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By The Celestial Voices.

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April 30th, 2019.




A preview of the Masters’ Tuesdays Teachings:

The question of whether to be an omnivore or a vegetarian has long bothered a UK woman. As is the case with so many human dilemmas, the Masters stress that this issue, too, is a matter of choice.
A negative entity is plaguing a correspondent in the USA who has been struggling with illness. The Masters’ practical advice for dealing with the entity will also help the patient’s attitude toward the physical condition.
A Canadian woman wonders whether a dream similar to one her mother had long ago was rooted in imagination or a past life. The Masters offer an intriguing bit of personal information along with some wise general principles.
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The Questions:


Vegan and vegetarian

QUESTION: Masters, this question has been on my mind most of my human life. I was making soup and needed to cut some meat and it was so hard for me to do! I understand the spark or Soul left the body, but they do choose where they end up? And do they also choose who will eat them for their evolution? There are more than ever People who become Vegetarian and Vegan! What are their reasons Masters? Because plants and vegetables have senses. Is it better to eat more greens and does it at long term makes us more intelligent or more sensitive? ~Sylvia, England.
ANSWER: Only one to two percent of animals contain a soul. Most are merely animated by a spark of Source energy. This is the same life force that sustains other forms of living things such as plants, flowers, and the grains of life, which provide for those who forgo the nutrition provided by the living species that have faces.
Some forms of eating choices are dictated by people’s religious belief systems, and others by the types of sustenance accessible in the area. Today, in more developed regions, the choice of food is completely up to the whim of the eater.
All things are composed of energy; everything is energy. The energy vibration is determined by the experiences of the substance. If the object has been subjected to stress, that energy is carried within. If a plant is yanked crudely from the ground, it will react to the fury. If an animal is treated harshly, its vibration is jagged and piercing. If an animal is dispatched with music and care, it is “happy” and its energy smooth.
Nutritional substances do not pre-determine how they will be treated or by whom they will be consumed. Each soul has freedom of choice and bases those choices on the information it possesses and the reality it desires.
Many things impact the current world, and your food supply is tied up in the middle of daily life. Decisions concerning lifestyle come from what you have been taught, what groups you follow, and how various things make your body feel. Nothing is right or wrong. Nothing is absolutely the best or the worst. It is for each to determine what suits the path you follow.
The various choices available each provide their own nutritional values with consumption. Some physical bodies require certain types of nutrition, while others may react negatively to the same substances. Trial and error will allow you to find the proper fit. Remember, the mind is very strong, so intense beliefs will appear to demand certain directions. The choice is always the soul’s.

Physical health and vulnerability

QUESTION: Masters, I have noticed that when I wake from a mildly bad dream, I can see a little being outlined in bright light taunting me. Am I correct that it is a low vibration entity trying to influence me to become scared and experience a nightmare? I then will do a clearing to reiterate that I am in a safe place and negative entities are not allowed and must leave. I’ve noticed that it’s happening more. I have been sick with a pain condition and then pneumonia. Is it possible that I’m in a lower vibration because of that which makes it easier for negative entities to try to influence me? Is there anything else I can try, especially when I’m struggling a bit physically? ~Aj, USA.
ANSWER: The entity you observe is attempting to get you to embrace negativity in whatever form to which it can entice you. Doubts, fears, concerns – anything against your normal, loving self will do. You are complicit because you have already determined that the experience you were going through was “bad” or negative. Nothing has a color or feeling until you have assigned one to it. An action has a place within the duality once you decide how you feel about it.
In this scenario, if you take the role of observer only, you don’t choose negative or positive sensations for the event. In order to do this, you must be fully aware of your powers of choice, and that is difficult when the physical body’s input of pain and discomfort is distracting you.
You know that you are in control and how to select those energies which come into contact with you. Start with your protections before you go to sleep, and you will not have to chase off unwanted entities after you awake. Ask your guides to be of assistance and increase your energy output, which is diminished by your physical condition. Work on restoring your normal flow of energy by re-balancing your body to health.
Don’t label experiences as good or bad; just see them as opportunities for more information concerning the human experience of your soul.

