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Our Vision for today was sent in by Helen Plourde-McSweeny. Thank You, Helen!
School teachers free themselves and choose, when the choice arises, to forfeit their clerical expectations (seemingly endless documentation and form-filling), dive in to their subject, immerse themselves in the joy of reading their student's work and get on with doing what they do and being who they are instead of creating documents about it.
They boldly dedicate themselves to focusing on their calling, spending wild nights searching for the perfect song of the day, the fitting poem on the topic, the most beautiful landscape, range, or waterway in the world to demonstrate geographic vocabulary, and preparing the questions that guide their students to discovering the answers. They jump out of their virtual computerized, electronically posted, power-pointed approach and connect with the living souls they have the pleasure ofbeing near. It is a joyful day for teachers! They spend their free time being free to passionately explore the subject that called them to share it. They can teach again!


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