Ask The Masters.

By The Celestial Voices.

Through Toni and Sonia.

Fabruary 5th, 2019.




A preview of the Masters’ Tuesday Teachings for 05 February 2019
A woman in the USA asks why negative attachments are allowed to “interfere” with people’s lives. The Masters clarify the purpose of such entities.
A British man asks about dimensions and frequencies. These concepts are endlessly fascinating and difficult to understand, but the Masters’ answer might help.
A Brazilian woman seeks confirmation that her therapeutic efforts are indeed assisted by light beings. The Masters reassure her and explain some principles of spiritual healing.

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The Questions:


Attachments and your guides

QUESTION: Masters I do past life regressions and often discover attachments and even demons in my clients’ energy field, and I work with Guides and Angels to release them. I wonder why the client’s own Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels do not prevent these attachments in the first place? Don’t they interfere with the clients’ life plans which Guides are supposed to help them fulfil? Is there any benefit in experiencing an entity attachment? ~Irina, USA.
ANSWER: Attachments and demons are negative energy. All life lessons contain negative energy, so any contact with these beings provides lessons for the human. It is not the place of a spirit guide to interfere with the soul’s exposure to negativity. They may only assist in removing it when they are asked to do so by the soul. They make no independent plans for the person and do nothing without being requested.
In most cases the negative interplay is all part of the soul’s desire to learn while in a human body. When a client comes to you, they know they have something that needs to be addressed so they submit to the process. If they agree with the result, they can move on. If they don’t understand what has happened, they will unwittingly invite the negativity to return and continue to affect them.
The demons lurking in the past energy of another life are included in the client’s current life to reproduce what they dealt with in the past life but were unable to accept, understand, and learn from. If they now accept that they are not responsible for it and do not wish to retain it, they can go forward without keeping the demon. An example might be understanding that they do not have to feel guilty for surviving an accident when others did not.
Attachments are frequently a negative aspect the person has expressed an interest in and dabbled with exploring. The negativity sticks around until it is released by the soul or, as in your practice, with the assistance of guides and angels. If the fascination for that negativity has been satisfied, it will never be seen again. But the soul does have the ability to call it back for more experience.

Different version of Earth?

QUESTION: Masters are there different dimensional versions of earth existing on higher and lower frequencies? AKA 3rd 4th 5th and so on? ~David, Britain.
ANSWER: Everything is energy and energy is everything, and each soul creates their own illusion of reality. There are also no absolutes that are shared by all; everything is as you accept with your human belief systems. Frequencies exist within the human dimension to differentiate various depths of awareness.
Remember, Earth is a physical thing that is not subjected to the solely energetic qualities of the nonphysical. We are speaking only of what is perceived by the human body and its various means of interacting with its bodily sensors, taste, feeling, smell, cognitive awareness – but all through the physical body – not just what is possible to create through manipulation.
One of the “dimensions” available to the soul while it is having a human experience is the ability to shift between the memories of the various past times it has inhabited the Earth. If one’s awareness is on an existence in 2019 and then shifts to another existence in 1875, and further to a time remembered from 2121, it appears that there are different versions of Earth, but in reality, they are observations of the same planet from the perspective of different linear progression points it has gone through.
In our teachings we refer to different dimensions such as 3rd, 4th, and 5thbut we use those terms merely to speak of the soul’s status points. Third is a completely physical energetic environment composed of negative and positive energy (the duality); fourth is where the soul can vacillate between physical and nonphysical settings and negative and wholly positive surroundings; and fifth is a nonphysical location of totally unconditionally loving positive energy.

