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Message received by Oscar. 

Alabama, USA, June 26, 2013.

Translated from Spanish by Silvia Adriana Cohane.

Posted 2020/05/15

 Akashic Construct - 11:11 Spirit Guardians

Thought Adjuster: “Many important, and really difficult decisions that human beings must make during their material lives require all the wisdom and courage that can be mustered. Often, this entails choosing between goals of eternal value and goals for personal material benefit. How can you get guidance during those moments of hard choices?

“The method Michael used while He was in your world is still the best illustration of how a common man can have access to divine wisdom. Michael communed with His Father every time He needed to make an important decision. Through this process, His material mind got in touch with the spiritual influences – the same influences that work upon every human being in this world – and in this way He synchronized His mind to receive spiritual guidance. This is how the Father can effectively help you to know His will so you can find a way to express this will in your life, thus promoting spiritual growth.

“Many of you often worry about the use of your potential. You frequently ask yourselves, am I doing the best I can? Am I giving my best? This is good because it helps you keep the focus on what you want from life. Sometimes you are ‘tempted’ by plans and designs that try to satisfy false needs. You may make plans for various endeavors that may provide material benefits and you forget to ask yourself if those are really necessary. You may think that by not pursuing these plans you would be neglecting some of your talents for organization, or collaboration in order to achieve an objective. This is a talent worth exploring. However, there is not just one way to develop that talent and possibly you could find a more intelligent way to explore this aspect of yourself without being carried away by materialistic impulses or false expectations.

“At the end of your days, when you look back to evaluate the progress made during your mortal life, if you used your talents for an endeavor that contributed to the glory of the Father and the benefit of your peers, you will experience true satisfaction. We don’t need mortals filled with false spiritual abnegation, those who sacrifice the satisfaction of their real needs for doing what they call the ‘work of God’, while becoming a burden to society and to their peers. It is expected from humans to use their intelligence to satisfy their real needs and once their material lives enjoy a certain level of security, it is also expected that they dedicate a reasonable amount of time to their spiritual growth.

“This is how the life of a mortal who functions as a representative of the Father is organized. Three things should occupy your attention while you walk upon this planet. The first is your spiritual growth, the exploration of divinity, getting to know your Father and His presence within you. This includes service to your peers, discovering the divine and unconditional love of the Father and expressing this love to others. The second one is the satisfaction of your real needs, those that can be counted with the fingers of your hands – food, shelter, family, etc. And the third thing is rest, replenishing your energy and resting for a while from the struggles of progress.

“In the hands of mortals filled with spiritual wisdom, the work intended to ensure their material survival can be elevated to the level of loving service to others. Those actions to support the members of your family and your community are also expressions of love that teach you many valuable lessons. Spiritual growth is promoted by service and by the effort to become a better version of yourself, and also by curiosity and the desire to know God better and aspire to be like Him – worship. As you can see, the activities that are required from a mortal to achieve perfection can be incorporated into your material life with a little ingenuity. This way, the routine and trivial tasks of material life can become a source of higher satisfaction and benefits for you and others, while you live a mortal life truly fruitful and filled with experiences of growth and spiritual progress.”



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