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“In winning souls for the Master, it is not the first mile of compulsion, duty, or convention that will transform man and his world, but rather the second mile of free service and liberty-loving devotion… [Urantia Papers 2084:05]
Thought Adjuster: “Dear child, the above quote resonates with you as you can identify with having been a first-miler for quite a long time in your life experience. You also have come to taste what it feels like to be a second miler — to be motivated by love rather than by a sense of duty.
“Each individual journey starts at its own time but everyone has to start somewhere. It is part of the process to be a first miler and to initiate the spiritual journey out of a sense of duty or obligation. Sometimes its onset is motivated by feelings of fear, guilt or shame. Obviously, these are not the motivators that the Father is wishing for His children to experience. Yet, such motivators help many move out of their spiritual slumber. Eventually, after emerging from the challenging obstacle course of the first mile, they will have developed expanded spiritual lung capacity and endurance. This will have positive effects on the expansion of their spiritual cardio system — the opening of their heart to Love.
“As in any race, the first mile can be very challenging and many may feel like giving up. Yet, by persevering beyond the initial discomfort, a runner will get his second wind and start cruising more comfortably after the mark of the first mile has been passed.
“The first mile is there as an initiation toward the second mile. It is the necessary first step which propels the soul toward more freedom and a genuine loving service.
“You have experienced in your own life the contrast between serving God out of a sense of duty commingled with the fear of not being good enough and serving God and your siblings out of love and appreciation. Once you reached the second mile, joy starts to fill your heart and it transforms the whole experience. Service becomes enjoyable and it is a validation that you were progressing on the right track.
“The second milers are those who are transforming the world as they are activating the transformative force of Love in Action. The first milers are putting one foot before the other out of a sense of duty still infused with inner resistance as they are moving through an uncomfortable zone. Thesecond milers are breaking through many inner barriers and are emerging onto a more pleasant zone. They are “in the zone,” in the Love Zone.
“Isn’t it worth it to endure the pain and suffering of the first mile in order to taste the sweetness of the shift that takes place through that process? The first mile is when you declare your intentions to get to the finish line. The Father may test the authenticity of your intentions before He rewards you with the precious fruits of Spirit. These fruits can only ripen when they are nurtured with Love, not a mere sense of duty.
“Joyous service will no longer feel like an obligation. It will feel like a reward and it will entice you to more and more service as you witness for yourself the outworking of love when it is freely shared.”

Edited by Linda Abell.

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