Nonphysical reality

QUESTION: Masters, would you kindly let us know how we can increase our perception and be able to separate what are the dreams from past lives memories, brain creativity and souls’ activities during sleep? I am asking as I had a really weird dream where I saw hundreds of beings that looked like warriors arriving in our planet in huge spaceships…. The sky looked like a color that I never had seen before. My mom also had a similar dream many years ago where she was in a top of hill and saw a spaceship arriving in a place that looked like a small village…the commander was a female figure that had given orders to take with them all people in that place including the deceased ones. My mother was ill for days after that dream. Any explanation would be greatly appreciated. ~Rachel, Canada
ANSWER: First, let’s deal with your shared “dream”. You and your mother have spent lifetimes together, and one included life on a foreign planet. This was not a duality planet, since Earth is the only one. The inhabitants were experimenting with terraforming, using different species they encountered.
The impact an event has upon a physical body is determined by the intention of the human mind. When your mother re-lived/dreamed of this former happening, she conceived it to be negative and threatening based on her current human life standards. This forced her body into a stress panic, which caused her illness. She was unable to separate the current from the past.
The human psyche is extremely strong, and what it believes, it creates. If it is raining outside and you are convinced that if the water touches your skin you will be burned, that is in fact what will happen. The person takes their experiences, all the things they have read and imagined, and creates a reality. If that same person believes it is all a movie created by another and not impactful to them, that is what will occur.
Because the soul has the power and ability to develop any reality they wish to experience, or feel they need to experience, they bring these things into their current awareness. It doesn’t really make any difference if they have spent physical time living the events or if it is an energetic replay of some desired knowledge.
You bring to yourself that which you desire to experience. The origin of the factors is immaterial. Having a physical awareness of what the soul has actually done, created, or merely observed being done by others is not important. The only vital thing is the wisdom gained from awareness of the experience.


Reincarnation Guide

David from the UK asks the Masters: You have said before that I have completed my life lessons, I still have a few questions though. I have been with my partner for 30 years and we get on very well. Interestingly we both have toilet issues, her with a sensitive bladder and me with a shy bladder so we can commiserate and help each other as it makes holidays and travelling prohibitive without careful planning. She also has a difficult mother who currently lives with us and I feel that relationship is a lesson my partner has chosen to complete. We are not soul mates but must be from the same soul group, is it true we have been together in past lives, and did we have a life during the first world war and die in a car crash?
Answer: Your partner is dealing with relationship lessons, and her mother is her biggest teacher. Anyone from the same soul group is called a soul mate. The one you are closest to, having been individualized at the same time, is your twin flame. Your partner is from your soul group and you have shared lives previously. During the first world war you were both male and best buddies. You joined the service together and were attached to the medical corps. Your ambulance was attacked and fell down a cliff, killing you and the patients inside. You also were sisters together in France in the late 1700s and became involved in the arts.

Gabriela from Brazil asks the Masters: How smoking marijuana affect my spirituality? Can it attract bad energy and spirits? Sometimes I feel guilty but at the same time, I feel that I have improved as a person after I acquired this habit?
Answer: Marijuana is a hallucinogenic substance that reduces inhibitions, opens the mind to thoughts outside the normal, affects memory, and may increase the possibility of mental illnesses. On a spiritual level nothing is right or wrong. Under the influence of this substance you may allow, or even invite, negative entities to enter your body because it seems like a good idea at the time. Since it opens new mental pathways, you may be able to connect to the nonphysical spirits around you, but be careful because there are both positive and negative vying for attention. If you are going deep, ask your guides to watch over and protect you while you are “stoned”.

Carmen from Portugal asks the Masters: How can I release me from depression? My soul is so tired living here.
Answer: Depression means that you have no impression, or idea, of who you really are. Decide who you are and what you want to accomplish during this lifetime, and this will form an impression of identity within you. Sitting in misery is the easy out, but it is a choice if that is what you want.

Paula from Portugal asks the Masters: I would like to know what is keeping me from having a love relationship - what I have to change in my behavior? Or I am better alone?
Answer: Your own expectations of what is the perfect match for you prevent you from meeting a fantasy man. Also, you are not so sure you want, or need, to share your life with another. Many souls do not need anyone but themselves to have a very happy and productive life. The choice is yours. If you do decide on seeking a mate, then be yourself. Never do or say anything just because you think they want to hear it, because it is not you, and when the real you comes out, they will leave.
DR from India asks the Masters: I have a question for my spouse. She is very loving and understands feelings of others very well. Many a times, she feels lack of love from family members and lonely and we don't know what to do. How do I help her and myself?
Answer: She feels lonely because she has expectations of what she thinks others should be doing. You cannot force another to do something unless they truly wish to do it. She also does not love herself. Love is the acceptance that what you have chosen in your life are the things you wished to understand. Tell her to congratulate herself for all the things she has accomplished and stop worrying about what others think or do. Love of self, the soul inside, should prevent her from ever becoming lonely or sad.
Isabela from Brazil asks the Masters: Why do I feel so sleepy all the time? Has any spirit stolen my energy? I don't feel like doing anything, not even have sex.
Answer: You have not had your energy stolen. You are not eating enough vitamins and minerals for your body’s energy needs. You also have allowed yourself to become depressed since you do not think things are going the way you want them to. Take one project at a time that you want to complete and then do it. Think of the happiest time in your life and spend some time there each day to refresh yourself.


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