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on November 25th, 2019


day 151.


The significant downloads of new energy, which is being directed towards the planet, are flooding our energy systems and emphasising areas within us where healing, transformation and release are required. As a result, any imbalance or unhealed aspects within ourselves and our lives are being highlighted and brought to our conscious awareness.
This is can be a very uncomfortable process and I get many emails and requests for guidance and support. Currently the healing and release that is occurring is a very natural process and actually doesn't even require your active participation. It does however require you to surrender into the process and to allow it to unfold. As the emotions, feelings and or memories come up, feel them, acknowledge them but let them pass through you. Don't hold onto them. Don't try to understand them. Don't try to analyse them. Just observe, feel and let them leave. If you are struggling with this then I would suggest you work with an energy practitioner / healer who can help to clear your energy field and realign your energy bodies.

Mutch Love

Kate Spreckley



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