Ask The Masters.

By The Celestial Voices.

Through Toni and Sonia.

May 7th, 2019.




A preview of the Masters’ Tuesdays Teachings:

A woman in the USA asks about definitions of terms dealing with the soul. The Masters clarify.
A Brazilian woman’s question about life on other planets yields a fascinating, multi-faceted response from the Masters.
An Argentinian correspondent feels alien and unable to achieve self-knowledge. The Masters offer counsel.
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The Questions:


What is the Higher Self?

QUESTION: Masters what is Higher Self? Which dimension is it on? Is it possible for 3D human to embody it? What is the difference and relationship of Higher Self and Oversoul? How does communication and advice from your Higher Self differ from Spirit Guides? ~Irina, USA.
ANSWER: There are many human definitions for the term “higher self.” To us, it signifies the awakened portion of your soul that is not continuously within the consciousness of your soul’s human experience. “Oversoul” has been characterized as the totality of the soul in whatever state, in whatever dimension, however accessed by the consciousness of the human or the awareness of the nonphysical.
In point of fact, both terms mean that part of Source which was broken off and individualized.
As you can see from the definitions, the higher self is rarely, if ever, present in the physical third dimension. Since the oversoul is everything, a portion of it is wherever a piece of your soul exists in any dimension, physical or nonphysical.
When you are consciously accessing information from your soul, in whatever form, you are consulting yourself in another state of being. It is as though you have taken copious notes about a particular incident and are reviewing those long-forgotten facts. You are the one who created or gathered the information in the first place. You have the ability to replay some events and to see what the results of your decisions were then and if they are applicable in this situation.
Spirit guides are different souls who have never been a part of you. They are like friends, instructors, and helpmates who are there to offer assistance. They will never tell you what to do because that would interfere with your freedom of choice, but they will help you see the choices you have.

Life on planets with no duality

QUESTION: Masters, I have difficulty understanding what is the life like on other planets if Earth is the only place where polarity exists. What other types of experiences are available in places with no polarity? Is there a planet where only “negativity” exists, or only “positivity”? This matter really confuses me, but I think it’s fascinating. ~Lidia, Brazil.
ANSWER: The first thing that will help you understand is that the human body is unique to planet Earth. It was constructed to assist the soul with the lessons possible for a machine that exists in a duality and is affected by chemical hormones, emotional distress, and involuntary physical responses to stimuli. These all provide for the choice of going with what is of a negative nature or what is positive, which is the definition of learning life lessons.
On some other environs, the soul never takes a solid form but participates in some activity that is done with thought projection or energetic coupling. Theosophical and philosophical discussions and debates cover many more topics than any human has ever become aware, and there are locations dedicated to each topic. There is no such thing as a life span on many worlds – no need for birth, youth, adulthood, and death. Just come in wherever you want with the knowledge you already possess, and take it where you want.
There are water worlds where the inhabitants resemble Earth’s fish and souls study family units and various ways of teaching and evolving. Crystalline planets have many types. Some souls wish to see how artistically they can create with a crystalline structure. Some play with resonances through many different forms of rock. It is said to be amusing to blend together different types of crystals to construct new hybrids that react differently to the same stimuli.
There are observation points where souls not quite ready to incarnate can watch and see if there is some lesson they desire to experience. It is also possible for them to isolate a series of humans and compare their reactions to the same circumstances.
Communication is an immensely popular study: trying to develop methods of thought conveyance with sounds, energy, colors, constructions, and many other possible tools. It has schools in a physical world, a crystalline world, a water world, a wholly energetic world, and an alternate-reality world.
We have covered only a small number of the combinations that interest souls, but we hope it has given you a way to step out of your “Earth” thinking and imagine the variables possible.

Confused with status

QUESTION: Masters, I need to know why I feel so different from everyone in this world. I understand from a deep level about this world’s origin and the purpose we are here, but as far as getting to know my real self, my soul, I feel like I have a block. It’s like I’m not supposed to have memories from past lives, or psychic abilities, or even transcendent experiences. Yet I have an urge to know, to experience, which I don’t know where it’s coming from. I want to know who I really am, and no psychic or channel has been able to see through me. I have transcended suffering and frustration, I understand to a deep, intuitive level, yet the experiences I want to have are simply not occurring. I feel like I’m not supposed to be here, not because I hate earth, but because I feel like I don’t belong. ~Sil, Argentina.
ANSWER: First off, how do you know you feel so different from everyone else in the world? How many other bodies have you inhabited? If you are relying on what you have heard others say, how do you know they have the same frame of reference you possess? No soul comes into a human body knowing who they are, having memories of past lives, with the ability to use any psychic powers they may have previously developed, or the knowledge of why they chose that life. Those are all blocked by amnesia.
Your urge to know and experience comes from inside and your desire to open all the locked doors, but this can only happen if you work at it without looking for an easy way out. Just wanting something to happen will not make it happen without your doing the work to create the opportunity.
You need to examine your feelings about your current state, like not belonging here and being continually blocked from reaching understanding. These are attached to life lessons of not being good enough, not having faith in yourself, and taking back your power to make decisions, which you have ceded to others.
Examine your status as a piece of Source energy. Understand the powers and abilities you possess with which you can bring to yourself the things you want to experience. Know that you can create what you need if you have the faith in yourself that it is available to you. Stop making excuses, as you have here, and get to work. The sooner you do, the faster you will reverse your results.



Reincarnation Guide

Rosana from Brazil asks the Masters: It's a pleasure to be able to ask here, I want you to answer something that leaves me with a lot of doubts, I love a boy and I think he's my soul mate, but I'm married, he feels for me too, we want to have Something together .. help me.
Answer: First, he is not your soul mate. A soul having a human experience may have decided to explore various aspects of love. There is not just a single direction for each person but rather the ability to go out and investigate similar situations to compare what you had chosen first from the other possibilities in your lifetime. Your life develops through the exercise of freedom of choice. In the spiritual sense nothing is right or wrong – it is just using your choices to learn.

