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June 4th, 2019.



A preview of the Masters’ Tuesdays Teachings:

Questions about the Biblical account of Jesus’ disciple Judas are posed by a woman in the USA and addressed by the Masters.
A UK man wonders what, if anything, can or will be done about Earth’s climate changes. The Masters cite many of the present problems but acknowledge that prediction is not possible.
A Brazilian correspondent is curious about karma. The Masters explain it, dispelling some common misconceptions.
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The Questions:

The story of Judas

QUESTION: Masters, with Easter fast approaching, I have a question concerning the story of Jesus. I’ve heard the Bible’s New Testament was written 40-70 years after Jesus’ death. My concern is that of the telling of Judas’ betrayal. I have a difficult time believing that Judas, the Disciples’ treasurer, could have truly betrayed someone he loved so much, but rather, was asked to do the betrayal as both the treasurer of receiving the pieces of silver, and to fulfill the prophecy of the Old Testament of a Savior’s coming, death and resurrection. I realize that Judas couldn’t live with himself after turning Jesus in to the Romans, thus the suicide, but what is the real truth of Judas? It seems like there is much more to know and understand about theentire story. ~Cathy, USA.

ANSWER: Your understanding about his time in Earth’s history comes from the collection of writings done long after the fact – not by people who observed the events, but by those who compiled the stories that were told to them. The recordation you repeat is the one that ties up all the necessary requirements for presenting the betrayal, death, and resurrection of Jesus.

All the followers of Jesus, as remembered in the later writings, were given certain tasks to have fulfilled in order to be teachers for those who came after in forming religious principles. The tales start with the last supper so that the players could be delineated. Each could then be worked into stories of dedication, martyrdom, faithfulness, awareness, and loyalty. All forms of Christianity use the Bible as their basis of faith.

While the Bible was written initially a short period after the events depicted, it was also “edited” a number of times by leaders of various religious groups, mainly those elected as Popes, to provide the doctrines they felt were “best” for the organization’s continued existence and strength.

Judas’s place in history was to be the betrayer who later understood, and could not live with, what he had done. To bring about the crucifixion, there had to be someone who would get the Romans into a position of capturing Jesus when he had previously been continually surrounded by his disciples.

Judas was asked to be this instigator and, in his dedication to Jesus, he agreed. But even though he had been asked and merely fulfilled the desires of his master, he could not live with the aftermath. Had he not played his part, the death and resurrection would have been carried out without the fanfare that made it so noted by so many people.
The Romans wanted him out of their hair, but a public ridicule was designed to weaken the hold his beliefs had upon his followers. The resurrection, into the light, was what was needed to show the connection between the physical and the nonphysical soul. None of this could happen without a betrayal, which the authorities hoped would show Jesus’ teachings as having no real credibility within the supporters. Judas did his master’s bidding.

Environmental unrest

QUESTION: Masters there is a growing unrest & anxiety in the world’s population around what humans are doing to the Earth, global warming, plastic, palm oil, etc. Is it too late to reverse the damage or are we on course for a very difficult period where there will be a lot of species becoming extinct and wars fought over basics like fresh water? ~Jon, UK.

ANSWER: With the billions of inhabitants populating the Earth, there are thousands of ideas and prejudices about using the resources that allow the humans to live. Some groups who feel they are being influenced negatively by the behavior of others are almost to the point of open warfare to enforce their own concepts for usage.

One of the greatest influences is the sheer number of souls who are occupying the planet at this time. Other contributing factors arise from fossil fuel consumption, contamination as a result of manufacturing, improper disposal of wastes, and a lack of consideration for the needs of neighbors.

Society is an ego-based, judgmental setup where decisions are determined by greed and allowing too much power into the hands of a few who are not concerned with the overall condition of the planet. What you are observing is a cyclic progression of societies, which has frequently led to their downfalls in the past.

Measures may be employed to lessen the deleterious impacts occurring, but it will take a majority of the people alive to make the changes. The changes you are discussing are not even going to be accepted as existing until one or more disasters happen.

