A Vision for Military Endeavors.

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We are honored that Dr. Linda Steiner from The Power of Social Consciousness sent in our Vision for today. We wholeheartedly Align with it! Thank You, Linda!

I envision a world where all military personnel are bathed with the light energy that now is engulfing the planet and, as a result, feel compelled to lower their weapons. A world where those involved in military operations of all kinds are overcome with empathy and compassion for all of creation and recognizing the Oneness of All that Is, no longer strives for domination and control, but rather togetherness and love. Where all military personnel gain the clarity to recognize that those labeled as enemies are, in essence, reflections of themselves, and seek peace, comfort and the free expressions of ideas.

I envision a world where militia has become an antiquated notion because fear and ignorance has been replaced with love the knowledge that all aspects of creation are precious and unique manifestations of the Divine Spirit."

Thank you

Dr. Linda Steiner

The Power of Social Consciousness


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