Healing techniques

QUESTION: Masters I work with shiatsu, flower therapy and others. Before each service I always ask for the help of the beings of light who can help those who are looking for me. It is very complex to deal with the energies of a Being since each of us brings the energies of many times that they resonate in health. Can they be helped, coming out lighter from the dense energies? I have made many Bach flowers following my intuition. Am I right in the way of doing them? Do they act in the pranic body working in the energies in resonance with the benefit of the flower on the emotional imbalance of Being? ~Rosa, Brazil.
ANSWER: There is a plethora of healing spirits who assist those practitioners on Earth who are working with human bodies. Some specialize in a particular practice such as flower essences, and others concentrate on helping to direct healing energies to the needed spots within the human client.
The perception of density within a client is your sense of the negativity they are holding in their physical body and surroundings. Negativity may always by replaced by positive energy, which feels very light and airy since it is filled with the intention of balance and love.
Healing takes two people to be accomplished. It requires the intention of the healing practitioner, alone and/or with the assistance of guides, to channel through the universal life-force energy. But possibly more important is the intention of the one seeking healing. If your client does not believe in what you are doing, or if they have a victim mentality where they enjoy being of ill health, they will almost immediately return to their initial status.
As you have deduced, you have intuitive healing capabilities. These are assisted by the healing guides when you request assistance. Clear your mind of your preconceived notions and let the information of the needed ingredients flow through you.
Spiritual healing works on all aspects of the soul having a human experience. Their energetic body, physical body, esoteric body, and emotional body are all impacted. Whatever has a need is what is affected. Energy always goes where it is needed and can do no harm. Essences, used in moderation, are the same. The only potential for a reaction comes from a body overly sensitive to natural substances.



Reincarnation Guide


Selenia from Brazil asks the Masters: Every time I go to the house of my husband’s parents I feel such a strong negative energy that I want to run away immediately. Can you please tell me where the negativity in this house arises from? Are there negative attachments to his mother and grandmother? I sense that both of them have an extreme negative vibe and it is horrible to be in their presence. His mother, particularly, acts towards me in a passive aggressive way, is she being manipulated by negative attachments?
Answer: Both your husband’s mother and grandmother cling to anything negative with which they come into contact. There are negative beings present in the house, discarnates who find it very comfortable since they are welcomed by the women. Occasionally some of these negative spirits attach to the pair but they are not always there. They try to generate negativity by causing discord and unhappiness to abound. Prepare before entering the house by surrounding yourself in white light. Invite your guides to accompany you and keep the negative spirits away from you. Send the women unconditional love that they might recognize that positive love energy is so much more fulfilling.
K. from Brazil asks the Masters: I have seen for years in the air something like "frequencies", "vibration" or "static" and, since this new year has started, I am seeing it more intensely. What would this be and how can I manage it? As well I would like to know how to improve my perception of aura I already have.
Answer: You are able to see energy because you believe that it exists. You are seeing spirits, communications, and the energy radiating from physical and nonphysical bodies. Auras are visible if you watch for them and realize they are in a slightly different frequency, so squint your eyes until you find the right wave length.

Helena from Finland asks the Masters: My family do not share my interests about spirituality. My husband has said that I try to get him religious. My husband is a very kind person, but he doesn’t understand my opinions. He doesn’t want to hear anything. I'm not happy. What am I to do? Try to find a new friend?
Answer: Every soul has freedom of choice. Yours has directed you to spirituality, and your husband’s has steered him to societal norms. He will not change his opinion because he does not identify with spiritual principles. You have two choices since he cannot be badgered into coming to your side. You can stay with him and ignore his opinions while living by your own, or you can decide that this is not working out and find another. The choice is yours.

Gab from the US asks the Masters: I know our souls are very close but in this lifetime L (in her human form) is not able to respect or love me. This has caused me to develop so much self-hate. Why did I choose this awful lesson? Why am I the only one being screwed while things are great for her? I needed her love in this lifetime, not this.
Answer: Stop thinking that all things need to be the way you envision them and that others have no say in this. Every soul decides what they choose to experience. One of your lessons this lifetime is rejection. L’s soul is from your soul group, but that does not mean that she wished to have anything to do with you in this life. You create your reality, so if you are being screwed it is by your own making. Change direction, walk away from your preconceived notions, and make a life from which you can learn to love yourself and others.

