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April 16th, 2019.





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Adriana from Brazil asks Masters: I would like to know if possible if the resistance my 15 years old daughter always had with me comes from other lives situations.
Answer: Your daughter is a typical teenager, rebellious and trying to find her way in life. It doesn’t come from any particular past event. You need to stop and listen to what she is saying, though. You are trying to manipulate her responses to things, and that is part of her life’s mission. Put all your anger aside and try understanding

Yah from Brazil asks the Masters: I’ve always had a huge fear that my ex-husband would cheat on me or leave me for someone else. Where this fear comes from? How can I release it? It this from past lives with him or it comes only from me?
Answer: This comes from your own insecurities and the belief that you are nothing and everyone is out to get you. You created these ideas to excuse your lack of faith in anyone. When you spend so much time thinking about something, you bring it into existence because the universe is convinced you wish to experience what you invest so much time in. You can change your behavior by finding out why you think the way you do. Why don’t you love yourself? Why don’t you trust anyone? Why don’t you have any confidence in your choices? Ask these questions and stay quiet to listen to the answers.
Lauren from the UK asks the Masters: What is the dark matter in our universe and why is it there?
Answer: There are two definitions of dark matter: one is negative physical space as discussed in astrophysics and astronomy, and the other is negative energy as opposed to the positive, loving energy of Source. Everything that exists is energy and energy is everything. It is amorphous in nature, including the energy that assumes human form. Things seen by a human are the result of one or more souls in those human bodies creating an illusion for some purpose. In human form, you cannot see what you cannot imagine existing.

Ana from Portugal asks the Masters: Thank you for your love, Jorge committed suicide, I heard that whoever practices this act is waiting 20 years. May I know if his energy is in the light of unconditional love, is he my twin flame?
Answer: He is not your twin flame, but you have shared several lifetimes with his soul. He is currently not fully comfortable back at Home but will be soon. A soul will reincarnate when it has chosen a series of lessons it wishes to explore. The amount of time in Earth years varies and is not set for any condition.


Sérgio from Brazil asks the Masters: Here in Brazil there is a teacher named Hélio Couto. He has a work called "Harmonic Resonance". It works like this, it sends a CD, with the sound of "waves of the sea", and in that CD has the frequency of the archetype that the person asked to put, can be several requests at a single time. Just play on the CD and the frequency goes into phase with the person who ordered. I questioned by e-mail, if "under the sound" of sea waves, if there was neuro linguistic programming, because deep down inside I heard his voice speaking. He seemed rather irritated in his reply, basically saying that I still had not understood his work. In the videos he says that this "Harmonic Resonance" is an extraterrestrial technology and cannot be proven on Earth yet. Can you say something about it?
Answer: This man is a manipulative opportunist. Everything he does is to build up his ego and make him money. There are suggestions in his CDs for the person to purchase more of his materials and become avid believers in his doctrines. This is not an extraterrestrial technology but the use of programming that is common in a number of belief systems. If you are aware of this and are satisfied that it is doing for you what you want, then stick with it. You have freedom of choice, and now that you are warned of the possible negativities, you can evaluate for yourself.


Alana from Brazil asks the Masters: What do I need to know in this moment of my life?
Answer: You are a soul having a human experience, and everything that happens to you is what you chose to experience. The answer to all your questions is contained in the fears and doubts that present themselves to you. Examine them and see why you chose them.


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