Ask The Masters.

By The Celestial Voices.

Through Toni and Sonia.

May 28th, 2019.



A preview of the Masters’ Tuesdays Teachings:

A Finnish man seeking help in a relationship with a woman is counseled by the Masters to be true to himself.

As incarnated humans, we may decide we don’t want to learn the lessons we came to learn – but should we abandon them? The Masters advise a correspondent from the USA.

Is there a “correct” way for men and women to interact? The Masters enlighten a Portuguese woman who has read some misleading material.
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The Questions:

Feminine and masculine energy

QUESTION: Masters I’m in an interesting relationship where I’m learning new ways into a woman’s heart and mind by understanding and feeling emotions, my own and hers. I try to do my best and build trust, openness, and new ways of being innocent by being vulnerable, but it looks like I fail all the time and I just fade away from her, or nothing is enough what I do or how I be. Is there a block in my chakras or in my finer bodies which affect this? Is there imbalance in my feminine and masculine energies and how great? Can masters guide me how to attune better emotionally with her and with myself? What I need to work on? ~Arttu, Finland.

ANSWER: You are being instructed in someone else’s belief systems. It is true that each human being has masculine energy, which is strong, protective, and demonstrative. But they also have feminine energy, which allows them to be tender, soft, and emotional. The degree of each and how much you accept and use in your life are determined by you and the circumstances. There are no right or wrong answers.
The percentages should be determined by your feelings and not by what your partner would like you to be. If you take all your clues from another, you have given up your power to them to say who and what you are in this life. You are being a puppet to their wishes.
Why do you feel you need to be innocent? That is equated with uninformed and ignorant when it comes to human characteristics. You have worked hard to come into awareness of self, and you do not have to ignore your hard-won wisdom in order to please someone else.
When you say you have failed, you are picking up that your partner is not satisfied that you have met their expectations. Why should you duplicate their expectations? You are a different individual and an opposite sex. You are not blocked; you are just sensitive to your own strong feelings of essence, and they conflict with an entirely feminine energy.
If you still wish to continue converting yourself to a masculine-feminine, there is nothing wrong with that. Just do it because you desire to be other than you are, not because you are being told you should. It should always feel right to you, not as if failing to meet her desires is a shortcoming on your part.
You need to work on sensing your inner intuition of what is right for yourself in that body.

Wanting it my way

QUESTION: Masters is there any way I can tell my spirit guides that I don’t want to learn whatever lessons I’m apparently supposed to surrounding romantic rejection and always falling just a bit short of accomplishing my professional goals? I truly don’t care about the lessons and would like to be removed from that path even if it aims to make me wiser. I’d prefer to be foolish and happy with a great partner and professional success. Do I simply ignore spirituality in general in order to make this happen? ~Reece, USA.

ANSWER: Your spirit guides are not setting your lessons into play – you are. You decided what you wanted to do and, thus, unconsciously bring to yourself the necessary people and energies to accomplish your wishes. Of course, you do have freedom of choice, so you can change your mind.
But think, why did you come to Earth? You came for one reason only, and that was to learn who you are, what powers and abilities you possess as a piece of Source energy, and to gain understanding and wisdom that you may forever use in future incarnations.
If you stop all your lessons now, you will be going against your own wishes and, in fact, wasting the rest of this incarnation. There is nothing that says you can’t do that, but why would you? You went through all the planning to be where you are now. You set up the staging with family, location, and friends just to have the experiences that have been presented to you.
You have an idea what your chosen lessons are since you have identified fears and doubts within your life. You can send them on their way and proceed in another direction simply by completing the desired tasks. All you need to do is work to understand them and not continually repeat the same activities over and over again.
Whatever you decide is up to you – not your guides. They don’t determine anything; they are merely available to advise if you ask them a question. Anyone else you hear giving you “advice” is a negative, discarnate spirit trying to mess with your progress.
All we have talked about is the spiritual path you are on. You can, as you have suggested, disregard the fact that you are a soul having a human experience and, instead, become a negative, ego-loving person. You can deny the spiritual educational trip you are undertaking and go forth judging what you decide is good and bad for you. The choice is yours.

