A Vision for Putting Ourself in the Other Person's Shoes

The Vision Alignment Project

We see a world where we have all learned to pause for a moment and take a breath or two before levying a judgment upon those around us; where we take the time to put ourselves in the other person's shoes long enough to see life from their perspective, and then to put our attention on the other person the way they would want that attention put on them.

Likewise, we see a world where we are all taught, from the time we are young children, to put ourselves in the shoes of the other person and to withhold our judgments and opinions of them. We do this because we have learned that as we do unto others we are also doing unto ourselves - and consequently, we treat our fellow travelers with a greater respect, the kind of respect we would want for ourself should we be in the same situation.

Now we have evolved to a place where none are judged and all - whether they are king or begger, tailored or tattered, fat or slim, rich or poor, white, black, red or yellow - are looked upon as if from the eyes, the heart and the soul of the other. For it is from this unique point of view that we meet another part of ourself. It is from this point of view that we truly learn to love.


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