Ask The Masters.

By The Celestial Voices.

Through Toni and Sonia.

May 14th, 2019.




A preview of the Masters’ Tuesdays Teachings:

Guilt over family relations plagues a woman in the USA, but the Masters attempt to correct her perceptions.

Fears exacerbate a Canadian woman’s physical condition and affect her son. The Masters explain what is happening and offer advice.

Unhappiness with her life leads an Australian woman into romantic fantasies. The Masters assess her problem and suggest ways to deal with it.
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The Questions:

Exposing the lessons

QUESTION: Masters I’ve learned that my negative energy drives my experiences and have been working on shifting it and trying to grasp what it means to be a piece of Source energy by connecting with a wise guide. Feeling stuck recently doing this work, after making positive changes, I discovered GUILT, related to unwittingly hurting innocents (I even have dreams and past life memories of hurting children because of shame/ guilt/ pride.) In this life, I was given too much responsibility for siblings, and feel I abandoned them. My inability to give them what I promised but could not deliver damaged our relationships and maybe even their lives. I’m afraid I’m doing the same to my son, who is often oppositional. Failure and guilt hold me back from expanding my sense of self and pursuing studies and work I want to do, and I can’t see how to learn from them. ~Christina, USA.

ANSWER: Positive energy drives things as well. Negative energy is the one that drives society and you are very conscious of things around you, so you have focused on the negative. It is also the way lessons are learned – to choose positive over negative.

You are pinpointing several of your life lessons. They basically deal with your self-concept of responsibility, with guilt being the result of perceived failure in both how you feel about what you perceive you had agreed to do and what you were able to accomplish due to human restrictions.

First remember that all souls are where they incarnated for the experiences that particular environment is able to provide. Each soul is on their own path and is not dependent upon any other – even those sharing the same experiences. So, your siblings chose to be here to experience what they have chosen as lessons. You were placed in the situation of responsibility because you chose to work through the emotions you are now dealing with. No one would have been presented with these factors except through choice.

The guilt you are now feeling arises from a misguided belief that you had a responsibility to them, which is not correct. You created an obligation because of a need to make their life better than yours. That was not why you came; it was to see what you could do with your lot in life. You have done this type of lesson in the past and have never accepted that your life is for yourself and not others.

The way your siblings and son feel about you is a reflection of how you think about yourself. They are all looking at things from their selfish perspective, which is one of their lessons, and seeing it mirrored in you because you blame yourself for their not being able to complete their chosen lessons. Each soul has only itself to bring into awareness. When you accept yourself by understanding why you came, you will be able to move forward.

Creating reality

QUESTION: Masters – Please help – I am just so sad all the time. Instead of improving my attitudes and abilities, I feel I am regressing. I am worried about my son who, like me, seems unmotivated and generally unhealthy. I am fearful of so many things. I’ve had a terrible chronic condition for almost half my life and now I feel like I’ve been ‘beaten up by life’. I want so much to get better and to care about myself again. I want to not be so scared. Most of all, I want to feel alive and pain free. Your advice would be sincerely appreciated. ~Darlene, Canada.

ANSWER: The choice of mood you reside in is completely up to you. Living in negativity will never allow you the opportunity to see happiness. Fear is an indication of life lessons that you chose to experience but have not yet dealt with. You have started to fear that the fear is growing, and it is, because you are feeding it with negative intentions and acceptance.

Only you can care about yourself, but not while you label yourself as defective, unhealthy, and unmotivated. Who else is around to motivate you? No one unless you turn all your power over to someone and then do exactly as they say. But that leaves you a thoughtless slave who can’t learn anything.

To change your life, you must accept and believe that you can change your life. You won’t be able to do it all at once because you have too many belief systems telling you negative things about yourself. You have to look at each one, decide what you want and can do about it, and then do it. Thinking, dreaming, analyzing won’t do any good unless you take the initiative to move forward.

Start with your biggest fears. Take a look at what they really represent. Ask yourself how you think about those fears and why you think what you do. You will find the answers all have to do with a rut you sank into and don’t have the energy to climb out. Well, just put one foot in front of the other and move ahead. You must begin moving your body so that your systems will come back on line.

Your son is mimicking what he is seeing you do. Following your example, he will sink deeper than you can even imagine unless he sees you reversing your life. Work for both you and him.


QUESTION: Masters I am thinking about a man I worked with all of the time- I’m having conversations with him in my head; I have a huge crush on him although realistically I don’t know him even as a friend. I’ve had these obsessive crushes before. I’m married and I don’t act on the crushes; they feel very one sided but take up so much of my energy and thoughts. I would love some insight into freeing myself. ~Carly, Australia.

ANSWER: You are a romantic and bored out of your mind. Your family life is not providing enough diversity and excitement, so you create your own fantasy world. If it were not this man, it would be some other. Part of this stems from your feeling that you would like to have more of a say in relationships, but you do not speak up with your husband. He is unaware of your desperate unhappiness.

There is nothing wrong with what you are doing, exactly, except that you are wasting time that you could be using for some other endeavor. These fantasies are giving you a vacation from what you see as your humdrum life. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your dreams could be played out? Have you considered getting involved in the local theater group where you could reinvent yourself with each new role? How about a community center full of various activities?

