A Vision for Three Million Alignments - and More!

The Vision Alignment Project

Our Vision for today was contributed by Joni Red Wing Stone and it reflects the intentions that we had in the beginning, when we first created The VAP. As you know, we surpassed the 1 Million Alignment Mark in November of 2012 and now we are doing just what Joni suggests - Going for 3 Million! Joni says:
I envision that all the Intenders of the Highest Good spread the word about this Project to other like-minded, Spirit-led and intentionally focused manifesters of a positive, Global Community living in Harmony with all creatures and resources of Mother Earth, so that by 12/12/12 Intenders of the Highest Good will reach the 1,000,000 mark - and beyond!
As a global community focused on bringing more Light and Love to this world, let us show our commitment to manifesting this Planet of Peace and Harmony by coming together to make 1,000,000 happen! (It did and we are very honored to have been a part of this wondrous project!)
Then let's really get the ball rolling by reaching 3,000,000!
We all know Intentional Living works... let's change the world one email at a time.
Very intentionally & lovingly,

Joni Red Wing Stone


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