You Should Have Expected Us To Care.


Posted February 3, 2019 by Edward Morgan. 




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Woman behind the arrest of faith healer John of God who was running a ‘sex slave farm’ found dead
Another Day in the Empire: John Bolton’s Plan to Starve Millions of Venezuelans into Submission
Big Pharma shells out $20B each year to schmooze docs, $6B on drug ads
Doctor Drops Bombshell About 5G Technology Dangers At Congressional Hearing
Anonymous – “You Should Have Expected Us To Care”
Nuns were sexually abused by priests as church looked the other way, Vatican magazine says
VAXXED II, The People’s Truth, Coming In 2019
Continental’s Robot Dogs Solve Last Meter Obstacle to Automated Delivery
The Ruling Elites Love How Easily We’re Distracted and Turned Against Each Other
Frightening Frequencies: The Dangers of 5G & What You Can Do About Them
Have Aliens Found Us? A Harvard Astronomer on the Mysterious Interstellar Object ‘Oumuamua
Criminal Trespass From Utility Companies Electronic Meters
Consciousness in Nature – TED Videos –
Faith healer with millions of followers ran a “sex slave farm and sold babies to highest bidder”
China Develops ‘Artificial Sun’ That Reaches 100 Million Degrees Celsius
Mycotoxins: The Hidden Hormone Danger In Our Food Supply
Cabal Venezuelan oil grab fails; U.S. corporation bankruptcy looms
Opioid overdoses surpass car crashes among leading causes of death in US – report
Exposed: Toxic biosludge spread on food crops is contaminated with RADIOACTIVE medical waste
The Truth Of Our Purpose – Astro Theology



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