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Message received by Anyas. 

Oregon, USA, October 23, 2019

Posted 2020/01/07

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Thought Adjuster: “When you think of any of your acquaintances, a specific aspect of their personality comes to mind as a psychological identifier. Indeed, as for an iceberg, each character has a ‘top’ which consists of its strongest attribute that stands out. If you were to describe your friends, you would first mention this dominant trait — be it generosity, humility, optimism, and so on. 

“What are you known for? As you evolve toward the fullness of your personality, you may start exhibiting additional positive identifiers, as you get to embody more of the fruits of Spirit. 

“Indeed, the fruits of Spirit are variances of the combined values of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness. Each positive attribute passes the strict quality control of these three parameters. It is genuine; it is attractive by its beautiful nature, and it radiates goodness. 

“If one or more of these elements are absent in a creative endeavor, it won’t receive the green light from on High, and the human engineers should go back to the drafting board to amend their project before it gets ‘real-ized.’ 

“Jesus’ personality cannot be described in a one-liner, as it was rich and versatile. It is also the reason why He made a lasting impression on a broad spectrum of personalities because they had something in common with Him. 

“As you develop a robust character, you are becoming more colorful in the expression of your unique personality. People evolve in their embodiment of truth, and their manifestation of beauty and goodness. As they get to know themselves more intimately in the course of their lifetime. Others also can identify their character growth by their new character adornments. 

“If Jesus could do it, so can you. His Spirit of Truth is within you to guide you in your personal exploration.”

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