from her. Just be open to any sensations that roll over your body. Feel her arm wrap around you. That will be her.

If you have patience, avoid feeling frustrated, and continue doing these exercises, you will establish contact.

Dealing with deceit

QUESTION: Masters I really need some help. And I’m hoping you will please answer my question. My partner and I have separated twice from some very bad behavior on his part. He seems very sorry, is getting help and said he is changing. He said we are soul mates and will be together again. I feel like every time I have contact, I’m under some kind of spell and start to believe him. I think he is a good person but the things he has done are so very bad. Am I being manipulated? I don’t know what to do or how to get away from it. I would really appreciate some guidance. ~Mj, Australia.

ANSWER: You are like all the other souls who are inhabiting human bodies – you crave love and acceptance. It is the epitome of the human experience. Once you have enjoyed a fraction of what you seek, it becomes addictive and you can’t stop returning to it even if nasty things occur when you do.

Your partner entered this life with a ton of conflicting life lessons. His biggest problem is truthfulness and an awareness of, and sense of responsibility for, the effects his actions have on others. He is selfish and self-absorbed. He is not in a position to reform at this time because he does not seriously think that he needs to.

He will tell you anything he thinks you want to hear in order to get you to bend to his will. Yes, he is manipulating you. You are allowing it because he can be charming, loving, and appealingly supportive – if it suits his plans for what he desires.

You are giving him control over you. In essence you are saying that he knows more about what you deserve than you. This is one way that a soul can learn about themselves, but it is not too pleasant. The decision is yours. You can continue believing what he is saying, or you can really look at his actions and decide based on that.

It is easy to return to a known situation, but there are a lot of other potential partners out there who can be truthful and sharing of their life experience without manipulation. It is never fun having to start all over again, but you can look upon it as an adventure. You can also remain in this union and repeat the same events over and over again. You have total freedom of choice to decide.


