The Arcturian Group.

Through Marilyn Raffaele

Posted December 1st, 2019



Dear readers, welcome once again to the Arcturian Group Messages. These messages are intended to assist those who desire a greater understanding of why they are on Earth at this time.
We see and love all who resonate with the messages. Call upon us in your quiet time for clarification of that which you do not fully understand and we will respond in a form that resonates with your energy.
Never doubt that all is proceeding according to plan in spite of outer appearances. The chaos, exposures, and discord that is manifesting the world over is helping to awaken those who remain asleep to more enlightened ways of living. For the first time, many are beginning to question their personal beliefs.
The world is moving into a new and higher energy but cannot do it overnight nor can an exact date be determined because the consciousness of mankind is creating it. There is a great deal of assistance to Earth at this time from the higher dimensional realms, but free will determines that mankind must do the work.
The third dimension is a dimension of time and space. If an individual were to suddenly be infused with the fullness of high dimensional energy their physical body would not be able to handle it and would die.
Spiritual evolution is a gradual awakening into higher awareness through experience, receptivity to change, and the acceptance of one’s innate personal power. For eons of time mankind has looked to others to make decisions for them in the false belief that others were smarter, braver, wiser, holier, and more qualified.
This does not mean that you never evaluate the ideas of those who have studied and work in areas of guidance or those who have lived through the very experiences that you may be dealing with, but does mean that you trust your intuition with the final word.
Many have or are now discovering that the emperor indeed has no clothes (not a person, but the whole common belief system) . This can be shocking to those who have always depended upon others to make decisions for them but is going to continue to manifest in all areas of ordinary life. Sadness, often accompanied by feelings of guilt, anger, and foolishness are frequently experienced when a person discovers that so much of what they have accepted as truth from the government, organized religion, and family tradition was actually false.
If you have these emotions, allow them to flow through and out again. Acknowledge them without resistance and anger and rejoice in the realization that you have experienced a shift of awareness–a vital and necessary step toward moving to your next level of consciousness.
An awareness of the inherent error underlying many familiar beliefs taught to and believed by the majority is a first step toward removing them from personal consciousness. Seeing with new eyes allows a person to recognize that many common laws, beliefs, and ideas are meant to benefit a select few who need mankind’s continuing ignorance for their continuing benefit.
Not all who hold privileged positions of power live solely for themselves. There is nothing wrong with being rich or famous for abundance is a Divine Law. If it comes through one’s realization of spiritual completeness or from an innate talent for business or profession and is carried out with love, respect, and sharing then it is the natural expression of the universal law of abundance. Wealth and fame become negative low resonating concepts when they become one’s sole source of validation and sense of superiority over others.
When wealth or fame causes a person to believe that they are better and more entitled than others, they are imbued with the energy of duality and separation thus creating for themselves experiences that will reflect the pairs of opposites. Many of them go on to spend their time and energy in vain attempts to maintain the illusion of who they have been in the past.
In the three dimensional world of duality and separation, success is usually defined by how rich, beautiful, athletic, educated, employed, or smart one is. Beliefs that categorize people through concepts of more and less, good and bad, always reflect duality and separation. “Success” is not known or recognized in the higher realms because all are known to be expressions of Source. Energies reflecting duality and separation can never align with higher frequencies of Light and truth.
On Earth, everyone is experiencing some or all of their pre-birth chosen lessons. Some have chosen to experience being poor, or sick, or mentally handicapped. Others have chosen to experience some catastrophe, live in an undeveloped country or one at war in order to have these experiences or to spiritually move beyond some karmic need for them. Some choose to be rich, beautiful, or athletic for the experience rather than for ego gratification but once in the lower frequencies of the physical realm often get lost in the hype and nonsense of the three dimensional belief system.
The energy of duality allows any three dimensional experience to carry the potential for its opposite to express. As mankind evolves many commonly accepted pairs of opposites (success/failure, peace/war, love/hate) will begin to fade into the nothingness they really are. This can cause those who continue to believe these things are attainable only through struggle and pain to pursue their goals in unwise and self indulgent ways that may feel old and unnecessary to those around them.
If you have been feeling despondent about not achieving some hoped for dream, rejoice, for it means you are moving beyond the need for validation through the world’s concepts of success and achievement which often signals a spiritual readiness for your next level, the one you came for but do not remember.
We would reiterate that there is nothing wrong with failure of any kind. It is only the third dimensional belief system that promotes failure as a bad thing. Failure is always a tool for deeper growth if understood and accepted as such.
On the other hand, if you are being guided toward a goal that strongly resonates with you, go within acknowledging and more deeply aligning with the truth of the Divine ever present wholeness and completeness you are, allowing it to manifest outwardly as…. Then take whatever human footsteps are required toward your goal.
Three dimensional concepts of success are beginning to dissolve in collective consciousness because they have nothing real to maintain them other than a belief in them.
Many are beginning to recognize that the hype and value given a person simply because they can run faster, are richer, or are prettier than another is really a silly “much ado about nothing.” Fun and games, yes, but distracting and not really important to the bigger picture unless it serves as an evolutionary lesson for those engaged in it.
Many who have had success or fame try to maintain it long after it is finished in the belief that their accomplishments, possessions, partnerships, or physical appearance define who they are. If you have been or are now successful according to the world’s sense of success, honor that and give gratitude for the experience but do not allow the past to hold you in bondage and keep you from moving on to what may very well be something better, higher, and more satisfying if allowed.
Continuing to grasp at and attempt to recreate some accomplishment or relationship that is finished in the belief that you are nothing or nobody without it keeps one spiritually “in place” until they are able to utilize the experience as a catalyst for spiritual growth. Periods of success in all areas of life are often meant to be a segue leading to the next phase of one’s chosen experiences.
Everyone is a Divine Being on Earth to experience that which they have planned as being necessary for their spiritual growth and learning. No one is on Earth simply to be rich, beautiful, powerful or to rule over others. Indeed some in ignorance actually believe they can do this but eventually there will always come failure and forced growth if not in this lifetime then in another for these things are always temporary.
The dissolution of popular concepts personally and globally is bringing about the chaos you see. The divide is widening between those awakening and those choosing to do whatever it takes to maintain the status quo.
Trust that you are indeed a spiritual being having human experiences. This realization will dissolve the need to search and seek for fame and success in order to feel loved and acceptable. Trust that your higher self knows what you need and when, allowing your good to manifest in new and higher ways appropriate for you at the right time and which may in no way resemble world concepts of good.
It is a powerful time of change in which human egos fear losing themselves. Once you truly accept that it is impossible to lose self because in reality you are SELF, you will come to know and accept that now and always you have been complete, whole, and successful.
We are the Arcturian Group 12/1/19
Marilyn Raffaele


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