Are you ready?

by Brenda Hoffman.

Channeled Message.

June 21th, 2019




Dear Ones,
Are you ready? Have you opened your hearts and minds to the possibilities? Have you negated shoulds and have tos – at least in your mind?
So it is that today is the start of your new you adventures – not as a toddler or a young teen, but as an adult activist.
Many of you from the 1960s and 1970s claim you are tired of fighting the same fight for equality, peace, and love. That you no longer have the energy or the need to picket this or that. We remind you that the revolt we are speaking of starts within you.
Your new you revolt is starting to take shape. Before the recent energies, you likely did not have concrete thoughts of what you desired. Of course, you maintained your 3D hopes of companionship, financial security, and love from others, but you had not yet formulated what new you needed to move forward.
You dipped your toes in the 5D and beyond waters only to discover that it was not the temperature you expected. So you tried another place and another and another until you discovered where you fit within the 5D tapestry.
That is not to say you negated the possibility of redefining yourself at a later date, but instead that you have discovered your base camp. Just as young adult 3D you knew that as you matured, so would your interests.
Perhaps you might better understand by remembering how you selected your community after leaving your 3D home of origin. You did so because of work, family, schooling, or interests. All of which likely shifted as you aged.
So it is now. You have declared your home base for now – based on your needs and interests, instead of those of others. This home base encourages you to function differently than was your norm as a new you toddler. Even though your temper tantrums might continue for a while, they will be different than was true just days ago.
As a new you toddler, you needed to declare your freedom to be. Now that you have claimed your freedom to be, you might want others to follow your lead. Which is little different from what you projected as a young 3D adult. “You should experience the joy of children like I have.” Or, “I’m so excited I’m engaged, you should fall in love too.” Or, “This town is perfect, why don’t you move here?”
Even though the questions seem different, your ‘should’ intent is the same. You will wonder why others do not dare ‘be’ as you now do. Why do they need to follow anyone? You claimed your freedom, why do they not wish to do the same? But of course, convincing others to follow your lead is no different than 3D shoulds.
You are in the phase of wanting others to be more like you. Which is counter to everything that is of the freedom to be.
Even so, this phase indicates you have made choices you find delightful.
You must now allow others that same freedom. For you are the first of the first. Even though those following are not far behind, their clarity is different from yours. Allow that to be. And allow them to complete the phases you needed to before knowing you were in the right environment.
Some of you reading this message will wonder what we are speaking of for you feel as if you are in the wrong community, home, relationship, or job. You have yet to discover what it is that gives you joy. Such is not to chide you, but instead to inform you that the phase of knowing you selected well is yet to come. For as you make your way in joy, you will know your direction and who is right for you. There will be no need to ask others or the Universes for you will just know.
That rightness does not happen with blaring trumpets or a choir of angels, but instead a knowing deep within you that you are no longer searching for whatever you were searching for. Similar to finding a 3D mate and not needing to meet others.
Again, such does not mean your new you discovery will last forever. This phase will be complete when you know without a doubt that you have selected based on your needs and joy instead of those of others.
A joy that is not necessarily flashy or even what you expected. It just is. So be it. Amen.

Brenda Hoffman

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