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We see world where our gratitude shines forth, like a beautiful, priceless gem; where we are joyful for all of the good things that come to us, and where we are equally joyful for all the adversity that presents itself because we have learned, beyond all doubt, that our challenges and problems are always accompanied by great gifts.

We see a world full of happy people, helpful people, people playing at their work and working at their play since all anger, resentment, frustration and the like has been replaced by an appreciation for all that we have in our lives.

And finally, we envision a world where we're all aware of the direct relationship between our gratitude and our power; where we have realized that when we acknowledge the manifestation of our intentions and prayers by expressing our gratitude, we are actually completing the last step in a cycle that started long ago with a desire to create something for ourselves, as a yearning to experience something new, as a call to become something more. For we now know that subtly secreted within the sweet feeling of gratitude lies the forward motion of our evolution and the revealing of who we really are.


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