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We see a world that has evolved to the point where we have risen above the illusion of ownership; where we see, ever-so-clearly. that we can never truly own or possess anything, and that to think otherwise only sets us up for a loss in the long run. We see a world where we respect the objects, tools, and toys of others; where we are all willing to share with one another; where we are so empowered that if something breaks or is lost we are able to manifest another like it right away; and where we have such abundance that we are all being given everything we need. In such a world, there is no purpose to possessing things because we already have it all.

(PS: We know there are those of you who can't imagine a world without ownership and possessions at this time - however we assure you that this is what is coming. This is the way of the world that awaits you.)


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