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“The more completely man understands himself and appreciates the personality values of his fellows, the more he will crave to know the Original Personality, and the more earnestly such a God-knowing human will strive to become like the Original Personality.” [UB 1:6:6].
Thought Adjuster: “Two thoughts entered your mind upon reading the above statement: (1) The Infinite God reveals His Original Personality through the unique personality endowments of His creatures. How else could the Infinite be mirrored in His finite creation? (2) God’s personality is all about values — not the lack thereof.
“Therefore, you can deduct that all hints of truth, beauty, and goodness you detect within yourself or your fellow human beings are eternal personality endowments. Anything untrue, evil, and ugly has an expiration date, as it is unsustainable, being cut off the life-giving spiritual sap of the Tree of Life.
“Lucifer’s evil takeover propagated misinformation. Things went downhill from there, as lies yield evil and ugliness of character. Therefore, to find your way back to the sublime personality endowments of your Divine Progenitor, you need to turn your attention away from the confusing shadow areas thrown by iniquity both in your hearts and minds.
“God is pure Luminescence. Just as a lit match is devoid of a shadow, so is His Personality. It is another reason why “The spiritual luminosity of the Father’s personal presence is a “light which no mortal man can approach; which no material creature has seen or can see.” [UB 1:3:3]
“As creatures grow in self-mastery toward self-perfection, they become more luminous. Eventually, they will be fully compatible with the Divine Luminosity, whose Bosom of Light and Life exerts an irresistible force of attraction. The feelings of lasting and overpowering bliss you will experience at your Homecoming are way off the chart of what you experience in fleeting moments of Grace.”
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