You also need to examine your marriage and whether it is the right place for you to be right now. Often, after a while, people who were perfect for each other when they married are no longer compatible and just hold a place for each other. When was the last time to two of you sat down and shared dreams and desires for your future?

Evaluation time is here if you want to reestablish control over your life. The choices are yours. You can continue to dream or you can take action.


Reincarnation Guide

Tanita from Portugal asks the Masters: Why did the men I love never want to stay with me? What did the man I love feel now for me?
Answer: Your intensity is too much for the men who have come into your life. You do not share and communicate but dictate and demand. Most are glad they are away from you. Stop being so selfish in love and a situation will work out.
Nedil from Portugal asks the Masters: Since I began my current spiritual journey I have learned a lot. Even working with the violet ray and the others for my healing and not only. But there are times when I feel like I'm not making progress. Am I doing good? Is there still something blocking me or lessons not learned? The shivers I feel before and at the end of each meditation are my guides greeting me?
Answer: Your own lack of self-confidence is sabotaging you. Also, you must remember that you bring to yourself the things you desire to experience, and you are always exactly where you wish to be when you are there. The shivers are your reaction to the vibrational energy of your guides.
Amanda from Brazil asks the Masters: Why the humans are always looking for a relationship?
Answer: Because society says it is essential to growth and the continuation of humankind. It is really a personal choice for each soul and should be pursued only if it fits into the life plan of the person.
Lillith from Brazil asks the Masters: Disincarnate collective. I wondered if Pompeii would erupt. Titanic, shipwreck. concentration camps, 2 war. Twin tower, attack. Were collective disincarnated and if they were what was the meaning.
Answer: The Earth tragedies you mention have nothing to do with discarnates. They were groups of souls wanting to experience a group event on both sides of the occurrence to learn a particular lesson.
S. from the US asks the Masters: I recently met someone who I cannot stop thinking about. There are so many coincidences and synchronicities pointing me towards him. Is this a fantasy I have created in my mind, or does he feel the pull too? Is he from my soul group, or a twin flame?
Answer: He is not a twin flame nor a soul mate. His energy is very similar to yours, and it drew you to him. You then created a fantasy of his perfection. He thinks very little of you now, but you could approach him and see if you can kindle anything.
Cristhiane from Brazil asks the Masters: Why am I balding? Why are so many women bald? Is there a relationship with the new energies or is it something biological (food, hormones, genetics)?
Answer: The trait for baldness starts out as a genetic one inherited from parents. Environmental factors contribute to an increase or decrease in intensity. Moderation in all things helps stabilize your body.
Rosa from Brazil asks the Masters: The book "The Caibalion" [also “Kybalion”] talks about "SEVEN HERMÉTICAL LAWS", could you explain if these laws are universal?
Answer: Each soul having a human experience creates their own reality by the beliefs that they accept. Every organization, whether civil or religious, has its own set of doctrines that one must accept to become a member of the group. In spirituality there is no such thing as absolutes, because every soul has the freedom of choice to create their own experience. With any set of decrees, take them inside and see if they resonate with you. If they do, then hold on to them for as long as you are comfortable with them.
Lara from Portugal asks the Masters: I am a therapist and I give therapeutic tarot consultations. Some of my clients are satisfied and others are not. My question is if I cannot help because the clients are not yet ready to change their vibration or if I am not doing my job well. I try to show all other ways of thinking, thanking the blessings received and showing that they have to keep positive thinking. I need your advice.
Answer: Some people just cannot accept the truth because it is not what they want. You are doing a good job, but you need to let go of the results you deliver. Everyone wants their life to be easy and to have someone take responsibility for making the hard decisions in life – but only if it complies with their anticipated outcomes. Continue to be truthful to yourself and your craft and let the client decide how they wish to receive the message.
Marisa from Brazil asks the Masters: I have already asked about the not good relationship I have with my sister. As I didn't find any answer, I would like you know if it is possible to tell me what I have to do to make our relationship better. I feel my sister wants to be apart.
Answer: You can do anything you want to try and connect with her, but if she is not willing to cooperate, it will be for naught. She is intimidated by you and wants to go her own way right now. Let her. You can never force a person to do something they do not want to do.
Jan from Serbia asks the Masters: I believe I am reincarnation of someone very close to Jesus, is it possible for someone to help me find out the truth?
Answer: You have had many prior lives, and yes, you were incarnate during the teaching years of the soul known as Jesus. You can go back to those memories under hypnosis or in deep meditation.
H. from Brazil asks the Masters: There are many questions, but what do I need to know?
Answer: All you need to know is that you are a soul having a human experience and that you previously chose situations to explore while here. Those lessons come to you in the form of fears and doubts to explore and understand.
Mateus from Brazil asks the Masters: I have many dreams where I have contact with stellar beings and from feel that I am forgetting something and a homesickness, is this indicative that I can have another origin?
Answer: All souls have a single point of origin – they are broken off from the energy of Source. Once individualized from Source, a soul may choose to have any of a number of possible experiences on any of a series of different locations. Your dreams are letting you know of some past adventures.


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