Then it is still questionable if everyone will band together, giving up some of their hoarded niceties, for the benefit of the planet. At this time, there are too many variables to be able to say which way the world is going to move.


QUESTION: Masters could you tell me how karma is formed? Is it by thought or emotion? Or any kind of intent / judgment? Is it really possible to eliminate karma? Is there merit for something spiritual? Could you tell me about my past life and possible karma? ~H., Brazil.

ANSWER: Karma is an organized religious doctrine that blends into the reward and punishment facets of judgment. It exists only within the duality of the Earth plane when one believes and accepts that everything needs to be judged, rated, and graded. It is not a spiritual concept because there is no judgment in spirituality.

Everyone creates their own reality, so in order to be certain that karma exists, you must live by the principle that judgment is necessary. Since negativity exists only in a duality, and karma is a form of negative punishment, it can only be present in human existences.

If you want to blame a “karmic act” for something you do not like in your current life, you have to see this as a result of punishment for a former act you performed. If one concludes that the idea of karma involves holding on to negative activities, then you must also conclude that you have to want to hold on to negative energy because the choice of environment is solely yours.

Spiritual awakening is the releasing of all aspects of negativity and living in unconditionally loving energy, free from judgment. Ergo, no room for some punishment to influence your choices. You eliminate karma by not allowing negativity to intrude into your life.

You have had many past lives, and none of them has brought any type of punishment (karma) into your current life. There have been several continuing life lessons you have dragged along with you, but they are all manageable if you really look at them and determine why you chose to learn about them.


