Another Way…

The Creator Writings.

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley.

June 3rd, 2019




When you chose to arrive on your Earth plane, you knew there was going to be some work involved; being in a human body (with all its lovely idiosyncrasies), emotions, interactions of all kinds and, most importantly, the relationship with yourself.  
80% of the time, you have plowed your way through it and have done quite well. (Smiling) 
As you move through your life, there may be bumps, judgments and projections that, for whatever reason, you have chosen to accept.
Today, you are being invited to take another look and decide what is really yours and what belongs to others.  
Rather than responding with learned behaviors, forgo the ‘knee-jerk’ reaction and ask The Universe to show you what it is truly means.  
A better understanding of an experience or situation will allow you to move past it with more than a little grace and ease.  
This is something you have earned and deserve so use it!  Remember you are fully supported every step of the way. 


Jennifer Farley





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