Ask The Masters.

By The Celestial Voices.

Through Toni and Sonia.

May 21th, 2019.




A preview of the Masters’ Tuesdays Teachings:

What if our promptings don’t seem in keeping with our life plan? A correspondent in the USA wrestles with this and gets some clarification from the Masters.
A Canadian correspondent is conflicted about developing channeling skills. The Masters emphasize choice, as well as innate ability as a piece of Source.
A Brazilian holistic healer wonders about mixed results with clients and family. The Masters explain.
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The Questions:


Which way is the right way?

QUESTION: Masters, I have been following the signs the universe is giving me like a treasure hunt. It seems like miracles are generally overlooked. They are taking me somewhere good I know it but the gifts they are bringing contradict where I’m going. I would love more than anything to continue this journey but is it worth giving up what I’ve worked my whole life to gain? ~Keegan, US.
ANSWER: The universe brings to a soul the things that it wished to experience. But the soul has total freedom of choice whether to accept them or not. You can change your direction during an incarnation at any time, at will.
The limiting factor in humanity is the ego mind and its adhered-to expectations. When you decide that you will accept one and only one possible direction, which is perfectly within your life plan, you disregard the assistance offered by your higher self and your guides. This is at your discretion.
On a spiritual journey, nothing is right or wrong. You may start and stop any activity and follow your intuition or your decided direction and still be learning about the journey of a soul.
You must ask yourself why you are here and what benefits you gain by the actions you take. When you depart this life, can you take with you any of the money or prestige you have worked so hard to gain? How do you “feel” about the miracles and the gifts? Do they fulfill you in a way that nothing else can? Have you learned all there is to gain from where you are now, and would you only be repeating the same lessons over and over?
You know that the choice is always yours and that you are a soul having a human experience to learn who you truly are. It is up to you to decide the method you follow. Pick and choose, go back and forth, until something just “clicks” and defines this life for you. Let your feelings, not your brain, be your map.


QUESTION: Masters, I would appreciate your enlightenment about this: Why my higher self has been insisting me to start to share my wisdom? Did I think to do something specific before incarnated or any contract to channeling the guides from source dimension? Could you please clarify this or help me to understand how can I find a way to work with this? If it’s a lesson how can I overcome this, which lesson is this? What is preventing me to do this that I feel so strong in my heart, is it a belief? Please enlighten me. ~Fes, Canada.
ANSWER: You are a creature of your beliefs. You have lived in a family and society where only things that are physical and scientifically proven had value. You have become enlightened about the fact that a human is much more than just its physical body and has a nonphysical aspect that has always existed and always will. As you have awakened to your higher self, you hear it clearly but do not believe all that it says to you.
A higher self is the nonphysical part of one’s soul that is not always in the awareness of the human consciousness. Some souls never hear it in their human form. It works in an advisory capacity once a connection is made. It has all the information your soul had before the amnesia of incarnation set in. It then works as a memory device, repeating to you what you had deemed important to remember during a particular phase of the human existence.
At the stage of your training where you reside, you had considered being a spokesperson for the spirits on the Other Side of the veil. Your higher self is giving you a wake-up call that, if you still choose to do that, it is time to begin. Having freedom of choice, you can do whatever you desire and tell your higher self to be quiet already. The only lesson involved here is the one concerning freedom to do as you wish.
Your difficulty in facilitating the messages from the Other Side is twofold. First, you don’t think you are worthy enough to carry messages from the realm of Source energy. Second, your beliefs tell you that this act is a physical impossibility for you.
Get over yourself. You would not be in this position if you were not advanced enough to have considered this a worthwhile situation before coming. To understand your ability to do this, you merely have to remember that you are a piece of Source, with all the powers and abilities that entails.
What you do is still up to you. Start with talking to your guides in meditation, asking for them to assist you in whatever direction you decide to go. Take baby steps, and only as far as you want to go.

