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Teacher: Thought Adjuster

Message received by Oscar. 

Alabama, US of A, March 19, 2013.

Posted 2019/01/25

Thought Adjuster: “Most human dissatisfaction and sadness has its origin in misguided expectations of insisting in courses of action that do not provide true hapiness nor help one grow. This is the realization the Budha had a long time ago when he declared that the source of unhappiness is attachment — the obsessions of your mind. However, the advise of leaving all impulses and motivations behind is not productive. 

“There are purposes to which your mind should be attached. The purpose of attaining progressive perfection and understanding the will of the Father is a valuable one, that should not be abandoned when the first challenges and defeats are experienced. The purpose of loving more your peers should not be forgotten when you face ingratitude, mistrust and the attacks of those who still have not awakened to the realities of spirit. 

“It is wiser to let the mind focus its attention and resources in the eternal goals and to let behind the temporal enterprises in favor of those things that will bring you closer to your true being — your purpose in life. Human beings need a purpose, a motivation to elevate their lives above the animal level. When this motivation aspires to the supreme achievement of a human life — establishing an effective relationship with the Creator through His Divine Presence — the energies that transform a material creature into a potential spirit are unleashed. 

“It is you who has the control and the ability to choose where to invest your time and energy. Those who invest their treasure in material things end up in spiritual poverty, because everything that is material is tied to the matter and will be left behind when you move to the next level of existence. But those who invest their treasure in eternity are smart investors, because they have placed their hopes in a bank that will never fail and their wealth will be safeguarded by the Perfect One through eternity.”


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