A Vision for Helping Troubled Souls.

The Vision Alignment Project


Today's Vision comes in from Linda Remington and it is absolutely beautiful. We intend that you read carefully and take Linda's words to heart. She says: 

I intend when we see or know someone acting out of their pain and insanity we awake to helping them rather then choosing not to get involved. If they are expressing violence toward themselves or others we embrace them with love while holding them in the Divine Light. We listen to our hearts and contact professionals that can help if we are lead to do so. I intend we each become aware we can help troubled souls with Love to stop the senseless acts of violence. By living each moment from a place of unconditional love we can change, homes, schools and public places into safe places.

I intend this for the Highest Good. so be it.

We wholeheartedly Align with this Vision. Do you?


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