Energy work

QUESTION: Masters. I have followed your teachings and read everything possible to help people in my holistic care. Some people make incredible changes, some not so much. Is there a way I can bring more energy from unconditional love? Am I doing this job properly? With my son I am not successful in helping him as much as helping other people. What is not clear to me? ~Eu, Brasil.
ANSWER: A healing practitioner brings the unconditionally loving energy through from Source and delivers it to their client. That is not the end of the story. The client than has to decide what to do with the energy. They can accept it wholeheartedly, they can reject it, they can accept it with restrictions, or they can ignore it. No matter what you think, the client’s intention takes precedence.
As a healer, your intention of bringing the maximum amount of energy through is all that is needed. From that point on, all you can provide is the intention that the client will use it for their highest and greatest good – which may not be to heal themselves if a life lesson of unwellness is involved.
The lesson for you is not to become vested in an outcome that you would wish for yourself. This is the client’s story. You are an excellent conveyer of energy and need not find any other way to do your job.
When it comes to your son, or for that matter any family member or close friend, it is more difficult to help them because your intention for them is perfection. You are not just an outside practitioner bringing in the healing energy but a person who knows them well enough to be a part of their life. If they are not well it affects you, and you therefore have an interest in healing them. In these circumstances, your mind is not on healing but on changing their life status and direction – which is clearly not a part of your job as a purveyor of energy.


