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The following VISION comes from Intender, Tara Majeska. Tara wrote us recently, requesting that we write a VISION for Education, and we answered her back by suggesting that she write it for us. Well, as you will see, she couldn't have done better! We feel blessed to be sharing it with you.

Thank you, Tara!

We envision a world where all children everywhere have access to the education that best serves, enhances and nourishes their individual highest good; that aligns them with their highest potential and gifts, inspiring them forward to create according to their wishes and dreams every wondrous thing their heart desires.  We see a world where each child sees, honors and acknowledges the genius within their true Self and others; where every parent, guide and teacher also sees, honors and acknowledges  the unique genius within their own true Self, as well as each child on their path.

We see a variety of different types of schools that each offer a unique, positive, supportive, caring, and innovative educational environment; where all teachers and children envision, embrace, discover and manifest new, brilliant ideas and pathways that encompass a brighter future for ALL.  We see enthusiastic children, parents and teachers embracing an awareness of what is needed for the Highest Good, using their individual and unique gifts and talents to easily and effortlessly bring about simple, yet extraordinary solutions to challenges within their community, country and our world -  thus creating a sustainable, flourishing living environment that abundantly honors all Life.

We envision all learning as fun, engaging, and connecting - a celebration on a path of joy and involvement, that honors each person's remarkable Spirit within - ultimately honoring everyone.  

Infinite Blessings to You,

Tara Majeska


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