An essay on Availability.

The Beloved One.

Is The Teacher

Message received by Lytske

Urantia, February 124, 2020

Posted March 16, 2020

The Beloved One: Availability is a precious commodity which is not yet too often practiced. By availability I mean that a human is available to obtain instructions from her or his Guide within. There needs to be a certain Stillness of mind, to be able to hear My Still Soft Voice within. It is therefore needful to be in a receptive state of receiving these little instructions which shall aid your soul heaven-ward.

It is also very important and expedient to honour yourself and Me to do this at a regular time, to obtain the best out of the reception and that this becomes a daily habit so you develop a certain aura of being available to the God of your being within.

It is so very important for you to realize, that I, your inner Guide, am available to you at any time. In fact, I am waiting for you to make the first move, so I know, that you are willing to make yourself available to Me. The way to do so is to daily take the time. This is your choice and your decision. You need to understand that I will never coerce you to come to Me but, charge of My indwelling, you can only have a very slim idea as to what it means to make yourself available to Me.

In the first instance, you will gain a greater peace of mind and rest for your soul. Rest in so far, that your soul will grow unencumbered by the stresses of daily life, because you have come to realize, that most of those stresses are preventable through the gaining of inner peace by coming to Me on a daily basis.

It is like coming home to your own private Beloved, who will cheer you on and give you the courage and security to be open to another day of learning. Become an insatiable sponge in learning and know, that when you make mistakes, that these are designed for you to learn from and so gather a measure of wisdom.

Being available to Me, means that I can mould you easier to your divine blueprint the Creator of all has gifted you with. Besides, I have many wonderful surprises and gifts for you as well, due to all My previous experiences, which I will give you one tiny bit at the time, as soon as you show a readiness therefor.

There needs to be an increasing capacity of reception which life gives you in return, as long as you make yourself available to receive whatever life gives you to experience through your own choices and decisions.
Who am I? I am your God-given Indweller on the road to perfection. I came to indwell you at a tender age, when you made your first moral choice, so I knew you would be ready for My Guidance and further instructions on the road to everlasting life. Now you have reached the point that you make yourself, out of your own free will, available to Me, so our partnership will be more real to you and I can help you better in your self-corrections. Just continue to make yourself available to Me with an increasing conscious awareness of Me”

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