Reincarnation Guide

Flavia from Brazil asks the Masters: I've been living with my partner for 5 years. We have a daughter. We live together but I feel he does not disconnect from his family of origin. I do not feel like the most important woman in his life, even though I have given him a daughter. I do not feel that there is more connection between us.
Answer: It is impossible to dictate to another how they should feel. He has a strong connection to his family, but it is not to spite you. It is possible to love many people at the same time, so don’t fault him for that. Your anger and jealousy is forcing him away from you. Accept the love that he has for you, return it to him, and it will grow.
Natany from Brazil asks the Masters: I'm feeling lost on my way and I would to know what's my purpose in this life... Sometimes I think that I'll never find a reason to be here, can you help me to see things more clearly?
Answer: You are looking for someone to come up to you and say: “This is what you should do.” Spiritual life does not work that way. Your purpose in life is to find out what drives you, what you can be passionate about. Stop waiting for others to direct you; start leading the way toward the energy you can feel if you open your heart.
Ana from Portugal asks the Masters: I'm very confused at this point in my life. Inside me there is peace, but my mind almost tortured me. I feel exhausted physically, wanting to end everything, but at the same time I feel a great faith and certainty that everything is on the right path and that my sonhos [dreams] will be lived, that I will fulfill my mission on earth, and that I will live all the happiness that vibrate inside of me. Help my beloved Masters, tell me if all I feel is fantasy and illusion? I love you deeply, I know that I belong to something I cannot describe, but much greater than everything Ana Cristina feels and thinks. Infinite gratitude for being with me always.
Answer: Souls are always exactly where they wish to be when they are there. They bring to themselves the things they need to experience in order to fulfill their journey. Sit back and observe what is around you. Don’t try to analyze it – just live it. Feel, don’t think.
Ena from India asks the Masters: I've a great emotional connection with my fiancé. I've never experienced compatibility of this magnitude with anyone before. How do I help myself overcome my fears which are hindering my personal emotional growth? Why is my mother so negative when it comes to my fiancé?
Answer: You are allowing yourself to experience this life as you envisioned it – don’t let anyone else interfere or tell you what you should be doing. Face the doubts and fears and ask what they represent so that you may deal with them. Your mother is jealous that you have such a fantastic connection with your beloved – something she always yearned for but never achieved.
Rudá from Brazil asks the Masters: I'm Brazilian with difficulties of penetration in social life. My premises of honor and ethics regarding friendships and labor relations are antitheses of the common where I live. Dichotomous values between individuals and mine. Even in the field of law, my area of action, justice is selective, its basis is profit and not superior human rights. What do you do to face this, embrace the truth and have a peaceful, dignified and happy life? HOW GOOD CAN BE BEING INGENUOUS?
Answer: Give yourself a break and stop thinking you can save the world or even influence the opinions of a single individual if they are not ready to change. You are attempting to get all to see the world as you have envisioned it. Who is to say that your world is what others need for their spiritual journey? Continue to be truthful to yourself, and you will draw others to you of like awareness. Just let people be themselves and find their own ways.
Susan from the US asks the Masters: As a child of 4 or 5, I lived in a house where I had nightmares most every night. It was always something trying to enter the house to kill everyone. As soon as we moved, the nightmares went away. More than 50 years later, I still vividly remember them. Can you explain what they were?
Answer: There was a discarnate within that house – a soul formerly incarnate in the body of a human who entered the house and killed all who lived there. When that human died, its soul did not go to the light but was caught in a time loop and repeated its negative energy trip every night. It is still there because no one has helped it move on.
Kieran from the UK asks the Masters: I feel so lost in my life. I’m a 30 year old man that has been plagued with a mental illness the past 8 years. I am recovering from two serious knee injuries and missed out on the chance of being a potential Olympian. I can’t seem to pick a career choice now and stick with it. I’m broke with a mental disorder and I’m in the brink of suicide. If you could please tell me my life’s plan, I will trust your teachings and put everything I have into your guidance.
Answer: Each soul creates their own reality, and yours right now is negativity and lack of hope. You will not be better until you “fix” yourself and see that you are not really broken but just allowing yourself to be so labeled. Your plan was to be able to see through the adversity and establish faith in your abilities.
PY from Brazil asks the Masters: My daughter often deals with rejection, why this? She is only 12 years old, when she was born, her father initially rejected her, today he loves her. At age 4 my mother-in-law who is not a grandmother of creation also rejected. At school I realize that she is sad when some friend does not pay attention. Why does she have to deal with this feeling so small? What can I do to make her feel good? Without oscillations of mood and feelings.
Answer: She has chosen this as a life lesson to work through giving more importance to what others think than to what she thinks. This is a lesson in self-confidence and self-awareness. She is giving too much significance to what others say and do – as are you. If you let them influence your opinions to the point of needing them to value her and not reject her, you are giving them the power to control you. Love her and teach her to love herself, and others will be drawn to the light.
Na from India asks the Masters: My brother's wife now wants to reconcile with him and come back. You think she is going to change for good now. Brother is accepting for kids happiness. What is their soul contract? He wants to know?
Answer: Your sister-in-law is tired of living a dual life; she is ready to settle down and take care of her family. Right now her intentions all face in that direction, but she may relapse later if she gets bored.
Rubi from Argentina asks the Masters: I feel that I should help Gaia and the people of my city with my services, but my work with Marketing does not allow this. Should I seek a new career? If so, what would be the best?
Answer: There is no reason that you have to switch full time to begin with. In your meditation, spread your intention out for life-force energy to heal and repair damage done to the planet. You will make connections through your work and get direction from others.
Anna from Finland asks the Masters: When I get energy flowing in my body, I usually end up with a head ache. Just as if the energy would get stuck on top of my head. Is it because my 7th chakra is closed? Is it good for me to try to open it and how to do it?
Answer: You clench your body when you start working with energy and need to figure out how to relax. Practice running the energy up and down through your body, going in and out the first and seventh chakras. You can use a pendulum to test and see if all the chakras are turning in the same direction. Dial down your intensity and just go with the flow.
Laura from Portugal asks the Masters: Living in a 3D world sometimes becomes difficult. I am now in a phase of positivity, self-acceptance but sometimes I think I may be betraying "God" by believing in reincarnation. I will be thankful if you give me tips.
Answer: You are trying to live in several different belief systems. Your religious upbringing tells you to follow everything that your religion teaches. Your awareness tells you that there is so much more than those teachings. The bottom line is an acceptance of punishment for not doing what you have been taught – as opposed to the inner awareness of your eternal soul, where there is nothing that is right or wrong. See what resonates within you, and follow your heart.


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