Reincarnation Guide

M from the UK asks the Masters: My Granddaughter Alice expresses a lot of anger after her parents divorced. Please, would you guide me in ways how to handle her anger outbursts and suggest better ways to help her.
Answer: She is confused, and contact with her parents individually is devastating. She has some idea that had she been a better daughter, this would not have happened. She will need help in understanding that the divorce had nothing to do with her and that both of her parents still love her in their own ways. Be there to answer her questions, but do not make any judgments about anyone’s behavior.
Zoe from the US asks the Masters: Will there ever be a mass awakening or ascension event or will ignorance and the effects of ignorance always plague earthly existence? In the meantime, how can we facilitate human wellbeing and mitigate suffering?
Answer: The planet Earth is a duality of equals parts negative and positive energy. That means that if you shift one section of the planet toward wellbeing, the other will shift into suffering. The Earth isn’t going to change, so mass awakenings and ascension events will only leave voids to be filled with a balance of negative and positive. A soul incarnates for a solo learning experience and can affect only those who are of a like mind.
Monica from Brazil asks the Masters: I would like to understand why my relationship with my mother is so complicated. If it's a past life karma, I feel so hurt.
Answer: You can feel hurt only if you allow yourself to feel hurt. That means that you believe the things that are being said to and about you. Are they true? Or are you allowing others to define you? This is all about life lessons and understanding who you are.
Braham from India asks the Masters: How can someone directly communicate with a master or tap into the fifth dimension themselves or channel a loved one who is no more? I sure everyone has so many questions to ask you and you the medium (Toni) cannot possibly answer them all. So, is there a way we can tap into your source of information directly? Or will Toni ever be willing to teach her art?
Answer: The ability to communicate between the dimensions is not a unique trait. And it is not something that everyone can do at will. Plans made before entering an incarnation determine how much contact you desired to maintain between the layers of existence. Your wishes and desires now are first controlled by the things you decided before coming, then by the progress you have made with completing your lessons, and then with the degree of wisdom you have been able to retrieve through the understanding of your essence.
Sérgio from Brazil asks the Masters: Have I done any deal with grays or reptilians? Something that interferes with my life here on Earth these days?
Answer: There is nothing you have done in the past that is actively influencing this current lifetime. You did spend a lifetime as a reptilian and rather enjoyed the diversity.
Hanne from Finland asks the Masters: Why can't I let go of my Victorian past life? It feels like a part of me is still there. I once believed I'm over it and wanted to be over with it, but I still find myself reluctant to let it go and I doubt I ever really wanted to let it go, which is hard for me to understand. Can you tell me how to proceed properly, for I don't know where to start? Why am I more attached to this past life and the negative feelings that come with it than my lives “after” that?
Answer: Once you have a desired life lesson and you have not been able to understand and learn from it in a particular life, you have the option of having it actively influence subsequent lives. It is not the time period itself that is important to you, but the lessons contained there. You are hung up on the time frame because it is easier to think that is the point rather than that an emotion is the touchstone. In that life you wished to learn to have faith in yourself and to take back your power from all those to whom you had given it. You still defer to the suggestions of others and question all your decisions when you make any. Examine your current life and you will not need the Victorian period.
Sharon from the US asks the Masters: I am currently reading the Joseph Communications books. The "Fall" was quite eye opening for me. It explained so much. I now feel my purpose for being here is to spread light to all and raise the vibration of this planet. Am I correct in this? Is the Fall a factual version of events? How can I be more effective and truly be a source of light for all affected?
Answer: The Joseph Communications are a series of doctrines comprising a belief system as outlined by “Joseph” through his channel Michael Reccia. This is a philosophical ideology just like any other religious tenet. If you examine Buddhism, Taoism, Catholicism, Islam, Fundamentalism, Judaism, or any other sacred writings that support an organized practice, you will find similarities. Take the parts that resonate with you and accept them as your own until they no longer “feel” right, then discard them and search for something new. Each soul’s journey is for themselves alone and not for what they think they need to do for others.
Cris from Portugal asks the Masters: Can you tell me please Who was in my past life the man that was my last love in This life time? I no longer love him in a romantic way but inside me he will always be there.
Answer: This romantic affair had nothing to do with any life but the present. He came into your life to help you learn about yourself, take control of your decisions, and get a taste of what human love can be.
Roberta from Portugal asks the Masters: Why I'm feeling disconnected from the spirituality like never before? Should I start to work again with the spirituality to help people?
Answer: You are trying to get your world to exist exactly as you expect. That is not spirituality at all – that is using the ego judgment of the third dimension to make your life into something that you think is what you originally desired when coming to Earth. What you desired are the things that you bring to yourself and the resolution of the fears and doubts that outline your life lessons. You cannot truly help others until you have helped yourself.
Luciana from Brazil asks the Masters: From childhood to adolescence I was very afraid of the dark, I had many episodes of nocturnal terror, I dreamed for years with snakes, I was very terrified. It seems that I was waging a battle. Thank God and my Angels and Guides I have healed myself of this prison. My question is whether I was really suffering from an attack or was it past-life memories?
Answer: You were dealing with lessons around self-confidence, self-awareness, and learning to create your own reality. You stopped listening to those that encouraged your terrors and let go of the fears. These were all circumstances you created to understand who you are and what abilities you have to change your beliefs.
Emmanuelle from the UK asks the Masters: I have been loving this man for over 6 years who I believe is my twin flame. He has been running away for a long time and I stopped chasing him. Is he going to come back and be with me soon? I believe in my soul that we are meant to be together.
Answer: This soul is not your twin flame. If he were, he would not be able to resist being with you. You have created a fantasy surrounding him, and he has no feelings for you except fear of what you are trying to make him do. He will not be willing come back to you since he wants nothing to do with you. Every soul makes their own decisions and he has never seen you in his future; your wishes will not change his mind.
Sérgio from Brazil asks the Masters: What could you say about the "Family Constellation" created by German Bert Hellinger? Would these systemic laws of belonging, order, and balance be more of a belief created here on planet Earth?
Answer: Anything that is believed to affect a human being, rather than an amorphous soul that has no lasting connection to any other eternal soul, is Earthbound. It exists only within the duality of a negative/positive environment. If a soul having a human experience accepts any set of beliefs for their own, they can work with them and create a reality using them. Each soul has freedom of choice to experience each life as they see fit.


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