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The Vision for today was written and sent in by our good friend in Canada, Gareth Marples. Gareth contributes regularly to our Intenders Founders Circle on Facebook and we are very grateful for the light that he carries. Gareth says:

I see a world where transparency is the order of the day. Because everyone is acting in Truth and Love, there's no need to hide anything they're doing or saying. Books are all open because everyone wants to project the honesty that's contained in them. There's no need for a Privacy Act because nothing needs to be hidden. All activities are carried out with the Highest Good of All in mind.

Therefore, there's nothing to hide. There's no need for "behind closed doors" meetings. There's no need for locks. There's no need for safes. There's no need for anything that isn't completely visible and transparent. This is a world built on freedom. This is a world built on Truth. This is a world built on Love.


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