William from Brazil asks the Masters: Love connects us to everything, Everything begins to stay alive and happens several events in synchronicity, each thought can become a perfect story that knocks us down, I came to this experience after death of what I believed. Can everyone live in this truth, or do we have to reincarnate a thousand times and go through various misconceptions in order to maintain this awareness of love?
Answer: Every time that a soul incarnates, it comes down with an amnesia of what it has learned in previous times. Depending on the chosen lessons in their current lifetime, the speed with which they reach your awareness will vary. All are able to get there, but they also have to work to understand the concepts. Every life is different, so there is no set time required.

Julia from Finland asks the Masters: What you can tell about my relationship with my step grandson? I know he is a very old soul and so I am. He is a very clever and nice person. He doesn't care about me. Why? Do we have a kind of soul’s agreement together?
Answer: You did not make any agreements or contracts together. He is very over-whelmed with his lessons at this time and is concentrating on understanding them rather than spending time with someone who cannot assist him with them. Send him unconditional love energy that he might complete his work and then have time to spend with you.

Shania from the US asks the Masters: I have a memory box. Three things are missing from the box. I am seeking further clarification as to what happened to these things. Did my boyfriend go into my box and take them out? If so, why? Is it possible for me to get them back? If not him, who took them and why?
Answer: It was your boyfriend. He was jealous of the emotions you had attached to the objects and wanted to see if he could feel anything. He is now afraid for you to find out he took them and will deny if you ask him. He put them in a special place for him, but they are not really safe in that location.
Andrea from Brazil asks the Masters: I sent two questions to you, one in September and another on December 19, 2018. Neither was answered. Why that?
Answer: We choose to answer questions that may be of a teaching nature for all who read this column. We have never promised to answer all that are sent to us. Many also are discarded because they ask multiple questions in one or exceed the number of words stated for submission.
Teixeira from Portugal asks the Masters: What is the message of my higher self?
Answer: Work on the lessons you chose before coming, which are outlined in your fears and doubts. Connect with who you are as a piece of Source energy and use that to create a passion for this life.
Thaís from Brazil asks the Masters: Since 2016 I have been through Financial issues and scarcity. Recently I’m feeling blessed for ALL the Help I got but I Just can’t seem to get out of It. I’ve received spiritual consciousness and even though I’m Grateful I wish to fulfill my professional realization. What AM I doing wrong that is keeping me away from this manifestation?
Answer: You have created such specific expectations of what you desire that you are even unaware of what you have received since it doesn’t match your dreams. Re-examine what you need in life. See what is left over after your basic needs are met. Next, explore your wants in life that fit in with where you are at present. Your problem has been that you skip right to all your desires and are not even sure if you really need them. Not getting all your desires fulfilled has made you think you are not manifesting what you need.
Maria from Portugal asks the Masters: Can you explain my purpose in this life? I cannot fit in anywhere and I do not understand what I should do. Why do not all projects work? Where am I to fail?
Answer: Your purpose, as is that of all souls having a human experience, is to recognize who you are as a soul and to use those powers and abilities to learn the lessons you chose for yourself in this lifetime. Lessons appear as fears and doubts in everyday life. You have run away from them instead of exploring and dealing with them. You get single-minded in your approach to things, and they fail because you miss alternative solutions that would save them. Open to all that surrounds you – not just what you decide to “see”. You are missing possibilities.
Mar from Brazil asks the Masters: I keep dreaming vivid dreams with a man I had a relationship in my twenties. I am now in my forties and unmarried and these dreams are becoming more frequent and vivid. I am not obsessed by him and we don't have any contact. I want to understand why this is happening.
Answer: You are lonely. You wish to have a relationship and the most pleasant you can remember was with this person, so it keeps popping up as an example of what you want and what you can have. He is just an actor in your dreams, representing all the possibilities. You can use this as a template to manifest a partner through intention.
Felipe from Brazil asks the Masters: A couple months ago I met a person that instantaneously caught my attention. We’ve developed some sort of relationship, but last week we talked about our feelings and he said he’s too afraid and overwhelmed to enter on something really serious right now (he found out recently that he has HIV, he broke). We kind of broke up, but I know he likes me as much as I like him. We’ve got some deep spiritual connection going on and I don’t want to lose it. He’s so scared, though. Should I go talk to him and see if we can make it work somehow, or should I let him go?
Answer: Every soul has freedom of choice. That means that you decide what you can benefit the most from during any lifetime. You are studying taking responsibility for your decisions and discernment over what it is you can learn the most from. Evaluate all the aspects of a continued relationship. He is in bad shape mentally at present and must decide to change before any relationship will develop. Take that into consideration in your decision. Just liking someone will not usually encourage them to leave a deep depression.
Megan from Brazil asks the Masters: My girlfriend suffers from Bipolarity, has had psychiatric treatment for a long time and takes remedies for it. It has phases of improvement, but never looks good, effectively. She often thinks about killing herself. Seek escape on cigarette and beer as well. Could you tell me the origin of this problem, if it is this life or others and why? For it seems that she will never heal herself of it.
Answer: The things you have described are all lessons your girlfriend chose to deal with in this life. She is not doing very well because she chooses mostly to run away from her problems or to hide them under the effects of nicotine and alcohol. These substances are conflicting with the medicines prescribed for her, which only makes her condition worse. She is not of a mind to change. She does not understand a spiritual journey, so she just fights the human afflictions.


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