Understanding relationships

QUESTION: Masters I have been studying about romantic relationships, in particular feminine and masculine energy. I read that masculine energy is about action and feminine energy is about receiving and connecting to the emotions. Is it correct to say that the man should pursue the woman who should lean back and receive? Can I have more information about how this all works? What do we, as humans, still need to know and learn in order to have better and healthier relationships? ~Claudia, Portugal.

ANSWER: The human body contains both masculine and feminine energy in different amounts. These energies are affected and enhanced by the awareness the soul has of its pre-determined lessons. If a soul has planned on exploring romantic love, it will have many ways to do so. One may be by varying the percentage of masculine versus feminine energy within the human body regardless of the apparent outward appearance of the sex of that body.
What you have read are the beliefs of the authors, who report an explanation of what their studies have revealed within a certain set of individuals. That will be impacted by the environment of the subjects, their religious and societal beliefs, and familial teachings. In other words, the findings cannot be universally applied in all groups of people.
Human bodies are not always subject to characteristics generally found in a particular sexual energy. You have seen feminine men and masculine women. Yet each may be engaged in what society regards as a normal male/female relationship. And by your beliefs, who had to pursue whom?
There is more involved in creating relationships than the amount of one sexual energy versus the other. What traits does each have? Is the woman forthright and the man shy and retiring? Is the man controlling and the woman seeking to be controlled? There is no absolute playbook to the perfect relationship.
All souls just need to be themselves. How do they feel about the other person? Would they like to be approached or do the approaching? Go inside and use your intuition and feelings to decide the best way for you to establish a connection. You will find that it even varies depending on the characteristics of the other person.


