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Posted 2020/03/07

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“Pray for tranquility of spirit and cultivate patience.” [UB 192:2.8]
Thought Adjuster: “How do you feel when you are in the presence of a high-strung individual? The nervous intensity exuded by that person unsettles you, which is quite understandable when looking at it in terms of vibrations and frequencies. An energetic skirmish is taking place.
“All of you are frequently engaged in battles of the wills. But there are other versions of interactions between individuals that do not operate within the same energetic and spiritual planes.
“How do you ward off such energetic Trojan horses? Your first initiative should be to immediately become aware of the impending emotional threat. When the sky turns ominously dark, you quickly look for a safe shelter from the elements about to get unleashed. However, many of you fail to detect threatening emotional takeovers and realize too late their detrimental influence on their overall wellbeing.
“Whenever you are at peace, take emotional snapshots of that sublime state of consciousness that invades your being at the molecular level. Doesn’t it feel wonderful? Isn’t the “Heart-quarter” from which you should operate?
“Instead of blaming external agents for your states of anxiety, do come to realize that you control the thermostat of your emotional weather patterns. Find shelter within My Tranquil Presence and drink of My Rejuvenating Peace.
“Someday, you will have mastered that divine attribute, and it is the reason why you will be officially inducted into the Cosmic Confederation of Co-creators. By then, all your creative endeavors will get the Divine Seal of approval, as they will be firmly anchored in love and peace — the two essential prerequisites for all divinely-inspired creative processes.”


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