About Nativity Scenes. 

By Thought Adjuster.

Message received by Anyas. 

Oregon, USA, March 29, 2019.

Posted 2019/05/03

“You cannot perceive spiritual truth until you feelingly experience it, and many truths are not really felt except in adversity.” [UB 557:02] 
Thought Adjuster: “A few things caught your attention as you read the above quote: To be ‘perceived,’ spiritual truth has to be ‘feelingly’ ‘experienced,’ and adversity acts as a catalyst for such ‘feelings.’ 
“Let us expand on that topic. First of all, your feelings are the ‘this-feels-right, but this-doesn’t’ sounding boards for your thoughts. Just as high- or low-pressure systems dictate the weather, thoughts yield kindred emotions. 
“To be integrated, spiritual truth has to be felt at the very core of your being through personal experience. Living through a situation is a far better teacher than just envisioning it, as actions are needed to manifest new realities. Moreover, a telltale sign of spiritual Truth is that it is ‘actionable’ and ‘sustainable.’ 
“Think back on your life to pinpoint those experiential moments when you acquired spiritual insights. You will find out that these epiphanies entered your mind on the testing grounds of adversity, as they were crucial for your forward spiritual evolution. There is no better place to detect light than from the bottom of a pit. 
“Whenever darkness closes in on you, you squint to detect any beam of light. As it enters your field of vision, you perceive it as a ‘saving light,’ as it liberates you from your darkness-induced claustrophobia and sense of utter helplessness. 
“Amidst adversity, search for the spiritual guiding light that will undoubtedly show up. Handle it as the spiritual torchlight it represents to dispel anything that is not of Spirit. Retrospectively, your hardest challenges will turn out to be the ‘nativity scenes’ of the spiritual realizations you needed to transcend your imperfections and ascend toward your Higher and Wiser Self.”

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