Reincarnation Guide

H from Brazil asks the Masters: Recently I am having too many insights and new perceptions about me, about my interpretation of reality and more aware of thoughts and emotions. It’s been a long time with anxiety also and searching for something more. But there is something I can’t make clear: something is pushing me to Buddhism. To go to temples and initiations. But part of me doesn’t want or doesn’t "believe". Can't decide and can't stop thinking. Maybe I just want something new intellectually. Need some clarity.
Answer: You want someone or something to give you all the answers to your questions. Right now, Buddhism seems to be a point of awareness that you could access. You can get just as much information from being totally aware of things around you. Stop looking for something new until you have analyzed what you have already brought into your life and what it means and can teach you.
Angela from Australia asks the Masters: Please help me understand why I have recurring dreams of planes dropping bombs, crashing, or spreading chemical warfare?
Answer: You have experienced all these events in prior lifetimes. Your imagination is also very active when you return from visiting a situation that includes any of these things. To reduce the occurrences, set an intention before you go to sleep to block all such events and/or state what type of experience you want to live or relive.
Ka from the US asks the Masters: I am divorced and I have a 7 years old boy. I see that my son is lying a lot and being bad for me, I see him doing the same things that his father does and I do not know how to solve this. My heart hurts because I want to see my son following the path of love and truth, but I see him following examples from his father. I've talked to him, but I do not know how to proceed.
Answer: Your son is testing the world to see how it responds to the two different ways – yours and his father’s – that he sees around him. He is confused and doesn’t know which life is the one he wants. He loves both you and his father and is just parroting what he has seen. He needs time to analyze what his actions cause. Be there to talk to him about why he is acting the way he is, how he feels about his actions, and what he is seeking to accomplish. Your prior talks have always been condemning of his actions without explanation. Ask him why.
Nathalia from Brazil asks the Masters: I’m aware our only concern should be on healing ourselves as individuals and patiently wait until the shift in our own energy change the ones around us. But I still can’t accept the fact that my country is so unequal and most of our people don’t have their basic needs attended. Besides that, our president only disseminates hate. I feel very depressed most of the time because I wish we could all live in a fair world.
Answer: When you exist in a duality of equal parts negativity and positivity, there cannot be a fairness. If everyone had the exact same experiences, there is no way that anyone would be able to learn anything. Each and every soul who is sharing this time with you chose to be there in order to have this experience. For you this is a test of being able to step back and watch what is occurring without needing to judge. Judgment is the purview of the ego, which is the tool society uses to push negative energy around.
Laureana from the UK asks the Masters: I just want to ask about gay, lesbian, bisexual. I am worried about my daughter that she has a relationship with another woman who is acting like a boy. My daughter is very feminine, put make up and beautify herself most of the time. Is this related to reincarnation?
Answer: Your daughter is not carrying over anything from a past life, so it is not a reincarnation issue. She has chosen to experiment with sexual ambiguities in this lifetime. All souls have aspects of both male and female characteristics, as determined by society. She is being true to herself and the lessons she wished to learn. Give her your love and be there to discuss her feelings for what she is experiencing.
RS from the US asks the Masters: Can you guys tell me about a couple of my past lives? Did I ever live in Korea? Have I shared any past lives with the family or past relationships from this life?
Answer: The answer to all of your questions is yes. The reason you have such “inklings” about the past and others is that their energies are familiar from past sharings. To know specifics will not help you in this life. There is nothing that is carrying over from the past with any of the souls you currently know.
Lina from Lithuania asks the Masters: I have a friend whose some acts and words made me think she wanted more than simple friendship. But when asked openly, she denied it. Did I really misinterpret everything or was she just manipulating me? If so, why, since she already had my friendship?
Answer: She was not trying to manipulate you – she is an extremely friendly type person and wished to spend time with a “friend”. You added much more to her actions then she ever intended. Her energy is fantastic, and you wanted it to be only for you. Step back and analyze what was really said and done, and you will see you fantasized something that did not exist.
Erionaldo from Brazil asks the Masters: For some time I have been fighting a retroperitoneal tumor. The doctors say that they cannot operate. I have been waiting patiently for a cure. I would like a direction to follow in my family. They are evangelical and they pray that it is a devil thing and they do not believe in spirituality besides the tumor. I face religious divergence. But I try to be patient with them.
Answer: This is a life lesson for you to see clarity in the belief systems possible while in human form. It is about faith in yourself and not giving your power away to others. From a spiritual perspective, nothing is right or wrong. Understand who you are as a soul and that you do have the same powers and abilities that come from your Source energy. You cannot change your family’s opinions unless they wish to change. This is your life journey; use your freedom of choice to move through it.
Moses from the US asks the Masters: I want to understand my friend Matthew. Is he a good person? I often feel uncomfortable around him.
Answer: Matthew is going through a period of indecision. He is not sure where he wishes to reside, in negativity or positive energy. The variance you detect in him is when he is residing in negative energy. You are moving more and more away from negativity and are sensitive to that lack of love energy. Send intentional love to Matthew to help him see the difference and make an informed decision.
Rita from Portugal asks the Masters: I began to talk very early on my life and at the age of 2 I was pretty fluent. Than I had a stuttered phase by 3 which passes. Later, by 8 or 9 I started stuttered again until today, especially when I'm nervous. It hurts me very much and has a deep effect informações my life. I would like why and if it will over.
Answer: Souls create their own realities. You feel you need this because you do not feel in control of your life. Every time your self-confidence increases, you test it further and let everything slip backward. You are in a backward funnel being drawn toward what you think others see in you. Take charge and redirect your life to where you want to be. The choice is yours.
P. from Portugal asks the Masters: Why my relation with my wife is always up and down. I know that we should learn some things from her each other but sometimes it seems that we are very far apart, and I just want to end all. Sometimes she brings up in me my faults but I'm not able to change my behavior. I know that's up to me to change but I feel depressed and unable to do anything. I feel like wasting this life... I could do everything but in the end, I’m just seeing life passing by. What practical advice can you give me to help me achieve my full potential?
Answer: You know what you must do but are too lazy to step up and begin. Don’t sit there crying that life isn’t fair when you are in the driver’s seat and have all the power. You have always run away from adversity and that is what you are doing now. The choice is yours – no one else’s. You don’t have to do anything, but then nothing will change and you will go on being miserable – the choice is yours.


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