Magisterial Son: Monjoronson.

Is The Teacher 

Message received by Valdir Soares.

Elgin, Illinois, USA, August 5, 2019.

Posted December 2, 2019 

Monjoronson: “Blessings, my child. It’s for me, too, an event of great satisfaction to speak with you this morning. The Magisterial Message must be spread over the entirety of Urantia, even before my full manifestation. That is why I am here even now, ahead of the official inauguration of the Magisterial Mission on your planet. 

“As you well know, although we don’t manipulate human will, not even to ensure the success of the Will of God, in the celestial realm we do have trusted ways and personalities capable of predicting with a great margin of certainty in which direction the events of a planet will be heading. Firstly, we have similar experiences on other planets which, when compared to happenings on your planet, allow us to imagine what lies ahead if a similar course is to unfold. Secondly, we do have personalities, such as the Melchizedeks, who are capable of putting many details together and draw predictive conclusions if things were to be left undisturbed. And finally, we have authorities that are entitled to intervene when circumstances indicate that the damage caused to a race could be beyond acceptable if left without intervention. These beings are your Constellation Fathers, which without interference with the human will, can create situations that will confront unwise human decisions and put pressure on events to direct them to a more agreeable inclination with the will of God. That is what is called the ‘fullness of times’ of Michael’s days on Urantia. Similar conditions will also need to be present for my full manifestation. 

“However, remember the thoughts of the Creator are not like your thoughts. God watches for the goodness of all people and for the longest time possible, while yours are, due to your limitations, also limited, perhaps to those who agree with you. My child, God’s measures on Urantia, cannot be called left or right, progressive or conservative. Your superiors having precise directions from your Sovereign, Christ Michael, may sometimes make use of conservative tendencies or progressive ones — which better serve the divine purpose. I understand that you think that progressive measures are always best, and there is no doubt they may contribute greatly to the development of a planet. However, Urantia is not only composed of progressive societies, as there are societies and even entire peoples that are greatly backward compared with your more advanced societies. If the gap between them is too big, it may become a great obstacle to the brotherhood of men and the sisterhood of women which should grow and dominate on Urantia. So be patient, for you are being guided to wise and tested principles by the wisest personalities in our local Universe of Nebadon. 

“Your superiors on High do know that right now there is a conservative political wave in many nations on Urantia. Sadly, conservatism may lead to fundamentalism and that increases intolerance and the chance of major wars in your world. This, progressives abhor, it is true, but sometimes some risky measures are necessary to avoid other even graver ones, that is, the permanent or long and profound ‘disruption’ of societies, which for a long time could throw your world onto backward patterns of the past, losing important conquests of the twentieth century. 

“Therefore my child, do not try to predict what God will do, because such an enterprise is almost futile, but be prepared to recognize the actions of God, when they do manifest on your world. I am Monjoronson, your Avonal Son, soon to be fully manifest on your world. Peace be with you!"

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Keep Before You the Goal of the Ages — Teacher Prolotheos.



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