A Vision for Harmonious Farming Practices.

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Here's a query that was sent in by Leoni Paton asking if we had a Vision / Intention for Organic Husbandry and Farming, especially as it relates to the bees and pollinating insects. It isn't actually written as a Vision but we will make it one anyway because we are longtime advocates of Organic growing methods ourselves. Leoni asks:

I'm just wondering if you've had an intention for the health and well being of the bees and pollinating insects, which would require the ending of toxic spraying of the environment, pesticides, herbicides etc. and a return to worldwide human scale organic gardening, permaculture etc...? And (I envision) a return to farming practices in harmony with the land rather than on an industrial scale as it now is in most places.

I've only been receiving the intentions for a month, so I imagine you have probably covered these already...
Totally brilliant work you are doing!!
Thank you!

We hadn't actually covered these exact ideas yet . . . but now, thanks to you, Leoni, we have!


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