Elisabete from Portugal asks the Masters: Is it possible to find a compatible boyfriend? How can I transmute and release all the bad energy I have in my heart chakra in order to start a new cycle of my life? I would love to communicate with Master Mary Magdalene and ask why this is not happening?
Answer: You are sabotaging yourself because you have such specific expectations concerning the way things should behave and what you need to do to get things to go your way. You must let go of your need to be in control of things. Relax and go with the flow of the unconditional love of the universe. Communication and sharing are the keys to dealing with all things in life. Ask, don’t demand; no one likes to be ordered about.

Pedro from Portugal asks the Masters: What knowledge/gift/ability I can share to the world?
Answer: You have many, but you have to perfect them as part of your life in this lifetime. Start, in meditation, by asking your higher self what traits you have that can be shared with others. Then practice using them for your own purposes first, and later teach others how to use their abilities.
Nsamira from Brazil asks the Masters: A year ago I ended a relationship, the ending took abrupt form, by energetic involvement of other people. Since then I have lived my life, searched for more self-knowledge and spirituality and a focus on my professional life, I still have a very strong feeling for the ex-partner. I've had a lot of confused dreams about him and the people who got involved in the term. As much as I understood that the process was a lot of learning, the dreams cause me an unparalleled pain in the soul, that I would like to understand. all I want is to experience new experiences, however it seems that I staggered to this relationship ... wanted to understand why? and more to set me free. I feel many sensations coming from somewhere that cause agony about it all.
Answer: You are starting to second-guess why you terminated the relationship. You have always depended on the opinions of others, and now, for the first time, you are questioning if it was what you wanted to do. The lesson here is that only you are responsible for your lessons in life, and if you don’t participate in the decisions, you will not learn. Step back, examine the dreams you have been having, and see how you can use the information to analyze what you would have done differently if not egged on by others. That is the lesson here. Never be afraid to return to, or turn away from, what is happening in your life.
Caren from the US asks the Masters: I have always felt I “go home” when I sleep. I believe there are several places I continually return to & reoccurring scenarios. Can you offer some insight into this?
Answer: You are absolutely correct. When the body rests, the soul goes off wandering. Frequently it returns to those who are still at Home, and other times it goes off to re-experience a particularly important past event. It is possible to pre-select where you go at night by telling your higher self what you would like to see or whom you would like to meet. You can also ask a guide to accompany you to a known spot for a desired experience.
Amanda from Brazil asks the Masters: I would like to know if I still have relationship contracts for this life. I have always been related to women, and for months I have seen and dreamed of a man. Will I have a relationship with a man? Is it for our spiritual growth? Or should I live alone, seeking the expansion of my being?
Answer: You came to Earth to learn more about love in all its aspects. Love comes in many forms and you have only experienced a few. What you do in the future is completely up to you and your freedom of choice. With a woman, with a man, or alone – decide.
Sinikka from Finland asks the Masters: When my son was 9, he was healthy, suddenly his liver destroyed-- 4 week, he get transplant, doctors don’t know why that happened. I’m his mother, now he is 24 and he has so difficult finding his place in world, he is depressed ja only home. Can you tell me something, what happened? I’m very depressed mother... help...
Answer: Depression is a life lesson in which you have the ability to examine what possibilities are around you. What do you bring into your life and how do you accept those around you? Both you and your son are living in the fear of the past and not bringing love and life into your worlds. Everyone creates their own reality, so start making yours more productive.

Bruna from Brazil asks the Masters: Do I have any spiritual connection with my ex-husband? Why cannot we move on with other partners? Does my difficulty in giving and trust have anything to do with my life lesson?
Answer: You have no contracts with your ex. You cannot move on because each of you still blames the other for the difficulties that caused you to get divorced. Accept that the past is the past and cannot be relived. Look to the future as a new path, not a continuation of the past. Learning to trust and interpret what others are saying to you, without taking offense, is one of your lessons.
Liliana from Portugal asks the Masters: What I need to know at the moment?

Answer: You need to know that it is time to start listening to your intuition and not to other people. You depend way too much on what others tell you. Do what feels right to you and what you feel drawn to.



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