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Message received by Oscar. 

Alabama, USA, May 20, 2013.

Translated from Spanish by Silvia Adriana Cohane.

Posted 2019/11/07

 Akashic Construct - 11:11 Spirit Guardians


Thought Adjuster: “How could you be more useful to humanity and to the Father? Searching for your own glory or making an effort to find your place in the mosaic of creation? All the hidden talents in your being can be explored in eternity. If you live your life with the firm and honest intention to follow the divine will, the best of your being will arise, and you will walk the path that the Father has prepared for you – the path that will bring you greater satisfaction, will teach you the lessons you need to learn and when you need to learn them.

“Many among you fear the wasting of their lives. You worry because maybe a talent you possess could produce great results for you and others. However, you cannot see with precision what the results of your efforts will be. When you start something without a clear reason, it is like walking in darkness, with no sure way to determine where you will end up. On the other hand, if you start something new with the intent of being the best you can aspire to be for the glory of your Father – dedicated to His will – you are walking a path lit up by a beacon that takes you to your eternal destiny.

“Examine your motives with everything you start. Do you hope for material gains and the glorification of your ego? Alternatively, do you see the adventure you are about to enjoy as another opportunity to grow in spirit and prepare yourself better for the life beyond this world? Everything that brings you closer to God – a greater harmony between your will and His – will always be the best for you and others. With a little attention and by practicing communion with God through stillness, you will discover what lessons you need to learn. Those who start on the path to perfection find themselves facing their own defects and it is precisely there where the opportunities to improve and grow are revealed.

“If you need to become more patient, begin those tasks where patience is required. If you need to learn how to better relate to your peers, search for groups where you can practice this skill. If you feel the call to know more about your Father and to share your discoveries with your brothers and sisters, find a way to do this. Your most honest impulses are placed there by the Divine Fragment to inspire you and guide you. As long as your motivation is your spiritual growth and to become increasingly better, you will find that your path is progressively revealed and you will discover the divine guidance with each step on your journey to perfection."


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