Reincarnation Guide

Larissa from Brazil asks the Masters: I've never had a mother-daughter relationship with my mother. She always tried to control me, repeating patterns of behavior from her mother and grandmother. She never listens to my advice but always blames me for everything. I have a special sister and that keeps me stuck with her. What is my role in this situation? I seek the individual mission of my soul and I feel myself lacking in myself.
Answer: You are giving your mother the control. You have the option of deciding how you deal with her actions. Do you let her get to you the way she is trying? Or do you step back, knowing what she is attempting, and just know you don’t have to give in? Choose for yourself who you want to be. You can be independent, making your own decisions but still living with her, by ignoring her verbal abuse and sending her love energy in return. One of your lessons is self-confidence and self-love.
Susan from Brazil asks the Masters: I met him a while ago, I felt interested, but I believe that age and for him this soon is an obstacle, do not know if it would be a novel or something about religion or just fantasy, can you help me? could we get involved? Or rather, I go the other way?
Answer: Every soul has freedom of choice to create the life they desire, but that means each of you – he would also have to be willing. You have all these beliefs about right and wrong drifting around in your head from society. You have to decide which ones to accept and which to reject. The choices are all yours to make.
Andreia from Portugal asks the Masters: I am a medical doctor and I feel very tired and without energy after being with my patients. I know that I help them, but I want to feel happier with a different job. What is my mission? I feel more and more isolated from people.
Answer: In addition to being a fantastic doctor, you are energy sensitive and have never learned to block out the negative energy carried by your patients. That is why dealing with them leaves you exhausted. Once you learn to clear out their pain and infuse yourself with unconditional, loving, life energy, you will not be impacted by their negativity. You had decided to spend a lifetime helping others while understanding what powers a soul possess. Not being burdened by the energetic troubles of others will allow you to see your current work in a whole new light.
Fernanda from Brazil asks the Masters: I feel a spiritual call, but I do not know, what to do, what to follow and how. I often feel that I have a keen intuition, but I still have a lot of fear and insecurity. I feel a strong connection for years with Saint Germain.
Answer: A spiritual call means that you know there is more to your life and living than dealing with societal ego judgment. Your inner essence of the Source energy gives you a “knowing”, an intuition, of the potential abilities you contain. The fear is the sign that you have identified a lesson and need to examine it and make choices for its use. Insecurity is a lack of faith in your own powers, whose existence you must accept in order to use them. St. Germain has been a guide of yours from the beginning of this lifetime. Stop and listen to his advice.
Samuel from Brazil asks the Masters: I have taken some time to take care of my spirituality and path of ascension. I have a desire to be a contribution to people and to the earth, because I feel that my work is not connected with my purpose here, yet I do not master skills or spiritual works that lead me to follow another course. Is this an expectation of mine or do I really have some ability to develop?
Answer: You are being hindered by your expectations of “what should be”. There are no absolutes along a spiritual path. If you sit and wait for something in particular, the real reason you are here will pass you by as you fixate on something that will never be produced. Open to all that surrounds you. Feel the energy that is presented to you and go to what resonates and give that a try.
Keli from Brazil asks the Masters: Sometimes I feel lost, I do not know if I'm on the right track. I work with my uncle, but I'm not sure if that's what I want to do, I do not think I've discovered my vocation. I have a beautiful family, 2 wonderful children, the financial situation is reasonable, but I feel that something is missing. I have already participated in therapies (reiki, constellation family, sacred female) and sometimes they told me that I have a lot of sensitivity. I do not know what to do to find myself, whether I continue to work where I am or if I seek a path more directed to this spiritual side. Is there something I do not understand? I would like to get some clarity on that.
Answer: Your mission involves clarity of the situation in which you have chosen to place yourself. You have taken on the life and guidance of children, and abandoning them now would be against the reason you had them. There will be plenty of time to develop your spiritual abilities more fully while being a good parent and provider. Examine the things that you draw to yourself over the next several years – all of your answers will be there.
Rosélia from Brazil asks the Masters: Are fourth-dimensional beings interacting with us and influencing us from another planetary sphere or also lands that have discarded the physical body?
Answer: In the third dimension are the souls who have chosen to have a human experience and are totally involved in the duality. As a soul works through their lessons and shifts from ego judgment into loving evaluation, they spend a portion of their existence in the fourth dimension void of negativity even while still in a physical form. Also in the fourth dimension are souls who have left their physical bodies but cling to a sense of the negativity contained on Earth and fail to return Home. Each soul has freedom of choice and chooses which information it uses while on Earth.
Kieran from the US asks the Masters: I feel so lost in my life. I’m a 30-year-old man that has been plagued with a mental illness the past 8 years. I am recovering from two serious knee injuries and missed out on the chance of being a potential Olympian. I can’t seem to pick a career choice now and stick with it. I’m broke with a mental disorder and I’m on the brink of suicide. If you could please tell me my life’s plan, I will trust your teachings and put everything I have into your guidance.
Answer: You are an older soul who has spent many lifetimes within the duality and wanted to experience an advanced set of lessons in this life. Your plan was to evaluate each difficulty as it appeared in your life and to see how you wished to deal with it. You have freedom of choice, and your decisions affect the way you interpret each scenario and what comes next for you. You create your own reality. Is the world to your liking? Can you see the benefit in each occurrence? You are drawing to yourself the things that will allow you to work through all these tasks. The way ahead is up to you.
Eduarda from Portugal asks the Masters: JP came in to my life very suddenly and mixed all my emotions and feelings but as quickly as he came quickly he left we both know why. I am so lost why did it hit me so strong and are we able to fix this?
Answer: Each of you has freedom of choice. You became aware that there were just too many different aspects in your lives. You would each have to change drastically for a permanent romance to work. The choice belongs to each of you independently.
Stephanie from Canada asks the Masters: Would you please tell me about some of my childhood and how it could be affecting my life today? I do not remember much of it, is there any reason why? I have been told I had a walk-in experience as a child. I struggle very much today emotionally.
Answer: Your main problem is feeling a total lack of control in your life because you don’t have answers that you think are necessary to move forward. The truth of the matter is that you do not need to know what came before. You just need to decide what you are going to do with what faces you and how you want to proceed from here. This is not a time in your life in which the past is pertinent. Take each one of the fears and doubts in your existence, delve into them, and chase them away with understanding. Once you are on firm footing, you will see a different landscape in front of you.
William from Brazil asks the Masters: Because we work with ayahuasca, I feel a lot of enlightenment as if I were an Ascended Master, and soon after that the frequency always drops for the same reason.
Answer: Ayahuasca is a hallucinogenic psychedelic drug. It creates unreal images in the mind. It also removes inhibitions, which does make it easier to meditate. It does not produce a lasting awareness and fades as soon as the drug starts to leave your system. It can have damaging effects on the physical body. You have freedom of choice, but what are you accomplishing for the long term?
Rinku from India asks the Masters: I am about to start my career, I feel god has helped me to get this opportunity, can you give some suggestions to prepare before I start working.
Answer: Don’t have any specific expectations. Go with the flow of the energy as it passes by. Be ever vigilant to the opportunities that will abound. The god you speak of is the piece of Source energy that is contained inside you and defines you.


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