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November 23, 2019.


Me: Ivo, can you enlighten us please? Abundance is really about having your real needs met, isn’t it? Oh yeah, there’s the link to your needs. Oh! Yeah. When I was a kid, my needs weren’t properly met. Anyone in an abusive situation isn’t getting their needs met, in fact I was exploited and controlled. So there’s the link between underearning and my needs. Ah good. Made some progress today!

Ivo: Indeed, my love. Nobody on earth is really getting their true needs met unless they have learned who they truly are!
Me: Oh yes.

Ivo: You are a consciousness having a physical experience. You are an aware energy that is connected to the all.

Me: So can you find something for that awareness at Walmart?

Ivo: LOL You can find what you need to fulfill your physical requirements at Walmart, however I suggest exercising caution as many of the foods are big business foods and you get my meaning.

Me: Yes.

Ivo: Your world is entirely focused on physical needs, however, and you are not physical beings. Even your physicality, what you consider to be solid matter, is energy. You are energy beings and in meeting your energetic needs, you create abundance for yourself.

Me: Oh. So do your cord cutting, do your 12 dimensional shielding, do your grounding, meditate… read spiritual books, work at becoming telepathic yadda yadda yadda.

Ivo: Yes. You are not wholly physical beings, in fact that is the lesser part of your reality.

Me: Aha! Stop thinking of yourself as a physical being and understand you have 12 dimensions of needs to meet. Or at least however these 12 dimensions relate to your physical experience. This is really about getting it right, isn’t it?

Ivo: Yes, becoming a wholly spiritual person. However, there are ways to understand how to meet your needs on earth. The resultant emotional state of happiness, for example. The resultant state of inner peace, for example, and the resultant state of being of service is another example. These are ways to meet your true needs and in aligning with (allowing) these, your physical life will become fulfilled.

Me: I knew there was a secret you two were keeping from me, Ivo!

Ivo: I keep no secrets my love. I will tell you when you are ready to connect the dots, so to speak and as you see, your perception has already shifted within the last 10 minutes. Meeting your needs is about aligning with your soul. Resultant states of happiness, joy, inner peace and being loving towards all will ensue.

Me: Aha. Then this reflects into the physical?

Ivo: Your mindset will change to reflect a more prosperous physicality, my love.

Me: So working on your abundance is a question of working on your ascension.

Ivo: Arguably, there is only the work of letting go of whatever ails you.

Me: These things stick like glue, Ivo!

Ivo: And when you have a bad mood now, what do you do?

Me: I ground myself. I rid my body of the negative energy I’ve either created or picked up from someone else. Or I just have a nap.

Ivo: Exactly, you return to a state of balance. You are in a better mood these days.

Me: I’ve gone through most of my ascension. I’m not having symptoms anymore.

Ivo: Yes. But it is said “Change your thinking, change your life,” is it not?

Me: Yes.

Ivo: So abundance is bringing the higher energies of love down to your physical level. And your life will change accordingly. The work is not to resist it, to keep your lower mind out of the way.

Me: Got it.

Ivo: Take opportunities daily to be at peace, be happy, laugh, feel joy. If something like the news bothers you, turn it off. Do not align with things that create negative states within you, including other people. Align with what you enjoy.

Yes, your idea of what your needs are just changed. You put them in two camps before: your spiritual needs and your physical needs but in fact they are all connected. The spiritual feeds your personality and the personality feeds the spiritual. Take eating for example: a better diet will decrease resistance to your higher vibration. When you crave now, you crave vegetables.

Me: True.

Ivo: So, my love, you lament that you are too busy? Do you understand as you just intuited, that this complaint of not having enough time, is your way of creating lack. No, you create it. It does not happen to you. You lament that you do not have time to cook properly for yourself, that you cannot clean as much as you want because you do not have the time. Admittedly, you do do a lot in one day.

Me: Yes.

Ivo: But you create lack by saying that you do not have the time to accomplish all you need to do. In fact, you are asking too much of yourself. By asking too much of yourself, you create lack – a perception that there is not enough time.

Me: Okay.

Ivo: You can meet all your needs without complaining that you do not have enough time. Yes, there are jobs that others could take from your hands. And this will come forth in future. You fear that you will fall behind in your painting, or that your book writing will fall behind or other things will fall behind, and this is simply you re-creating the lack of abundance from your childhood. It must be put to rest. You have enough time as you have no particular deadlines and you have control of your work schedule. You set boundaries with others according to what you feel your time constraints are and this is fine. You now use an organizer so that you do not forget to do something.

You must understand, and this is for all of you – that you create lack for yourselves. You do not experience it passively as something that has happened to you – you are creating it. Sharon experiences lack of time because she creates that perception. She does not lack time.

Sharon creates lack of money because she creates that perception as well, and then it is fulfilled. It works a bit differently here because money is a material item. Time is a concept. Because she focuses on what she feels she lacks, she creates more lack going into the future. What you focus on grows.

As she focuses on lack, she restrains her income potential. Again, this goes back into her childhood where her needs were not met, and she heard “gim-me gim-me never get” whenever she asked for something, so her understanding was that life will not meet her needs. This is part of your matrix system. The system will not meet your needs. Universal law will.

Me: Got it.

Ivo: I will remind you.

Me: Please do! It takes a while to integrate new ideas and to replace old ones with these truths.

Ivo: I know and you are the sticky note queen with them plastered all over your home to remind you.

Me: Yay! Sticky notes!

Ivo: Remember that lack is a perception that is foisted upon you, and promoted within your matrix culture. So are other states of inadequacy as well. These keep you chasing the wheel, unhappy with yourselves and with your lives. The idea is to keep you trying harder.

Me: Yes. Or just surrender yourself and learn you don’t lack anything and it’s just a question of creating it in the lower levels, starting with your mental plane – your thinking mind.

Ivo: Yes. All is provided for. Now just move aside the part of you that disagrees. Surrender it to the light.

Me: Yes, Universal Law of Surrender. When life has you beat, surrender it to God.

Ivo: So, with this I will end this message. This is enough for those listening to consider for a day. You create your own lack and it is through a feeling of lack of time, and lack of money. There artificial constructs keep you at odds with yourselves.

Me: Thanks again, Ivo.

Ivo: Of course, my love.
Sharon Stewart.
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