A Vision for "I Have A Dream".

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I penned the following on December 21, 2012, and I would like to share it with the world. With Love, Lisa Marie Teubel, Burlington, Wisconsin (fellow Intender)

I have a dream, that All men and women of the world unite in peace, igniting the violet fire of peace, worldwide.

I have a dream, that humanity will remember their divine inheritance and birthrights of Freedom, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, and enjoy all to the fullest.

I have a dream, that All will know that are All worthy to received all of the good our Creator would have us receive.

I have a dream, that All surrender separation and embrace the peace within that passeth all understanding.

I have a dream, that discord and inharmonious veils of ignorance, hatred and darkness, are once and for all transmuted through Divine Alchemy back into the Light.

I have a dream, that we remember we are All Sons and Daughters of God.

I have a dream, that we realize All paths lead to our Creator, and that we respect these paths and embrace the diversity each has to offer.

I have a dream, that we each remember the power of The Spoken Word.

I have a dream, that All is forgiven, that we forgive each other, forgive ourselves, please God, thank you God, Amen.

I have a dream, that I will one day be still and know that I Am that, I Am.

I have a dream, that we remember the Sacredness and Sovereignty of our children, of our elderly, and of one another, including ourselves.

I have a dream, that we remember the Sacredness of our bodies, of each others bodies, and honor that Sacredness.

I have a dream, that our governments of the world remember to Be governments of the People, by the People, for the People, and endeavor to create a governing body of Unity to support the manifestation of the Highest Good of All it's People.

I have a dream, that All contribute to the Highest Good of Themselves, their Family, their Community, their Country and the entire World, through thought, word, and deed.

I have a dream, that All Honor their commitments, their promises, their vows, and their Spoken Words.

I have a dream, that All debts and indebtedness creating slavery, be forgiven.

I have a dream, that All of these dreams, or something better, be made manifest now for All of Humanity.


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