A Vision for Recharging

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We see a world where the Law of Diminishing Returns is taught to us when we are youngsters so we are all easily able to tell before things go stale from too much repetitiveness, routine, or immoderation in our lives. The Law of Diminishing Returns works like this: You can eat one ice cream cone and it's good. And you can eat two cones and they are still good. But after seven or eight ice cream cones, you have to get away from them for awhile so that you can come back later and eat ice cream cones again . . .

With this in mind, we see a world where we fully realize that all things, whether they are our jobs, our hobbies, our habits, our relationships, our possessions, even our diets - indeed, everything in our lives - need to be renewed every so often by getting away from them for awhile so we can come back to them refreshed and ready to begin anew again.

In this way, we see a world where we are making the most of our vacation time by traveling to special places on the Earth, where the custom of making pilgrimages has returned; and where we see the wisdom in visiting sacred spots for the purpose of recharging and renewing our bodies and our souls when the Law of Diminishing Returns has begun to affect us.

Now, people everywhere are happier and our relationships are working much better because we are more conscious about when to get away for awhile. And, at the same time, our Spirits have been fed because, in the getting away, we went somewhere that really charged us up, inspired us, and sent us home renewed, feeling ready to do our very best again.


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